Blade Assault

Blade Assault

Blade Assault is a time sink for fans of games like Dead Cells and Hades and other games in the rogue-lite action space. I’ve currently sunk 85+ hours of gameplay and I have a much better grasp of how the systems work.


  • Multiple characters = varied gameplay styles (2 out of 5 characters at the moment, with varied weapon systems)

  • Detailed pixel animation

  • “Core” (or elemental damage) system adds a new layer of strategy

  • Difficulty curve is gradual in earlier assault levels, with a lot of room for those who enjoy playing on a higher difficulty

Real player with 99.1 hrs in game

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I’m out of content and yet I can’t stop playing this game.



Combat, combat, combat. The combat of this game is some of the most satisfying, fast-paced, and responsive combat I’ve ever experienced. The way you can maneuver the platform and use verticality to escape the melee enemies while picking off the ranged enemies. Or you could just dash back and forth on one platform and dodge ranged attacks. Or you could backtrack through the entire room turning around every so often to attack the enemies. There are so many play-styles that fit into this system of combat that it just works.

Real player with 42.7 hrs in game

Blade Assault on Steam



This game has incredible movement with a super fun momentum based physics system and I absolutely love it. It has been incredibly satisfying to improve at this game and experiment with all the various items and techniques as well as game modes. The base game is not overly difficult so it’s fairly easy to get in to and there are quite a few compelling alternate game modes.

I give this game a huge recommend and I believe it deserves way more attention than what it has gotten. If you are into movement games, roguelites or platformers of any kind creatorcrate highly worth checking out.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

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Tons of fun! Its a creative platforming game with a fairly open world to play in with a fun storyline so far!

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

CreatorCrate on Steam

Level 20

Level 20

You feel the inspiration in the classic platform. It is a challenge each level I recommend it if you like games like megaman and super meat boy.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

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It’s an excellent game with an awesome art and amazing soundtrack.

Are you looking for a good challenge? This game is definitely for you!

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Level 20 on Steam

Super Fowlst 2

Super Fowlst 2

Super Fowlst 2 is the best kind of sequel, everything great about the first built and improved upon. once you get acclimated to moving about it’s glorious chaos all the way through, explosions tossing bodies around, bouncing off of flippers and bumpers, ride ons and farting homing rockets. It’s a great game, there’s real talent behind this. I would urge you to check out the original which is only available on mobile currently, but it is free and ads are very minimal. Both are highly recommended and well worth the asking price.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

I enjoyed this developers previous 2 games a bit “Dadish” 1&2 (platformers) but this one just doesn’t quite hit the mark for me personally.

Its basically flappy bird + Roguelite.

My main problems are the grindy/tedious mobile upgrade system, the jerky camera, and the pretty cosistent stuttering/freezing that happens every 45ish seconds.

If those issues were resolved the game might be a slight recomendation, however even despite those issues and while the gameplay is a unique concept, the gameplay wasn’t super satsifying to play. It just felt just a bit too sloppy and chaotic at times, difficulty would often swing from trivial to unfair due to how enemys would randomly decide to clump together.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Super Fowlst 2 on Steam

Wild world

Wild world

My thoughts and some gameplay below, but overall you can do worse for 59 cents.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

fuck this game and fuck your mother steam and fuck who made this game

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Wild world on Steam



Cirrata is a rogue-lite, metroidvania inspired, action-platformer.

You play as an anthropomorphic red panda named Kier.

You were once a great chef but your self destructive life style and an unfortunate event forced you away from your culinary venture.

You have been isolated from the world for many months. Finally, after an intense vision causes you to burst out of a stupor, you decide to stumble through the mess that has accumulated around you. You open the door to see a very unfamiliar world.

Cirrata on Steam

Red Cap Zombie Hunter

Red Cap Zombie Hunter

The story that inspires the game is very typical: virus attacks mankind turning most of them into zombies only a few, the strongest one, manage to overcome the virus and remain as normal people. From a central office in the city, a Human Resistence leader, hires Red Cap as ZOMBIE HUNTER.

In order to meet the leader of the resistance, Red Cap must travel to the city where at the top of a skyscrape is the barracks, continually besieged by zombies, of the Anti-Zombies Army.

The travel to the city is divided into 2 stages of 5 levels each.

In the first stage, Red Cap decides to take the shortest path to the city, which is the one through the cemetery. There he will face the first zombies, enter a royal tomb and explore the catacombs until he finds the exit and can quickly head towards the city.

In the second stage, when he finally reaches the city, he finds a bleak panorama: in the parks the children have already become zombies, the citizens who are still normal and the zombies share the streets. When he passed a construction site, the zombie workers tried to eat him. Some policemen turned into zombies fire their guns. Red Cap will be forced to use the subway to avoid the streets and get to the Anti-Zombies Army (AZA) office as soon as possible.

With the coins and treasures that Red Cap will find along the way in the game shop, you can buy, among other things, such fun devices as eShield (Electronic Shield), Laser Wheel or a Robot that will accompany you as your faithful friend. (see the videos)

Play Red Cap Zombie Hunter and enjoy

  • 10 levels divided in 2 different stages

  • 2 Big Boss enemies

  • Improved skills for Red Cap depending of player EXPerience

  • Player Honor ranking: Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold (from I to III) and Champion

  • It’sa PLAY-TO-WIN game. You don’t need to spend extra money to finish the game. If you want to finish the game faster you can buy several goods that will help you.

  • Your character upgrades are saved as local data and it’ll be used in future Vialgames games so improving your character will be useful to play another games.

  • The first level wants to be a tribute to the classic game of the 80s Ghosts’n Goblins.

  • Available in english and spanish

Red Cap Zombie Hunter on Steam

Bricky to Me

Bricky to Me

A knight, a mysterious cat and a castle where the whole scenario is dynamically modified, creating rooms and rooms with incredible challenges to overcome.

Brick to Me puts you on a Puzzle Platform full of dynamically arranged rooms with a random path to the confrontation with “Space Mania”.

  • Over 60 rooms randomly assembled

  • Intriguing puzzles

  • A kitten that needs be peted

  • A boomerange to defeat enemies

  • A very unusual boss fight

  • Enter into Bricky to Me and try to escape from this random castle

Bricky to Me on Steam

High Dimension

High Dimension

High Dimension is a roguelike where you explore in search of the High Dimension puzzle of events involving science and magic.

Take on the role of Leinad, an intelligent medieval nobleman, or Carol, a strong fighter who doesn’t bow to anyone, explore environments in pixel art procedures.

It happens in a realm so far away. There was an event called High Dimension that merged our dimensions in relation to time and space. The king called two young men to find out what was going on. The world is upside down, always forming new realities, your mission is to discover the cause of all this. Upgrade equipment, swords, use items strategically, with action combat.

Main Resources

No instructions. No help. No hand holding. Start without exploring, learning, perfecting your moves and killing enemies.

Pixel Art Visuals:

2D characters.

New randomly generated dimensions:

Want a new dimension? Smoothly! At any time, you can generate a new seed from the living dimensional world that hates you and wants you to die.

High Dimension on Steam

Knight Throde

Knight Throde

Its ok

double jump only works when standing still, it gets you killed.

Has bosses and all that cool jazz.

Also has a rune stone store where you can buy buffs for the play through’s.

cool art, its the little things in this game.

a lot of potential i say

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Knight Throde on Steam