Raywin is a short, cheap and totally uninspired RPG-Maker game. I’m not a fan of the genre, but I’ve enjoyed some other RPG games like these in the past, but this one is… where to begin.

I don’t want to waste an hour typing out where this game fails, so I’ll just make a short list: You can walk on walls, there are random assets scattered around maps, you don’t have to use any skills or item to finish the entire game, the game is 99% linear (if not 100%), there is no music, there is no sound, there are typos everywhere and other bugs. The quests don’t make any sense, the ending leaves you on a totally uninteresting cliffhanger for “Raywin 2” which surprise surprise, isn’t on Steam and probably never will be.

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

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I’m probably one of the first to finish the game. It took me a while longer than it should have because I had to contact the dev to figure out a bug. A regular play through would probably take 45 minutes at the most. First things first, the dev is very helpful and great. Unfortunately the game has a ways to go before it’s worth buying.

There are some glaring problems, and I’ll try to make this review as constructive as possible so hopefully Raywin 2 addresses these problems.

1. There is no tutorial to learn the controls. They are easy enough but you first need to try all your keys to see if they do anything.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Raywin on Steam

ARK -the lost fairytale-

ARK -the lost fairytale-

Narrator launches its 2014 exploration game 《ARK - The Lost Fairytale》 on Steam!

Different from other exploration games where you solve puzzles through ‘logical reasoning’, this game focuses on using association and story connection to solve puzzles.


+ Puzzles are based mainly on fairytales. Hints are given through reading the many fairytales scattered throughout the game.

+ Several original fairytales.

+ Tested by many players, it is considered moderately difficult with mild horror elements; not overly difficult, but not too easy.

+ Many small and surprising easter-eggs.

+ Steam achievements and trading cards. (trading cards will be enabled by Steam once enough copies of the game are sold)

- The True End does not explicitly end the story. The final challenge is to guess what will happen next!


After a long stay in the hospital, Nui was finally able to return to school.

However, on her way home from school, her beloved rabbit doll Caroline suddenly jumped out of her hands. Chasing after her doll, she wandered into a dark alley leading to a forgotten garden…



A young, fairytale-loving protagonist. Being hospitalized for a long time made her silent and shy, but she’s very understanding and considerate.

When she returned to school, she didn’t know anyone, so she got in the habit of bringing her black rabbit doll with her wherever she went. The doll’s name is Caroline.


A little boy found in the Twilight Garden.

Younger than even Nui, he’s very timid and physically weak. With the help of Nui, he’s able to move forward.


As Nui walked home from school, this girl appeared across the road.

Lured by her, Nui left the safety of the sidewalk to venture into the long, narrow alley…

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ARK -the lost fairytale- on Steam

August of August

August of August

It is a unique children’s scavenger hunt.

It tells a tortuous story in placid tones.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

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It’s a simple but impressively romantic drama.As for the cruel clues,it is better not to know.Maybe no one wants to be the bad guy.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

August of August on Steam

Soaring Machinariae

Soaring Machinariae

I really wish steam had a neutral option.

TL;DR: For $10, not worth it. If you get it on sale, then why not? Despite the fantastic voice acting, solid gameplay, and incredible sound design, this game is ultimately a generic time waster. That’s not to say it’s bad, it has an incredible amount of polish with very few spelling or grammar issues, but polish doesn’t equate to an interesting or unique product. The characters are fun, but you’ve seen them a hundred times before. The gameplay is solid, but you’ve played better before. Every aspect of this game is done better by others, but if this is your first foray into RPG Maker, then it’s a pretty good starting place. In comparison to other RPG Maker games, this game is pretty dang good, and it at least stands out against them. The game only falls short when compared to games outside of the RPG Maker engine or when you’ve played a ton of RPG Maker games, but if you’re looking for a decently fun RPG Maker game and a way to waste some time, this is a decent pick.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Action JRPG + fully voiced + good controls = Zelda like gameplay with anime charm. Adventure as Iris the Machinariae and obtain skills. Great price! Normally this type of game is at least a $15-20.

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Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Soaring Machinariae on Steam

Probability Race

Probability Race

Probability Race is a futuristic racing game. You must use logic, math, probability and luck to win the championship. Play a great variety of minigames and compete in turn based races every day. Unlock abilities and race your way to victory in this platform/stragegy/turnbased game.

Probability Race on Steam

Academy Quest | アカデミークエスト

Academy Quest | アカデミークエスト

I dont mind some visual or technical bugs, but you cant advance through dungeon floor 4, its clear none has tried the game before the release. The game has good scenes and characters, but its short and boring, also bugged, not worth at all.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

RPG dating sim + 4 cute girls + 18+ patch = Train 4 girl heroes within 2 weeks in group or individual training for nice scenes. Then dungeon dive to take on monsters. Go on dates after school.

18+ patch http://202109251201487780155.onamaeweb.jp/patch.html

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Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Academy Quest | アカデミークエスト on Steam



If you’re reading this review you’re probably trying to decide if this game is worth your time and money. My recommendation: absolutely buy this game. Ouroboros is a phenomenal, engaging experience worth every cent spent and every hour played.

Here’s why.

First, if you have played a free version of this game, know that this version has significantly more content. Probably around double what the free version has, with more scenes, areas, bosses, and a more complete world and story. It’s worth the purchase.

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10/10 (Time Paradox, Events Perturbation, Adult Contents)

This is the 2nd Steam RPGMaker game that I played by the same developer, Sierra Lee. The story and game mechanics of this game is really unique and FANTASTIC and elevates RPGMaker games to a whole new enjoyment level. Let me explain.

The storyline of this game involves the classical time paradox where the events keep looping back to a certain point in the time continuum. At that point, everything resets. So you keep playing this game where your main character keep going back to the event where all his attributes are reset to “1” and everything repeats itself.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

Ouroboros on Steam

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Interesting, but - help! How to walk thrugh performence in front of the Fox? Don’t know what to do to survive xd

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Blood Moon on Steam

Bahamut2-dragon’s bride

Bahamut2-dragon’s bride






螟魂砲應該是魔法 但卻不是用雙重施法?

這一點想再麻煩作者確認一下 感恩~~

Real player with 93.1 hrs in game

Bahamut2-dragon's bride on Steam

Madness Fantasy

Madness Fantasy

This game needs far more attention, as it’s really interesting and funny. I got burned out on playing turn based RPGs, when I found this one and… Nothing will ever be the same anymore. In a good way.

It was made by a person who really cared about the project and it’s really well written and REALLY funny too! Especially since some people have hard time laughing at things (ahem…), this game never fails me… I meant those people. I even went and told some of the parts/jokes to others and they loved it too. So it’s not just me!

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Played the game for about 2 hours. Here’s my thoughts.

Take RPG maker, drop GTA into it, add in some Earthbound-like vibes and potty humor and you get Madness Fantasy.

The game is pretty easy to get into and the developer made sure the interface was straight-forward. The story starts off a tad on the slow side, but you get the gist of it pretty quick and going along for the ride with our heroes(?) is entertaining.

Like I said, there’s potty humor. The kind revolving around poop and burps. But the way the game is, the humor fits. The story is a series of fetch-quest style events, each quest almost being a mini-game in of itself. The concept of your entire party being available and each character being switched out as the main for each quest is a nice touch. There is also a side-quest option to unlock extras if you want to get a more open-world feel and not just follow the story.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Madness Fantasy on Steam