Cloaks and Capes

Cloaks and Capes



  • RPG elements

  • Epic Sound Tracks

  • Progressive difficulty

  • 7 Uniquely designed challenging bosses with rage-phases each inhabiting 6 different continents with different atmospheres linked by portals

  • Wide variety of enemies with unexpected attack patterns

  • 2 Jumps and a dash kit as a counter

  • Gain a satisfying increase in power and attack speed as your heat bar fills up


    Cloaks and Capes is a fast_paced dark fantastical side-scrolling platformer.

    Azazel, The prime demon descended upon the beautiful town of Castriel once again massacring everyone and leaving their spirits afloat leaving only a few to survive and struggle, Take your son’s spirit from the elder and play as a caster who griefs and aches for vengeance to resurrect his son and set free the ravaged town as you engulf whoever comes in your way in flames of anguish.

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Cloaks and Capes on Steam



As the end approaches, the two men ride a train to the city of hope. Hurry up and board the train!


  • A fierce struggle on the train

There is no proper means of transportation in the world ahead of the end. You get on an old train and then you run towards your destination. You can’t run away from monsters anymore and you can’t hide anywhere. Take your gun and fight the threat!

  • Strengthening gun parts

There’s not enough supplies in the end-of-life world. Get the Material, reinforce the weapons' parts, and kill all the monsters that flock to the train!

  • The appearance of an uninvited guest

Different uninvited guests threaten trains depending on the region! Gather all the clues to kill the uninvited guests and knock them down!

  • multi-ending

The end of this journey is not one. What will be the end of the world?

  • XBOX360 Pad Support

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En-Train on Steam



Play as a super skilled combatant, with superhuman speed and agility. Fight against merciless demons, while dashing and jumping to dodge evil traps through carefully designed levels.

Infinite ammunition always

The focus of Humanless is on the fun of shooting and platforming. You don’t need to save the ammo of your favorite weapon: pull the trigger as much as you wish and have fun watching low resolution demons being shattered to pieces.

Fast and responsive movements on the controller that suits you best

Enemies shooting with a real intention to kill and pits of acid waiting to be jumped through will require of you a lot of dexterity. For this reason, Humanless allows you to play both on the joystick or using the keyboard and mouse.

Carefully designed levels

Each level was carefully designed and tested to be unique, fun and challenging yet fair. Checkpoints after each section ensure that your progress will never be lost.

20 Levels distributed in three episodes

Start in a devastated city, enter questionable military research labs, and attempt to finish your journey going down to the hell itself.

An elegant action platformer

No walls of text of story. No infinite repetitions of the same section of a level. In Humanless, each level is unique and brings something new, providing an experience that stays fresh throughout the whole game.

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Humanless on Steam

Super Sunny Island

Super Sunny Island

Super Sunny Island is a steam videogame featuring knowing blown cover details with shrouded mysteries alone in calculated risks…some pebble confidence shocking guilt…as a harsh exterior develops crazy tightened level design…i give this game a 10/10 a bundle of clashing potatoes on a grill delivered at the right smoking top time love the burrito master!!!

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Very fun game. I got way more into it than I expected at first.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Super Sunny Island on Steam

Archer’s Adventure

Archer’s Adventure

This is a 2D cartoon style shooting game!

The protagonist is a young tribal archer

Use bows and arrows in the game to fight evil foreign enemies

The difficulty of the game will increase over time

Attacking different body parts of the enemy will have different effects

Take care of the world , and you will see it return to its original glory.

Game operation: hold down the left mouse button to control the shooting of the bow and arrow

The dropped gold coins can be purchased in the shop

Archer's Adventure on Steam

Bill’s adventure: Alien war

Bill’s adventure: Alien war

Bill’s adventure: Alien war takes place in a futuristic world where robots and humans lived in peace and harmony, until aliens extinguished all human life, leaving only the robots, starting an interplanetary war. Bill, one of the robots, has the objective to invade and dominate the alien planet to stop the war, everyone thinks this idea is silly, making Bill follow his objective alone. Help Bill reach and dominate the aliens' planet!

Bill's adventure: Alien war on Steam



So… this is a free game, and it starts out feeling ok. The basic gameplay isn’t a problem. The issues begin after playing for 15+ minutes and you realize that you’d like your player to die in case there is an upgrade to add variety to the overall gameplay. Well, the upgrades are ridiculously expensive and that means grinding for at least an hour or two before going for the cheapest of them… The overall experience is negative due to the lack of variety. I can’t suggest to anyone spending more than 15 minutes playing it.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Best game i’ve ever played

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

BlastFort on Steam

Blood War

Blood War

A hardcore 2D platform game in pixel style. Has a dynamic gameplay in which you have to shoot with enemies and destroy them.

All in all a fun game.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

It’s 1 buck, maybe for a small dev which wants to make some extra money.

Gameplay is no more than half an hour, but if you just wanna go in full rampage killing KKK and Nazis just for the fun of it in 2D pixel style, it’s worth getting just for fun.

Honestly, I wouldn’t bother with it, I mean just go to Kongregate and search for shooters and you will find stuff way more worth it than this.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Blood War on Steam

Cleaning Robot Match “Scatter Battlers”

Cleaning Robot Match “Scatter Battlers”

You’re welcome to play and stream live!

They scatter, they throw, they smash each other! A game cleaning robots! /h2]

“Scatter Battlers” is a shooting battle game where cleaning robots pick up trash and non-trash objects and throw them at each other.

The only controls are moving, jumping and shooting.

Throw all sorts of things, from paper scraps, plastic trash, and empty cans to safes and office desks, and hit the target!

The slapstick battle begins in the middle of the night when no one knows you’re there!

VS Virus (knock out your friends who have the Purple Virus)(1-4 players)


  • Pick up or inhale whatever you can.

  • Throw it at a Purple enemy.

  • If it hits enemy, enemy lose HP.

  • The one who loses HP loses


VS Player (Fight for your job) (2-4 players)


  • Pick up or inhale whatever you can.

  • Throw it at your opponent.

  • If you hit them, you get points.

  • After a minute, the one with the most points wins


There are over250 different types of trash and stuff you can throw!

VS100Robot (Boss Rush) (1-2 players)

  • This mode allows you to stop the game by hitting other robots in succession.

  • You cannot save the game in the middle.

  • You can strengthen yourself by modification parts, but

  • Of course, other robots will also become more powerful in the latter half of the game.


The controller setting is easy.

We have prepared a controller setting screen similar to that like a Nintendo Switch.

Even if the number of players changes, you can quickly finish the settings.

Supported Controllers

SwitchPro Controller Bluetooth connection will be more stable than wired connection.

  • Various keyboards

  • Various gamepads

  • PS4 controller (not tested)

  • XBOX controller (not tested)

  • SwitchPro Controller

Cleaning Robot Match Scatter Battlers on Steam

Crystal Rider

Crystal Rider

The game could be fun, but bugs and bad music kills the fun. And like many games from this devs, the achievements are not working.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Crystal Rider is another asset flip from ImperiumGame. This time they took a template for a “jetpack” based platformer/shooter from GameMaker Studio 2, changed a couple of things, and dumped it on Steam as if they wrote it themselves. Copying someone else’s work and calling it your own is a real nasty, morally void cash grab.

They did this before when they asset flipped Mad Bus, also known as ZigZag Infinite Runner Game by yönetici. And they’ve done it several other times as well.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Crystal Rider on Steam