Drowned Gems

Drowned Gems

Nice Game !

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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Nice little indiegame. It is a 2d platform-shooter with nice visuals and great handling. It is very short, around 40 minutes, but i had great fun, playing it. The achievements are easy to get.



Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Drowned Gems on Steam

Beyond dreams

Beyond dreams

This is the game of a UE4 individual independent game developer from China. In this pixel game with simple plot, you will face 21 carefully designed bosses (two of them are plot characters), 16 magical treasures, difficult battles and challenge modes that bring new experience!!!

Boss Challenge

In addition to the plot, the other 19 bosses have their own characteristics. Most of them have changeable skill groups and will not be released in a certain order. Moreover, the bosses have many mechanisms, such as Legion summoning, transformation, extremely fast moves, blood returning, blinking and so on.


Each time the protagonist defeats a lower Lord, he can obtain a magical treasure. Each treasure has special attributes and its own active skills. Although he can only equip three pieces at the same time, it can still help the player better pass the customs.

Game mechanism

It adopts the physical limitations of soul games and rare supplies. Players need to skillfully use jumping, tumbling and treasure skills to avoid death.

Challenge mode

After customs clearance, you will unlock the very fun challenge mode. In this mode, you will unlock the other two supporting roles, one is the bloodthirsty female god of war, and the other is the king of bad words proficient in calling. They will bring you a new game experience after customs clearance!!!

About me and the game

Most of the art and music audio materials in the game come from paid commercial materials purchased from the material website, and some free commercial materials from these platforms. I thank these authors very much. Players will see their list after customs clearance.

This game really took me a lot of time and effort. In addition to most art music, it was completely completed by me. I really hope you can like him. Of course, you are very welcome to point out his shortcomings in your comments.

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Beyond dreams on Steam

Arc Wizards 3

Arc Wizards 3

My full S Rank play through here: https://youtu.be/YXQJ0dCfOlM

Game is a 7 out of 10 for me the creator definitely improved on it from naginata your sprite is still thicc compared to the enemies but I don’t believe your noggin in this game has near the girth of the geisha from naginata. I like that he added an upgrade system for your weapon in this one where when you get special move bar filling items your shot upgrades and if you take damage you lose it pretty nice reward for not taking damage. Bat form is so much better than jumping as well it can be irresponsive at times for reasons I couldn’t pinpoint but it’s a DEFINITE imrpovement to jumping in naginata. The special move in this SUCKS terribly compared to naginata. Stage 3 is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and one thing that would take this game a long way is instead of focusing on making the game more difficult by making stages longer and adding a greater number of enemies would be adding different mechanics for enemy attacks quality quantity. Another change that would be super beneficial in this game but possibly a lot of work would be some kind of upgrade shop where you can unlock different attacks, special skills, etc. it would add replay value and just make the game a whole lot more entertaining. Definitely glad the creator made improvements though!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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Update: So, I was able to play again, and was doing rather well now that I understand what to do and how to do it. It was nice after a certain stage that when I died I could reload and try again from the same point, and not have to completely start over. Unfortunately, the game froze again and the character stopped responding to the controls. This really needs to be fixed because the only thing to do at that point is to close down the game which just makes me not want to play again. So until this issue is fixed, I cannot change my rating. Once that issue is fixed, I will change my rating from “No, I do not recommend,” to, “Yes, I recommend this game.”

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Arc Wizards 3 on Steam

COGEN: Sword of Rewind

COGEN: Sword of Rewind

■Defy Death by Rewinding Time!

Any hit you take is a death sentence in this side-scrolling 2D action game. But fear not! You may lack the HP to weather a beating, but you’ve got the Ouroboros System on your side. This futuristic technology kicks in the instant death embraces you and allows you to rewind up to 3 seconds of time. Slip up and wish you could take it back? Want to play around and experiment? Easy, just rewind the clock! Hone your skills through trial and error, and triumph over diabolical traps and legions of fearsome foes!


Awakening to find herself sprawled on a floor of hard steel, the first thing that greets Kohaku’s eyes is a strange talking sword named ExeBreaker. Unsure of where she is or what’s going on, she agrees to this sardonic sword’s proposal to join forces, and together they journey deep into the heart of a transformed Cogen City—once Kohaku’s home, now a collapsing ruin. Both mystery and mayhem await her, but with the power of ExeBreaker’s Ouroboros System on her side, nothing will stop her from discovering the truth of what happened to her beloved home.

■Cast / Staff

Kohaku Otori: Asuka Kakumoto

ExeBreaker: Taito Ban

Akasha: Asuka Kakumoto

Hugo: Hiroshi Watanabe

Yuji Otori: Koji Seki

Mimori Otori: Marie Miyake

Composer: Motoi Sakuraba

Character Designs: ntny

COGEN: Sword of Rewind on Steam

Tower of Samsara - Hidden Treasures

Tower of Samsara - Hidden Treasures

WARNING: The demo is actually a work in progress in many ways. So if you are willing to give it a try, be mindful that we are still working out some quircks in the gameplay.

Saṃsāra is the repeating cycle of birth, life, death, and reincarnation. During the course of each life, the quality of the actions (karma) performed determine the future of each person. There is no beginning to this cycle but that it can be ended through perceiving reality which is nirvana (liberation).

After incalculable aeons, all civilizations possible have rise and fall on all the planets of our Solar System. Tower of Samsara tells the story of our Sun and its struggle to survive. From this urge, the sun creates itself in the form of our hero, the hermetic champion, to save the solar system from the cold void and to allow the sun to shine back on the ruin of all civilizations and rebuild everything.

Tower of Samsara: Hidden Treasures is the first of a series of games where you are born as the Hermetic Champion to defeat your enemies, learn new abilities and control the elements in both, the physical and the astral plane.

Tower of Samsara - Hidden Treasures on Steam

Lucky Joe

Lucky Joe

“ Do You Like Dying ?”

Lucy has been Kidnapped, you must go to war to get her back !!

Lucky Joe: core gameplay easy to learn but hard to master, intense gun fights, a touch of humor, tons of enemies, a bit of reflection, great sound tracks…

  • 60 levels split in 4 differents worlds: France, Arabia, Russia, Germany

  • more than 20 hours of game experience

  • 2 game modes: normal and hard

  • more than 10 types of enemies with their own artificial intelligence

  • more than 10 types of different traps

  • more than 15 original and exclusive soundtracks

  • 60 secrets to find

  • high level Action Game with sarcastic humor

  • large and multi paths levels including secret passages and destructible ground

  • a true love story: find who is behind the mask…

Lucky Joe on Steam

Arc Wizards

Arc Wizards

A simple, straightforward arcade game that makes for a fun playthrough. The controls are responsive (with shooting slowing down your movement, so it requires at least a touch of strategy), and the graphics are crisp 16-bit stile, with some animatino. Enemies appear when you advance beyond a certain point, meaning the best plan is to frequentl stop and deal with enemies before advancing. This causes a slower pacing than your average run-n-gun title, but not so much that the game isn’t fun. It’s entirely possible to trigger a few too many enemies and find yourself overwhelmed or having to do some tricky manneuvering.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Arc Wizards on Steam

Blessed Surface

Blessed Surface

I sincerely believe this to be a great game, and both it and the developer show a lot of potential. From the pleasant music that I can happily have in the background for hours at a time, to the wonderful pixel art of the characters, creatures and environments, to the sublime atmosphere that they all culminate in, I enjoy it all to an extent that I really did not expect. This is an absolute gem among similar Steam games, and the diligence of the developer is admirable.

With the Exchange update, the game is in better shape than it’s ever been; each update from the Overhaul until now has been better than the last, continually enhancing the game and polishing it as much as possible. Combat is fast, smooth, and responsive (just turn directional attacks on,) and due to the unique weapons compiled with the corpse and heart systems, has a level of depth that is simply staggering.

Real player with 123.8 hrs in game


When you first open this game up it will appear clunky and dislikable. A feeling of powerlesness will come upon you as you’re not even capable of getting past the first tutorial step.

Then slowly but surely you begin to understand movement, controls, physics, mechanics, weapons, armors, abilities, everything. The learning curve is slightly steep but very very rewarding.

Real player with 74.5 hrs in game

Blessed Surface on Steam



It’s got a lot of spirit, but has some issues in places. With the right approach, it’s a pretty fun rogue-like, but at the moment, it’s also easy to run into some annoying experiences. This review is probably overly thorough, so just read the last paragraph if you’re not really stuck on whether to buy it or not.

Moving through the 3 dimensional environment through connected 2 dimensional planes takes a bit of getting used to, can result in some unintuitive movement (usually involving jumping off ladders or ledges that transition between 2 perpendicular planes), and has painfully tight tolerances in some places. However, thorough exploration of the levels is often well rewarded. Also, a good understanding of how the movement works lets you traverse the levels faster and can even provide an advantage in combat situations from time to time.

Real player with 71.8 hrs in game

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```Fallback is a new roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic era, where the surface of the earth has been affected by a giant ecological disaster that forced mankind underground. In this subterranean world, humanity succeeded in inventing machines that could do most of the dirty work, such as mining and establishing living conditions. But over time, the machines gained the intelligence to turn against humanity, quickly overpowering their creators, imprisoning and forcing many to do labor themselves.

*– [Real player with 16.9 hrs in game](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964952727)*


![Knightczech: The beginning](https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/1382770/header.jpg "")

## Knightczech: The beginning

Knightczech is a game for those who are gluttons for punishment. The death counter and unforgiving world, this game has a Dark Souls feel with a puzzle twist. All created by solo 21 year old dev Fridolin Slehacka, this game offers a big challenge and great story for those who are up for it.

I personally was not great at this game and it is not my playstyle however the fact that I was still able to have an enjoyable experience speaks volumes to the dev. Thank you for the playthrough!

*– [Real player with 1.1 hrs in game](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199037140378)*