Lakeview Cabin Collection

Lakeview Cabin Collection

get Naked

grab gasoline

Soak balcony with gasoline

grab matches

get drunk and puke on floor

Killer shows up

He slips on the puke

Light him up like a christmas tree

Get on zipline saying “TALLY-HO LADS!”

land in woodchipper which I forgot to turn off

10/10, would die with my pixels hanging out again


Okay, let’s get serious. This game is amazing for it’s price. It’s a complex puzzle box from the depths of hell! It’s filled with all kinds of secrets, changing gameplay, gratuitous violence, sex, human sacrafice and amazing atmosphere for something that just uses the pixel graphics!

Real player with 51.4 hrs in game

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I HIGHLY recommend this lovingly-constructed tribute to the ’80s' most iconic horror films. It has the puzzle-solving feel of old Sierra On-Line adventure games (e.g. King’s Quest and Quest for Glory), in that there are several well-defined obstacles, which can be overcome in a variety of ways, limited mostly–but not entirely–by the player’s creativity.

The “collection” features four full games, each one a tribute to a set of horror films from the ’80s. Respectively, the games pay tribute to the Friday the 13th series; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes; Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street; and finally Alien and The Thing. The game’s own lore recapitulates some major themes from these films as well, besides that of masked, blade-wielding serial killers: there are twisted family relations, backwoods satanic cults, revenge from beyond the grave, haunted video games, plus references to an in-game “true story” on which the Lakeview Cabin “movies” are based. It’s tempting to say more, but I don’t want to spoil anything!

Real player with 48.4 hrs in game

Lakeview Cabin Collection on Steam

《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》

《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》

This game is a simple text adventure game. You need to experience various events and survive in the ghost house. The key factors for survival depend on your various decisions including: attribute growth, exploration routes, use of props, time control, etc.

After going through the difficulties, you can explore the truth of the ghost house, but maybe you can find different stories and surprises when you play for the second time.

The recommended resolution for this game is: 3840×2160 and 1920×1080

**Please note: The game only supports windowed full screen for better resolution performance

Please note: It is recommended not to buy this product for portrait resolution, as it may affect the game screen**

====Recently updated====

2020/08/13 Fixed the problem that some story lines could not continue to progress

2020/08/13 A simple version have launched to make it easier for players to pass levels and understand the plot

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《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》 on Steam

Rat Prison

Rat Prison

I got this game from a pack of keys, it is very bad. There is no goal is this game. You do the tasks and then you wait for 5 minutes until the day passes. The controls are super annoying, having to use the mouse, WASD and arrows. So in short: Do not buy this, I could honestly make a better game in 2 days.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Rat Prison is a 2D retro pixel side scrolling adventure game with an unusual premise and an unusual interface. You’re a guard in a dungeon and you have to juggle keeping the lights on, checking on the prisoners, and not being killed by rats.

It’s certainly an interesting premise for the game but the implementation is lacking. You have to use the mouse to play (well, just the mouse wheel, no other functions of the mouse do anything in the game, which is a bizarre and unfun decision), and the keyboard to move left and right. If that sounds like an awkward interface, well, it is.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Rat Prison on Steam

幽灵高校(Ghost College)

幽灵高校(Ghost College)

achievement system doesn’t work, you can do the achievement a thousand times and it wont give you the medal.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

This game is honestly grinding on your nerves…

Slow movement, confusing quests & scripts, the energy limit that basically soft locks your game and forces you to start over from the previous save once you used up the energy and hence unable to proceed through triggering conversations.

You can’t talk to the NPCs in the game when you have no energy left, or do any actions other than entering different rooms.

The game is also quite buggy in times where you have scenes suddenly being jerked across the screen before settling down and allowing a go at the minigames.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

幽灵高校(Ghost College) on Steam

Crystal Valley

Crystal Valley

In Crystal Valley they explore alien landscapes mine raw materials and build new tools and fight against a large number of enemies.

Experience an exciting adventure, fight evil monsters and build powerful weapons.


You have awakened without knowing and can remember nothing. Next to you is an AXT and a pickaxe. And a note. A note that says. Collect 50 crystals and a portal to open.


Mine raw materials and create new tools and weapons from them. Collect crystals to create portals to advance into other areas.

Fight with your weapons against different enemies. Be it ghosts or skeletons.

Remember, when you die it’s all over.

Crystal Vally relies on repetitive play fun. Every round is different and should give you replay value.

Crystal Valley on Steam

Cold Call

Cold Call

I never write reviews but with game, I want to talk about this one. The game is short and sweet but still a good one. The price is accetable for this game and it had some good scares. In other words I liked this game and hope this game gets a sequel.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

This is a really fun game! I didn’t think I would like this too much, but it kinda surprised me and delivered some solid spoops. The point and click style is different from most games I’ve tried and I liked it a lot. I would love to see achievements for this one day.

One problem: The end of the game is really buggy for me. Hopefully the Devs pop in and have a look. Other than being unable to complete the game due to bugs/AI tuning, I had fun.

! When you have to fight the snowman, you don’t have enough fuel. If you try to go back to the shed to get another can of spray, it won’t let you in. So if you run out of flamethrower fuel, icicles just keep spawning until you die, even if you turned the heater back on in the room.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Cold Call on Steam

Deported 2: Build That Wall

Deported 2: Build That Wall

Agent Grump is back, and ready to fight the endless battle against those forces trying to flood earth with illegal space aliens. This time, Agent Grump’s nemesis has grown even stronger, and it is up to you to help him carry out his mission to BUILD THAT WALL, and Make Earth Great Again. Like it’s predecessor, it is packed with contemporary political satire, it’s easy to learn and fun to play. Not for the easily butthurt.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

I’ve been wracking my brain for about 2 weeks tring to figure out how to review the game without simply saying “it’s more of the same” (that’s lazy), however that does seem to be the fact of the matter. Level progression (enemy types are the same; speed goblins at level 2, the seekers, the diehards, etc) are about the same as the first one but the map layouts are different. So rest assured that you’re not playing the same game twice. Still a short game that can be completed in under an hour. I still find the comedy still enjoyable, with the game’s story continuing the narrative of political satire that surrounds Ronald J Grump and Killary and the hilarity that ensued from 2016.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Deported 2: Build That Wall on Steam

Escape From Violet Institute

Escape From Violet Institute

I really, really want to like this game. The 2d portion shows a lot of potential, and the shift from perspective inside the game proper is well done and keeps you interested in whats going on.

The game suffers from overly confusing sections during the 3d portion, I in particular had to speak with the dev twice due to getting stuck behind a plant and the game needing to have its collision changed, and another when a scripted event did not properly trigger to kill my character.

Please dev, if you are reading this if you could post a text or video walkthrough or hint guide or some such it would make it much easier, and less likely for someone to get frustrated and quit because they couldnt figure out what to do.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

Brilliant game! Very engaging with a tense atmosphere.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Escape From Violet Institute on Steam

Lakeview Cabin 2

Lakeview Cabin 2

Another good chapter in the Lakeview series, the 80s Horror/slasher genre feeling is captured again and you can feel it in this new adventure. True moments of distress and the feeling that you have to watch your back will hit you as soon as you start the game (at least after the first night ;-) there is new set of scary Killers waiting for you in this First Episode and new ways to deal with them with some traps you could “built” resembling the ones made by the kid of the old movie “Home alone” that will allow you to make really convoluted ways to hurt and kill your persecutors (The lore is expanded in this new game and as it’s still early for anything “official” everything is left to the interpretation of the players but is clear it is another work of love by the author). The game is still a work in progress but you could lose hours trying to beat it in the best way possible. There is again no Save option and your choices (and some times luck) will determine the outcome of your play. Highly recommended to buy and support the creator and enjoy another Terrific story.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

It’s so good. Great for fans of the last games especially. You’re put back into the wild world of Lakeview Cabin with new mechanics, new enemies, and the same amount of full frontal nudity.

I love how this has turned out, BUT be warned that this is very much in early access. You’ll experience lots of bugs, incomplete features, and less levels than the first game. Currently there are 2-ish levels, tons of new items along with old ones, absolutely fantastic graphical improvements, and new physics.

Real player with 13.5 hrs in game

Lakeview Cabin 2 on Steam



Такое ощущение, что GAME TUBE - это сборник проб пера людей, которые решили заниматься игровым девелопментом. И, судя по результату, им стоит поменять свое решение и искать другое занятие по жизни. Другими словами, GAME TUBE - это набор “типа игор”, которые сделаны на коленке и играть в них нет ни малейшего интереса.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

hello I´m a german gaming youtuber i hope you are not mad about it but i maked a video to your game. me and some of my watchers liked the game it’s interesting to play a party game that’s just for one person

Here’s a link to the video:

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

GAME TUBE ♛ on Steam