The Island of Spirits

The Island of Spirits

The Island of Spirits is a randomly generated action 2D Platformer Rogue-Like. Following the Green Knight on his adventure to get the bounty of the king. On his way he will fight cute Mushrooms, weird Crystals, bizarre creatures and defeat big bosses. Discover more about the Green Knight and about The Island of Spirits.

Key Features:

  • More then 150 items!

  • 4 randomly generated Areas!

  • 3 bosses!

  • Full controller support!

  • A lot of awesome music tracks!

  • 4 different playable Characters!

  • Tons of enemies!

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Coin Rush

Coin Rush

You have one goal: Go in to the caves and collect as many coins as possible before time runs out!

Inspired by games like Metroid and Spyro race through twisting caverns to get as many coins as possible. Can you figure out the best path? Are those side routes worth the time?

15 levels filled with coin catching goodness are planned for final release.

Story will be kept to a minimum to focus on gameplay.

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Fury Unleashed

Fury Unleashed

I don’t do a lot of reviews, but I felt compelled to a proper one because this game is really, really fun.


First of all, I’m on the wrong side of 45 and still gaming strong, but it presents a quandry: I love “old school” games, but - I am too old and can’t game as well as I used too. The secondary problem I run into is “loving the idea” of old school games but after the novelty of pixilated graphics wears off, I can’t see them as anything but ugly. Fury Unleashed effectively beat the hell out of those problems. It has an AMAZING amount of customization of difficulty allowing for old people like myself to really enjoy it as well as the crazy kids hat love games being 25 viagra hard. The graphics are really sharp and not extravagant, in short it’s pretty and runs butter smooth. It really seems like they thought of everything up to and including a pet peeve of mine where games that use the Steam Workshop make you download the workshop stuff outside of the game, but this integrates it into the character select screen so you literally see the cosmetics you can dl from the workshop and simply select it in-game.

Real player with 159.4 hrs in game

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TL;DR 10/10 Xom howls with laughter!

What would the product be if you mixed together the creativity of Comix Zone, the unrelenting action of Metal Slug, and the audacity of action flicks from the 80’s? Probably this. Fury Unleashed is the first game I want to review, and rightly so.

To begin with, the Hero starts off with one SMG, one choppy blade, grenades, and boots of stomping. Throughout the course of the story, you get all the silly loot you could want and more. Freezing shrapnel grenades? Got ‘em. Rocket launcher with poison warheads? Sure! Unholy blade? No problem. Triple jump boots? Go wild! In addition to this arsenal of fun, the enemies you face are varied and challenging in distinctive ways. In fact, the same deadly shenanigans you pull on them can just as easily apply to you. This is most noticeable in the second comic book, where enemy soldiers can (and will) use the same weapons you do.

Real player with 44.1 hrs in game

Fury Unleashed on Steam

Gondola’s Adventure

Gondola’s Adventure

Even after playing for a little while this game will become very addictive, making you want to play more and more. It’s a well made game with great animations and beautiful music, making it a very nice expierence. I highly recommend it.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Ebin :DDDD

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Gondola's Adventure on Steam

Himno - The Silent Melody

Himno - The Silent Melody

TL;DR: Unique experience with plenty of depth and replayability, but not necessarily what everyone is looking for.

If you’re not sure whether or not to buy it, do try the demo – it’s got plenty of playtime, and all of your progress will transfer over into the main game.


  • Procedural generation. (Much of the game is generated somewhat randomly, yet flows together.)

  • Moderately high replayability. It’s not Factorio or Minecraft, but it can definitely draw you in.

  • Relaxed yet engaging combat.

Real player with 69.2 hrs in game

TL;DR: Very nice little hidden gem! NEEDS more attention. Absolutely worth the price, sunk 33 hours so far at time of review. Odd little mix of roguelike and persistent progression. Exploration focused, somewhat challenging platforming, very punishing bullet-spam combat. So far I’ve enjoyed it, though I wouldn’t classify it as the pinnacle of gaming yet. Depends on what other content is added.

It’s odd because it has a persistent base world you can store equipment in and customize, but the rest is very roguelike - you take whatever you decide to bring with you to these realms; you have limited ways to return to the home-area with all your stuff intact, the only guaranteed one being beating a boss. Death returns you to base with no stuff except yellow gems - aka money; which are only used at occasional vendors in you find exploring. So essentially you can choose to stow your stuff and come back kitted out after farming a bit which I’d say is required to beat the extremely punishing bosses. Otherwise, it’s a mostly chill - occasionally incredibly stressful - little exploration platformer. Can’t wait for more

Real player with 38.6 hrs in game

Himno - The Silent Melody on Steam

Serious Scramblers

Serious Scramblers

After almost 20 hours of playing this game, I find it in 3 words to describe it.

Marvellous, Exciting, Enjoyable.

Oh, you read that right. Those 3 words summed it up.


Okay, thing is, this game is really enjoyable. But how it is enjoyable? First the retro vibe and simple graphics are already mesmerizing. I mean, in this age now, how many of us can still enjoy some good old-school style game. This one does, so it’s great!



Music wise, absolutely catchy and melodic. Sure, it’s a bit repetitive but old-school games are like that. Plus, it’s not some dull and boring musics but rather, it fits the gameplay very well. Personally, I like it. And importantly, it brings me back to my younger days when I was playing those NES games. So yeah, it’s cool, good and memorable.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

first impressions (updated with new info):

  • great pixel art and music.

  • gets you on the edge of your seat in the way a good arcade-type game would.

  • fast-paced, no waiting around to restart your next fall.

  • a very important element (that you can go from one edge of the play area to the other a la Pacman) isn’t taught to you except as a loading screen type tip (which I didn’t see until after I’d learned it by myself), so I figured you couldn’t go to the sides at first. this made some jumps that would otherwise have been easy hat frustratingly appear impossible to avoid. I kinda wish that info were relegated to an info tab or something in the menu, rather than as an obscure tip.

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

Serious Scramblers on Steam

Goat over it

Goat over it

After finishing the game I can finally rage about this damn game. It is definitely unpolished. If, for example, you do a Backflip, your legs turn into cooked noodles and just flip away even though you are landing on your feet and therefore lose. If You do the exact same action twice, you may get different outcomes. For example pressing “E” until the goat can’t turn any higher may result in the goat just standing there(which isfine), or in flipping over(which tilts alot), at the exact same spot(like Starting points). Furthemore the “Hitbox” when you hit your Body on something and you lose sometimes feels just off. Sometimes it doesnt count even though you are clearly hitting it, and sometimes you just die standing close to an object and you guess you hit your head.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Addicting if you like this kind of games

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Goat over it on Steam

Hack or Die!

Hack or Die!

Amazing game! Totally unique and innovative core gameplay mechanics, a huge accomplishment for a modern platformer. It fundamentally changes the nature of platforming.

I did in fact purchase the game with my own money, and It was money well spent. However, for the sake of honesty, I must note that I consulted for the developer, and I know the developer closely. At the same time, I have never been paid by the developer nor offered any form of compensation, so I’m no shill.

I’m a huge fan of this game, and I’d still be a huge fan even if I had no relation to this game. It is an absolutely incredible game, particular for fans of high skill platforming games (one of my favorite genres). Everything in this review represents my genuine beliefs.

Real player with 1739.2 hrs in game

This game!! Skill building levels with rewarding challenges and puzzles. I was surprised to learn there was so many different kicks and combinations. My skill and techniques grew as the game progressed. Dope music too.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

Hack or Die! on Steam

Stick Knight Takes Over the Universe

Stick Knight Takes Over the Universe

A fun game with some real challenge to it! It truly feels like an arcade classic, always making you want to try again, just get a little farther than last time. With fun and varied weapons, unique enemies, and zany levels, I’d say almost anyone would love this game to bits! Controls feel great, and like a well designed game should feel, no death feels like it was out of your hands, if you take damage or lose a run, it’s your own fault.

Real player with 31.0 hrs in game

this game really makes you feel like stick knight


in short it has a little something for everyone

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Stick Knight Takes Over the Universe on Steam

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2

Thus continues my solo quest to reach the Sunken City…

This game is very addictive and helps me procrastinate from other tasks.

Real player with 1161.5 hrs in game

Thank you Derek for the fun time.

777 hours are a lucky number.

This is a really hard game, and very punishing, but it’s also really nice. While it’s hard the difficulty is adjusted by your objectives. Want to just beat the game? Good luck, it’ll take a while but you’ll do it reliably with some effort. Want to get the hard ending? It’s reasonably harder, but you’ll be ready for most of it once you have to do it. Want to get the special ending? Good Luck. That’s all. It’s a challenge ridiculously hard and long, but you’ll enjoy the way.

Real player with 796.2 hrs in game

Spelunky 2 on Steam