Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

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| Graphics | 3/5 - I am generally not a huge fan of anime, especially when it’s hypersexualized as most often than not seems to be the case to the uneducated (in the art form) like myself. As a kid growing up I always thought of it as too raw and too ugly for my tastes much preferring the style of western cartoons, but over the years I have gradually come to enjoy some of Studio Ghibli’s output (that is about as far as my anime adventurousness extends as I have never had any desire to seek out other studios output). Forgotton Anne visually reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s output and that is the highest praise I could possibly reap upon it. While I would have much preferred a more traditional western cartoon animation style, and that is just my personal taste, it works here and continues to help me broaden my horizons which is only a good thing. |

Real player with 21.1 hrs in game

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So that’s where my socks go. Well, I hope they had a nice life.

We all lost something. Whether it be that jacket that you forgot to take with you or an important paper that you misplaced. Or perhaps you forgot you had something as years pass. If you’re lucky, you would be able to find it again, if not, it’s a mystery where it ended up. However, what if a whole other universe houses these items and gives them life?

Anne lives in such a world, along with another human named Bonku. Anne is the Enforcer, which requires her to keep the order and make sure those not following the rules gets repercussions. But why should Forgotlings (lost and forgotten things) listen? Well, Anne and Bonku both wield the Arca which can give or take away Anima, their power source and their life energy. If a Forgotling’s Anima is taken, or distilled, they will just be a regular old item again. However, rebels have risen up despite the threat of being distilled and has threatened the near completion of the Ether Bridge as well as everyone to go back to their owner. Things have gotten too far out of hand, it’s time for the Enforcer to step in.

Real player with 16.7 hrs in game

Forgotton Anne on Steam

ArtFormer: Ancient Stories

ArtFormer: Ancient Stories

An original idea for graphic design, historical animated art is cool. I welcomed the opportunity to learn about the origin of the individual styles used, for example, where the original cave paintings were found. The game is well controlled, it is fun, it is intended for lovers of platformers, among whom he will definitely find his fans.

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

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I dont know how about everyone else BUT my copy of that game is bugged and this is critical because i cant finish quest

oh you probably want to know why? BECAUSE QUEST AI IS DYING ON THE TRAP FOR PLAYER WHICH WAS PLACED BY DEVELOPERS and i lost half an hour to trying get through it but i failed (yes and thats mean replay,loading and reinstall)

UPDATE: Thanks to this Player:

I was noticed that this bug that i have was patched and i should check it.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

ArtFormer: Ancient Stories on Steam

Tempus Bound

Tempus Bound


  • Uncover this short dark tale as you progress through this twisted journey.

  • Meet some fellow hybrid local types along the way who provide inside secrets.

  • Unlock the timed aspect and use your parkour-platformer skills to race through the world.

  • Compete with your friends (and everyone else) on the leaderboards.

  • Earn items and trinkets with which to decorate your home.

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Tempus Bound on Steam



DREAMWORLD is a 2D Platform / Puzzle game, in which the player controls three characters, each with different powers, and he must use them to advance through the levels. The objective is to free the goddess Zuri, guardian of Dreamworld.


fEarth.128: An Unexpected Walk

fEarth.128: An Unexpected Walk

An Unexpected Fall

This review is spoiler free.

Brief Overview

fEarth.128 An Unexpected Walk (fEarth) is a 2D platformer made extra difficult by a myriad of bugs littered across every aspect of the game. You play as Copper Spider (CS), who has to navigate puzzles and platforming sections to reach his friends. I could see the challenging platforming giving fEarth a certain appeal, but when progression is made nearly impossible by unresponsive controls and bugs, it is just not worth the frustration of even trying.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Information / Review English

fEarth.128: An Unexpected Walk is an Adventure / 2D Plattformer game, developed by Bilzivar and published by The Overall Angle.

Gameplay / Story

The time twisting, puzzle platformer is brilliantly made, fantastically designed but a killer on the brain. The introduction to the game drip feeds you the information you are required to complete it, and its all down to you to apply the knowledge you have been given.

Now this is where opinions will divide; I enjoyed the challenge and that inspired me to push on. You could argue this game is actually really boring, I would disagree, but essentially it is advanced jumping with time elements. The story is strong, the character is great, albeit eccentrically odd, and the mechanics are near flawless. If you are a naysayer, play this in chunks and it’ll win you round.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

fEarth.128: An Unexpected Walk on Steam

Ari’s Journey

Ari’s Journey

Ari’s Journey has the soul of a precision platformer presented from a top-down perspective. Fly infinitely fast with no speed cap. Use your expert piloting skills and planning to maneuver through asteroid fields and ship wrecks to save an alien species and uncover the fate of Ari’s father.

Dodge asteroids, turrets, and bombs. Fly under the radar into Terran occupied space. Ari’s Journey requires precise timing and quick reflexes.

Collect stars to unlock secret challenge rooms and lore, but don’t get hit with all those stars!

Ari’s Journey features an epic soundtrack, tons of levels, and hours of frenetic content. It also includes several assist mode settings to ensure the game and its story are accessible to everyone.

Ari's Journey on Steam

Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation

A beautiful and challenging puzzle game with plenty of variety and clever mechanics to keep you interested and perplexed.


👍 Clever, interesting and diverse puzzles

👍 Pretty graphics with detailed environments with a fantasy ambience

👍 Charming story nicely told by narrator

Real player with 25.8 hrs in game


☐ Doesnt have (Not counting historical stuff)

☐ Something isnt nothing I guess

☐ Not greatly told

☑️ Average

☐ Good

☐ Lovely

☐ Will make you cry or smile a lot


☐ Try not to get addicted

☐ Very good

☑️ Good

☐ Nothing special

☐ Ehh

☐ Bad

☐ Just dont

—{ Grind }—

☑️ Nothing

☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks

☐ Isn’t necessary to progress

☐ Average grind level

☐ Too much grind

☐ Insanity


☐ You forget reality

☐ Masterpiece

☐ Beautiful

☑️ Good

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Degrees of Separation on Steam

Guardian of Lore

Guardian of Lore

there are voices in the world today which preach for us to forget our history… to be ignorant of the past and the stories with which our ancestors passed down to us… This is a game that works to keep the cultures of the old american civilizations alive. Its wonderfully animated and there is this having to learn the story element in order to get things to work out correctly every time… its inspiring in both how it was executed as well as the message of keeping the memories of the past alive and acting especially when those histories are threatened. plays well a;though i admit using the ctrl and alt keys are different

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

This is an action platformer with some puzzle elements. It’s not a traditional metroidvania, because you don’t have a contiguous map; however, there are progression elements, and certain items are impossible to reach without revisiting old areas with new abilities.

The game is primarily level-based. Each level is a story book that takes place over several screens. Depending on your actions, you can be going through different screens, in a unique take on a choose-your-own -adventure books. Each book contains a story from a different Native culture of Latin America, and your objective is to read the legend ahead of time, and then go through the book, making sure the story does not get re-written and forgotten. Just beating each book’s boss does not guarantee a happy ending, but the game does provide hints, and you can run through each book multiple times.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Guardian of Lore on Steam



O.M.S is a casual story-driven 2D Sci-Fi Platformer where you control L10 (Nicknamed Leo) as his world is threatened by SIMPHONY the very AI that powers his planet. L10 will be avoiding dangerous obstacles and enemies as he hopes to repair SIMPHONY and save his world.

  • Featuring Sci-Fi Visuals

  • A Fully Voiced Storyline

  • And Beautifully Drawn Dynamic Comic Style Cutscenes

O.M.S on Steam

Return of the Heir

Return of the Heir

WARNING THERE IS A POINT OF NO RETURN WHERE YOU CAN’T BACK TRACK once you get to this point if you progress if you’re missing anything you cannot go back and get it time stamp here 1:09:46

Updated play through full game:

I like the graphics, the music and the story, but this is a hard and pretty frustrating 2d platformer. If you want a challenge this game is definitely for you. The creators give you 12 lives and a way to earn extra lives throughout, but this game gets a good bit harder as you progress and having to start over when you’re really far in the game just sucked the will to beat it out of me to be honest. I don’t want to have to run around and collect all of the items all over again because I suck at the game or some enemy was sniping me off screen when i didn’t have jump room. The obstacles in the game change color with the background too which hindered me a lot at the start I kept missing chains that were in areas, spiders, etc. and these mistakes pile up until you have to restart the whole game. It’s a good homage to older 2d platformers so I definitely recommend this game for people who enjoy that struggle.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Well, this game is really difficult: there are limited amount of lives for your whole playthrough, a lot of traps and tricky level design that creates pretty decent challenge. The gameplay is a little similar to Dead Cells, the music and graphics are good. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to beat this game because of difficulty, but if you like challenges and like overcoming difficulties, this game is your choice.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Return of the Heir on Steam