This game has been in my wish list for a while and I was so excited to finally be able to play it! It’s welcoming to play a game for once that is actually challenging at times and requires you to think about how the level can be completed. It is very satisfying when you figure out how to complete it and move on to the next stage - i feel smarter since playing it.

It keeps your interest as new game mechanics are introduced throughout the levels. There is so much detail within each level and I look forward to reading notes and speaking to humorous characters that contribute to the intriguing story and immerse you into the world. The art style of this game is stunning! I could use the background to every level as my desktop wallpaper. Also the soundtrack is subtle and positively adds to the atmosphere of the game. Although i’m only 6 hours in I can’t wait to replay it so I can find all the collectables and secrets i may have missed. Would definitely recommend this game and I’m excited for what they are going to do next!

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

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I can say with 100% certainty that this is a buy!

I was sceptical because I have never played 2D games prior to this one, and I’ll be the first to say that I will be purchasing more games like this!

If this was on IMDB, it would get an 8.8/10! It is Christopher Nolan level.

Having only played just under an hour of this challenging game, I have reached a sky-rocketing death-count just north of 100, and I am excited to gain more and see how the story unveils!

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game


Weapons Knight

Weapons Knight

I found this game by stumbling across it’s trailer on the game dev side of twitter, didn’t know anything about it, but I found something pleasing about it.

Weapons Knight is a charming platformer that has a similar gameplay style to games such as Super Crate Box and Gunkid 99; Collect X amount of an object, and each object collected changes up your weapon which forces you to adapt quickly with the new chosen weapon.

I’m not about to blow the game out of proportion- it does have it’s issues regarding game balance and performance in some areas- but “Weapons Knight was an enjoyable experience for me from start to end regardless, and I’ve no qualms about it’s price point.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

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i lost my virginity 10 minutes after beating the game

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Weapons Knight on Steam

SLI-FI: 2D Planet Platformer

SLI-FI: 2D Planet Platformer

Edited review as the final world has come out.


  • A simple game in concept, but hard to master. Playing through levels slow and carefully is sufficient to finish the game, but using “slingshots” and moving quickly across planets is very satisfying once you have a hold on movement.

  • The game is very short, with it being possible to fully complete in probably an hour if you are very fast. (This is a positive for me as I tend to like compact games that can be replayed)

  • The co-op is pretty fun, and sort of reminds me of Portal 2 in a way.

Real player with 79.4 hrs in game

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Simple and fun. Direct to the point, curiosity is enough to teach all you need to know. Two or three stages and you are hunting for all coins and, possibly, shouting some curses. (I did.) Just completed the first world, but already had lots of fun.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

SLI-FI: 2D Planet Platformer on Steam

Guardians: Royal Journey

Guardians: Royal Journey

Carrot Fantasy Extreme Players! Were You At?

Real player with 12.7 hrs in game

If you’re looking for a simple and casual game to help you pass the time, this would be the game for you. Not had to understand and very easy to complete all tasks. It reminded me of a game I loved to play in my iPad.


Cute graphics

Music is pretty chillax

Simple gamplay.


Words sometimes don’t fit in the box.

Cant play in fullscreen

Can’t adjust the music and sound volume. It’s either it’s ON or switched off entirely.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Guardians: Royal Journey on Steam



Though this game still has bugs, especially for Windows machines, it is a fairly interesting game that is sometimes a bit confusing to suss out what is going on. It’s fairly good.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

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Nice little puzzle game that combines tower defense gameplay, Tim Burton’s humorous grotesque style and easy-to-use game mechanics. With the help of his insects and animals, the boy Victor will have to uncover the secrets of the dark nooks and crannies of his house, entering into a confrontation with annoying pests. You can use from 1 to 3 types of units, depending on the type of mission to be completed and the conditions for its implementation. Each species has its own peculiarity, there are powerful punching bumblebees, and small mosquitoes, prickly hedgehogs to protect confined spaces and other specimens. The set of tactics, albeit not huge, is quite sufficient for a fun game, and various types of equipment allow you to create interesting options for defense and attack. I did not like the fact that some missions had to be completed exclusively in the way the developers intended (most often this concerned missions with one single ward). And the most unpleasant thing was the moment when a prerequisite for starting a mission was the presence in my squad of a certain unit, which can only be bought in a junk shop. It is very expensive and if there is no money for it (and I did not have it), then the only option was to start a boring grind of currency in previous missions, and in the local endless mode. This is a strange idea, to be honest. In all other respects, this is such a solid good puzzle, which is very pleasant to play in the evening, quite sincere and dynamic.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

JARS on Steam

Penguin Panic

Penguin Panic

A colourful, whacky and fun game. Move the Penguins into groups of 2 or more. The buttons provided will help you. Earn bonus points for completing a level.

Be careful of the ice roof dropping. If it hits a Penguin for a prolonged period…. well, game over!!

Simple controls, instructions and game options available.

Be quick….. but don’t PANIC !!! and as like any game… the further you progress, the harder it becomes…. will you start to PANIC ??!!

Penguin Panic on Steam

Probability Race

Probability Race

Probability Race is a futuristic racing game. You must use logic, math, probability and luck to win the championship. Play a great variety of minigames and compete in turn based races every day. Unlock abilities and race your way to victory in this platform/stragegy/turnbased game.

Probability Race on Steam



Help Santa with his Christmas preparations. All the presents are gift wrapped and ready for delivery on Christmas Eve. But one of Santa’s elves is being naughty, he’s trying to steal a present for himself. You need to keep watch and tap the screen if you see him escaping with a present. This will warn Santa and the present will be saved.

This simple touch game builds into an adrenalin pumping experience as your reactions are tested to the limit. Can you catch the Bad Elf or will you be fooled by the good Elf who dresses so similar? The game speeds up as time passes so you’ll have less time to react. One wrong tap and your score will be depleted by a third!

SantasBadElf on Steam

休止符 StopSign

休止符 StopSign

Tower defense, 24 characters, 50 + spells, challenge your level of operation and strategy.

This is a tower defense strategy game,

With 24 companions and more than 50 kinds of magic, challenge your level of operation and strategy.

The game integrates character and magic system into the battle.

Players can release a spell as an aid while resisting enemies in the level,

You can even move your character forward to engage the enemy.

You can also place a fence to block the enemy’s attack.

The game has three systems in combat, namely building system, character system and magic system.

The game is open to multiple modes, giving players different experiences.

There are certain random elements in the game, and the levels and roles of each game are different.

In the special mode [abyss invasion], players can even play a city Lord to resist invasion and counter attack enemies.

In endless mode, players can challenge endless enemies and feel the ability of each character.

休止符 StopSign on Steam

推箱子(Push Box)

推箱子(Push Box)

This game is a classic Push Box game. Three features are in the following: **1.**more than 132 levels designed each with an answer. **2.**Ideas of passing through level can be saved and replay as video. **3.**You can find a free tool in the root directory of this program and you can design or modify game level with it.

推箱子(Push Box) on Steam