Played with it for a little while, seems like it could be good in the future but as of current I can barely understand what is happening and I don’t think there’s enough game in this game. I think it could use more mechanics involving interacting with the universe. Looking at the game’s description it talked about the player’s power growing so maybe you unlock things such as creating your own stars or messing with civilizations? Although what it really needs are more detailed graphics to make it look less like pixels on a screen or a tutorial so you can know what those pixels are doing on the screen.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Universe999999 on Steam

Build ‘n Bump

Build ‘n Bump

I think that Build n Bump is a great game however, I think that it is hard to play multiplayer. I think there should be an option to invite friends so that I can do that without having to create or join a server. I think that in the future if things are layed out like this it could be great. Set it up like Castle Crashers or Monaco with a private option and a invite friends option.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

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Bump +1

Build ‘n Bump is an incredibly simple game, but it’s almost certainly proved itself at this point to be great value for money. It’s my go to couch multiplayer game when I don’t have controllers or a high-end PC to hand. It takes nothing to run, is super easy to set up with multiple players on a keyboard, and is intuitive and simplistic.

I’ve played this with all kinds of people, from kids with zero experience with games to experienced gamers. No matter who I play with, everybody seems to get a little kick out of playing it. The element that ties it all together is likely the ability to create custom stages. Building you own stages allows for you to:

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Build 'n Bump on Steam

Freedom Physics

Freedom Physics

Small but has a lot going on! I can see this being really fun once more of a building community develops. Decent amount of content at the moment and the graphics give it a 2000’s flash game nostalgia. I really really like the hoverboard missions!

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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Not a bad game to pass the time,needs improvements but it is still better then super miner adventures to be honest

You should give the game a chance

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Freedom Physics on Steam



This product is in development and subject to change.

A 2.5D puzzle-platformer featuring a robust level editor, expansive character customization, an engaging story mode, and a charming crafty aesthetic. Restitched follows the story of a brave, adventurous teddy bear named Stuffy on a journey to find their roots. Along the way, Stuffy must ‘restitch’ a community unraveled by corporate greed and tyranny while discovering new friends, new foes, and new locations.

Construction Mode

With an in-game level editor called ‘Construction Mode’, you can build your own platforming adventures for Stuffy to take part in! Browse community creations via the Steam Workshop, or publish your own levels. Construction Mode is also a great sandbox playground!

Stuffy’s Wardrobe

Stuffy is not only cute but also stylish. With an assortment of in-game cosmetic items to collect and use, your very own Stuffy can be what you make them! Dress Stuffy from head-to-toe with a variety of cosmetic items across multiple categories.

The Adventure

Embark on an adventure with your new plush companion as you venture through new themes, meet new friends, and encounter new obstacles. This platforming adventure sees Stuffy searching for answers while reconnecting a torn community along the way. Could it all be connected? Will Stuffy find their owner?

Created by the Community, for the Community

Restitched is a labor of love from like-minded UGC enthusiasts, aspiring developers, creative students, and more. This game is a love letter to our own favorite UGC experiences from the past, and we hope to inspire future creatives in the same way we’ve been inspired to make Restitched!

Restitched on Steam



An achievement spam game, everything’s obtainable by idling for some hours in the main menu (but not during gameplay).

The game itself consists of a very simplified platformer with crappy, non-rebindable controls (so forget WASD keys to move, which should be a must from Windows 95).

The whole game is graphically conceived in a “television” shape and with extremely retro-styled characters and overall graphics; you can push the keys from 1 to 4 in order just to reduce the screen size which is something I sincerely don’t understand - if you aren’t playing in 1, full screen, you’ll likely see barely anything given how crappy the graphics are in a general way.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

If I could put a neutral review I would… but I cant so I will just thumbs up this

This game has so much potential but it just does a few things wrong;

  1. The grab onto a rope button and jump button at the same… its just annoying

  2. To grab a rope you have to be at the bottom… this usually means you just miss the rope

… thats as far as I got, I couldnt cross the water on the first level but im sure if you spent sometime you could easily get used to the controls

But lets be honest, you are not here for the gameplay, you are here for the 4997 achievements! If thats ll you care about then you can just get these by idling the game for 1.5 hours on the main menu and never touch this game again! But in terms of gameplay there is none

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

!AnyWay! on Steam



Kingdomonium is an indie medieval procedurally generated side-scrolling real time strategy game. Build up and command your medieval kingdom to explore and conquer the land. The game at its roots is a real time strategy game with the unique mechanic of playing as a side-scrolling 2D platformer. You play within a procedurally generated sandboxed open world environment which allows activities such as foraging, chopping, digging, mining, building, fishing, sailing, exploring, strategic combat and many more!

So what’s so special about this game?

Most traditional real time strategy games play from a top-down perspective. Kingdomonium plays as a side-scrolling 2D platformer. This combined with the fact that the world you play in is procedurally generated with aspects of destructible terrain makes for some very intriguing and enjoyable gameplay!

What can I do in this game and what is the end goal?

The game allows you to take command of a medieval kingdom. You give orders to various constituent units (some of which are mentiond below) to perform tasks such as foraging, chopping, digging, mining, building, fishing, sailing, exploring and tactical combat. There are many goals in the game but the main overarching one is to expand your kingdom and take over as much land as possible. Other goals include exploration, finding rare items, overcoming various obstacles and enemies and many more.

What commandable characters or units are in the game?

Below are some of the basic units planned in the game. Of course this is only a small sample. There will be many others and advanced versions of these below in the final game!

#### Villager

Villagers are the heartbeat of the kingdom. They perform a multitude of tasks such as wood-cutting, mining, building and crafting. Without them the kingdom cannot function

#### Swordsman

The short swordsman is a staple infantry unit. Although basic they are a formidable force to be reckoned with when commanded in groups for close range melee battle

#### Archer

The archer is another staple infantry unit. They are very effective for planning strategic range attacks and defending the kingdom from higher vantage points and gaurd towers

#### Knight

The knight is a more capable, experienced and equipped infantry unit. They possess a great amount of armour and durability as well as quicker attack times and greater hit-point damage

#### Cavalry

The cavalry are highly durable and effecient combat units. They possess a great amount of stamina and hit-point damage against any opposition as well as having the ability to traverse vast distances quickly

#### Priest

Priests can heal wounded units as well as cast spells against the enemy during battle. In addition to these they also possess further mystical powers yet to be revealed

#### Catapult

The catapult is a basic artillery combat unit. Highly advantageous for launching ranged attacks with large splash damage. Especially useful for destroying buildings and other structures

#### Transport Ship

The transport ship is essential for moving troops, equipment and supplies across sea to neighboring lands

Kingdomonium on Steam

Bunny Flush

Bunny Flush

Our game is an endless platform game.

Your only goal is to get as high as you can and earn the highest score.

Pay attention to the symbol shown to you before the game starts.

Don’t jump onto the platform have that symbol.

It is the hardest of all platform games. It wouldn’t be wrong to say HardSouls.

If you don’t trust your reflexes, stay away from this game.

Because after you start playing the game, you will be defeated dozens of times.

Rise in the Leaderboards!

And don’t look down!

Bunny Flush on Steam

Doggo Dig Down

Doggo Dig Down

This game seems like a low effort student project. No sprite animations, text-to-voice narration, and simplistic & repetitive gameplay make this a very unpleasant experience. You will spend the entire game digging a path down, while continuously bringing the dirt back to the surface to build a path into the sky to get the necessary power-ups.

Doggo Dig Down is boring, and not worth $4.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

Developer/Publisher Review:

The developer read my 2019 review of his game and took some of its feedback to include in later updates of the game. The developer has also been proactive.

Game Review [Outdated]:

As the store description states, it is a casual crafting game that is meant to provide a relaxing experience and allows you to kill some time creating some pixel art. It’s also an easy game for achievement hunters.

A lot of the game’s mechanics come from Roppy Chop Studios’s older games such as Bub Block, Super Markup Man, and Build ‘n Bump. There’s a potential from the game’s mechanics but it is supposed to be a casual game.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Doggo Dig Down on Steam

King Rabbit - Puzzle

King Rabbit - Puzzle

Imagine if in portal 2 they set all the exit doors in the community levels to be permanently open, and kept all the levels published. It would basically kill many of the community levels right? that is exactly what happened to King Rabbit. It breaks my heart. If you play this game just know you are playing a game full of broken community levels that are now completely worthless, including my own. I wish I could recommend this game because I have played it so much and loved it but now with the community breaking update… I dont think I will be playing what was one of my favorite games anymore. If they simply unpublished all the current community levels and let people re-publish them as they fixed them it would be ok, but not like this..

Real player with 225.8 hrs in game

There aren’t a lot of games that I keep playing. So if there is a game that I continue playing, it really means something.

King Rabbit is a free to play puzzle sandbox game with cute rabbits and their bloody deaths. Even if it’s bloody, its meant for all ages. And it really isn’t that “horrible”. It’s actually quite funny. (and sometimes frustrating)

The point of the game is to complete puzzles, collect gold, find gems and to buy rabbit skins. Each rabbit skin has only a limit 100. After the 100 is reached, you can’t obtain it anymore. However with the recently added marketplace, you can buy and sell these limited edition skins. Also a big part of this game is, that you can create your own levels and puzzles or play the levels the community has created. The fun is endless. (until you get bored)

Real player with 204.0 hrs in game

King Rabbit - Puzzle on Steam



first off, i’ve been playing this game for around 2 years now, and seeing how much it’s grown over this time is genuinely awesome, and with it being on steam now i can only imagine how much better it’ll get as the playerbase gets larger.

the game is really fun for both casual and competitive players, and the level editor gives you a ton of creative freedom, especially with the new electric update, although it’s a bit confusing, maybe a guide on it would help. sometimes there’s fun events like races and contests in the official discord, and hopefully if the community grows enough they’ll be a bit more regular. the currently only dev working on this game interacts with the community a lot and is very transparent as well which is really nice.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

In short, making a game within a game.

You can design your own maps as you can play on maps made by others, and I think it’s more fun to design maps than to play. It takes some practice to get used to the game mechanics, but you get used to it in less time. It can be a bug or kick it out of the game just because the game is newer. I know it will be fixed soon. It’s really fun to come up with something new.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

MakerKing on Steam