Pro Pain Labs

Pro Pain Labs

Pro Pain Labs is a 2D platformer game with a retro art style. This game seems to looks simple, but the overall quality and art style makes it a good game. The player’s journey starts with easy obstacles and slowly, it becomes difficult, but not impossible.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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Game is a mostly fun platformer with emphasis on momentum.

major problems with design of stages leaving me to feel like I am forever waiting on platforms to respawn or return on their journey across the entire stage and back.

Gave up after a stage had me wait on a button for a door to raise.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Pro Pain Labs on Steam

Sigi - A Fart for Melusina

Sigi - A Fart for Melusina

Sigi – A Fart for Melusina:

Once upon a time, a handsome knight named Sigi, who lived in a majestic castle, was in love with the beautiful mermaid Melusina. He was fearless, a true master in weaponry and was always eager to show his extraordinary skills to his favourite mermaid. Despite having all these qualities, he was suffering from a very bad case of flatulence. One day, Sigi and Melusina were sitting on their preferred spot by the river when Sigi dropped one fart too many which destabilized Melusina, who was happily sitting on the banks of the river. After she fell into the water and didn’t re-emerge, our handsome knight realised that the love of his life had been captured. This is the story of Sigi – A Fart for Melusina!

*– [Real player with 3.9 hrs in game](*




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--- ABOUT SIGI – A FART FOR MELUSINA SIGI – A FART FOR MELUSINA IS A 8-BIT RETRO PLATFORM GAME WHERE YOU CONTROL SIGI, A KNIGHT THAT FOUND THE BEAUTIFUL MELUSINA,BUT WAS NERVOUS AND FARTED IN FRONT OF THE GIRL AND NOW HE NEEDS TO FIND HER. THE GAME WAS PUBLISHED AND DEVELOPED BY PIXEL.LU, RELEASED AT DEC 22,2017 BY THE PRICE OF $2.99. Criterias Gameplay Graphics Duration Gameplay In this title you need to find Melusina as telled before. For this you control Sigi, a brave knight across 20 levels, with 4 boss battles and need to also find all the letters ‘S’ ‘I’ ‘G’ and ‘I’ across the levels to win a life. You also need to find 3 treasures across the levels to complete it with 100%. Most of the levels have a secret cave that you need to found by shooting walls and waiting they make a noisy sound. The controls are simple, needing only your move with WASD,arrow keys or the controller, and two action buttons, like on the retro consoles, one for jumping and another to attack. You’ll found some weapons across the levels that have a limited quantity of use(not showed in the game). *– [Real player with 3.4 hrs in game](* --- ![Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge]( "") ## Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge Really enjoying this game so far , it looks great and the gameplay is spot on . There is a bit of leveling up although no choices to be made when you do , you have to discover / unlock / upgrade your equipment in a pleasing fashion . Its also so cute and funny and the nods to vintage games ( I was reminiscing about Jet Set Willy only yesterday ) really sold it for me . I just hope it doesn't get to difficult like these games often do , probably cos I'm rubbish at them . A controller would be good . *– [Real player with 22.5 hrs in game](* ---

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--- Willy Jetman is a very enjoyable platformer game - with a jetpack and a gun. Some times it even feels like a shoot'em'up. You play Willy, a spaceman travelling the galaxy and cleaning debris for recycling. When you land on this particular planet, you realize something's not right as you start to uncover Astrocorp's evil plans. Thus begins the adventure that made Willy "the greatest hero on the galaxy" (quoting himself). The plot/story is simple and the dialogues are humourous. At first you only have a basic blaster and a very limited jetpack, but as you progress you will find other weapons and upgrades to boost Willy's power. *– [Real player with 21.5 hrs in game](* --- ![Goblin and Coins]( "") ## Goblin and Coins If you grew up playing classic platformers, you'll feel right at home in Goblins and Coins. Don't be fooled by its 'cute' aesthetic, it's actually really quite challenging. I definitely recommend playing with a controller for this. On a great note though, the controls feel really tight. You'll need that precision since the game amps up in difficulty over the course of its 5 worlds. I consider myself pretty decent at platformers and honestly I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete this one on Old School difficulty, where if you die, you restart over from the very beginning. Luckily there's a casual difficulty where you only have to restart that level if you lose all your health. Even on casual, some levels you may find yourself repeating multiple times just to get through. Each world ends with a boss fight, usually centered around a new mechanic introduced during that world. There's a lot of content here for only 2 dollars. *– [Real player with 6.7 hrs in game](* It's a nice little platformer, but sadly it felt like an average game to me. I mean, it works, it doesn't crash, it has unconventional story, it has smooth controls. But it's missing the feature which could make it a gem or excellent game. The camera could be a bit smoother, the speed of game could be a bit slower (though you quickly get used to it). Some sounds are funny and most of them feel appropriate. Music is ok. At the moment of writing this review, I didn't finish the whole game yet (stopped just at the end of world 4, world 5 is the last one). I might update this review after I finish the game, but I doubt it will change much. *– [Real player with 5.5 hrs in game](* --- ![Panzer Paladin]( "") ## Panzer Paladin So yah, it's pretty good. highly recommend. The story is easy to follow with its very few cut scenes, of which is reminiscent of 90's anime like Voltron. The pixel art is fantastic and the soundtrack rocks hard, each song is region appropriate. As well as the demon's chosen for the boss battles. and the game design is clever. The swordplay is fact intuitive, throughout the levels you will be picking up a multitude of weapons with different stats and durability. If your break a weapon on a enemy nothing will happen. But if you break the weapon yourself it will cast a spell that will very anything from increasing your attack to a blessing spell. *– [Real player with 42.5 hrs in game](* ### This game is a new take on a genre that people in the 90's grew up with. I didn't think I was going to like this game, which is odd considering I actually love this genre. #### As of the time of me writing this, I'm only writing based on what I have experienced so far and my thoughts on it. I am nowhere near done with the game so I cannot touch on the Story aspect for this review. While quite reminiscent of a **Metroidvania** (as we get tons of those on Steam and other platforms), the game hits close to home for me as it feels more like a _Mega Man_ game than it does anything else. I'm a huge, **HUGE** Mega Man (X) fan, so this little project made me _extremely_ happy. *– [Real player with 9.6 hrs in game](* --- ![Pasta Master]( "") ## Pasta Master Sound game, well nice. Would recommend having some pasta before starting game *– [Real player with 1.1 hrs in game](* A good bit of fun. A fun story. A great soundtrack. A very simple and enjoyable bit of gameplay. A developer who clearly cares for his project. *– [Real player with 1.1 hrs in game](* --- ![Zodiac DX]( "") ## Zodiac DX ### SHORT GAME, BIG FUN ### GAMEMODES 10/10 ### DESIGN 10/10 ### PRICE 10/10 *– [Real player with 10.2 hrs in game](* Another faithful retro game from the Foxy Boxy, seemingly inspired by the early Famicom days, with about 30 to 60 minutes of content unless the developer adds some achievements. I enjoyed the second half of the playthrough once the levels got a bit more challenging, but overall it's a very casual platformer, and you can beat it on the first try. On a side note, you can access some settings using the 'ESC' such as the fullscreen, CRT filter, and gamepad config, although it does not have a true widescreen to conserve the pixels. There are 3 playable characters that have slight variations on the attack range and the damage output, but you can also access the transformed version of each character further in the game. I like the small variations during the stages like riding a fish, being chased by the bosses, and even a few pathing puzzles, granted the stages were very basic, perhaps intentionally so. Not sure why the stages had so many transitions, maybe the developer was trying to imitate the limitations of the early development, but I wish the levels were a bit longer. Perhaps my only criticism is that the last boss was way too simple, you put more effort into the fights that came before it. *– [Real player with 2.5 hrs in game](* --- ![Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)]( "") ## Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) Cursed Castilla is an arcade action game which is based and inspired by the Ghosts and Goblins series and other retro titles. It brings an 16 bit graphics style, a quick action packed gameplay with tight controls and a high level of difficulty. The story is set in the Middle Ages in the Spanish Kingdom. You play as a knight who is sent on a quest -together with other 3 fellow knights- by the King to cleanse the Kingdom from the evading demonic horde. The story basically is a Spanish mythos and there are several parts of the game where creatures from other European mythologies appear. Since the creators are Spanish the game overall in its music and its design has a Spanish vibe. *– [Real player with 47.0 hrs in game](* Really fun, quite challenging, and at times even feel a little unfair retro-style game. However (with the exception of one part), the checkpoint system is very forgiving so it's rarely frustrating. You attack using only throwable weapons, where only a certain amount can be out active at a time until they either hit an enemy, an obstacle, or fly off screen. This means that the closer you are to enemies, the faster you can attack, and also that if you spam you can be left defenseless for a brief window. It also has some pretty unique jumping mechanics similar to some other retro platformers wherein you jump much farther if you are holding a direction when you jump, and jump almost straight up if you aren't holding a direction (however, unlike some games, you can still nudge slightly in either direction while in the air). Additionally, attacking (especially if you are spamming) slows you down substantially. These mechanics mentioned above can make it feel a bit janky until you get used to it, but the game controls great and has highly accurate hitbox (although your entire character is the hitbox which makes dodging obstacles difficult). There are a variety of environments and a massive amount of bosses that for the most part where unique and fun. *– [Real player with 11.6 hrs in game](* --- ![Pharao Reloaded]( "") ## Pharao Reloaded I love this game. Of course it has not the pace or the graphics or sounds of modern games but the charme of the original ones which it's a remake of. I played the original on my dad's computer 30 years ago and never finished the forth pyramid. It was so damn hard. And this one is hard too *g*. I like the improvements the developer added like the hierogylphs around the playfield which are decoration only. But the spider is a tough new enemy and the two new potions fit in well. The first two levels are rather relaxing, there are just ghosts and mummies as wandering enemies but the third level and above becomes tough really quick. *– [Real player with 123.9 hrs in game](* A great entertaining Maze Game. I don't know the original Pharao or Fred, but I started playing Pharao Reloaded since a friend recommended it to me. At first, I was not really happy due to the "original not so smooth graphic and weird sound" but with the new graphic and sound modes, I really started to enjoy it. It's nice if you just want to relax a bit and as soon as you start a level, you definitely want to finish it (I gave up once, where I ended up in the same dead end three times, due to my not available skill) :) *– [Real player with 1.6 hrs in game](* --- ![8 Bit Space]( "") ## 8 Bit Space My son and I loved this game - nice relaxing retro platformer - keep em coming! Super neat that the artifact statues were old video game characters like manic miner and, i think, dizzy. Ending was also classic… *– [Real player with 5.1 hrs in game](* Really nice jumping platform 8 bit era inspired game. If you remember that era well, then this game will be right up your street. Nothing more to be said. *– [Real player with 2.7 hrs in game](* ---