PLAYTIME (2-5 hours ): 4/10

MUSIC : 20/10

STORY: 6.5/10


PRICE: 10/10

(I know it might seem like a high price for a short game but you need to remember that this is an indie studio and I believe the price reflects the healthy payment the artists would receive for the time they spent pouring love and detail into every crevice)

should you get this game? YES! I think everyone should experience a game of this beauty. But if you’re someone who strictly wants to get a new game for the game elements, this might not be for you, if you like the aestheic and are okay playing something for the story and experience then definitely get this game!!

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

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Target Audience: Adventuring Players Looking for a Cute Casual Time


Hoa is a game where spectical and whismy take the forefront of the experience: and if those things don’t matter to you, then it’s probably not a game for you. It’s not trying to be an interesting platformer in any sort of way. Sure, the mechanics here work and the controls are responsive enough, but many of the elements act as a minor challenge at best despite some puzzling have to be done. But that’s not what the game is trying to really test: it’s taking you on an adventure for you to get lost in the beautiful visuals, the environment that tells a story in each area, and the ultimately uplifting story that will make you feel your troubles melt away for that day.

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

Hoa on Steam



Do not buy this game. There are better flash player games out there. Simplistic platformer that has very little in terms of everything. The game looked totally different when first uploaded to steam by the way.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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Aruna on Steam

Balloon Girl

Balloon Girl

I ran into a massive bug that always put me at level 2 regardless of the level I beat, causing me to constantly have to run through the previous levels just to reach the newest level, over and over again. I ended up spending more time traveling than playing any one level eventually.

Even ignoring that glaring issue, there isn’t anything here worth recommending. The game is very simple and it rarely if ever throws anything new your way as you progress. The timer is just a nuisance and it discourages exploration. By the same token, it makes coins almost pointless as you lose more points by way of excess time banked at the end than the points you’d gain by picking up a coin (the coins themselves don’t do anything besides give some points). This is most likely the intention, but I dislike not being able to directly control the character. This makes trying to fall down way harder than it needs to be. Having lives and a “game over” is also pointless as you’re not forced to start over (thank God), but you also don’t suffer any punishment either, such as losing your current high score. The game is quite easy overall. I’ve played more involved and better platformers (and less buggy) for cheaper.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

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There’s a gathering of sorts. A girl, boy, baby, and dog are all outside when a storm comes along and blows away all of their magical balloons. You must collect them all, which means exploring 50 levels, suspended by two balloons. 2D retro style platformer with hand drawn pixel graphics.

There are four playable characters. The aforementioned girl, boy, baby, and dog. The game seems to play the same regardless of which one you choose. As I recall you get four lives. You die by hitting flying insects, spikes in the walls, ceilings and floors, and of course the flames from torches. After all flames and balloons don’t mix well together. Once you use up your lives you either continue, starting with a fresh set of lives, or you can restart the game from the beginning. If you choose to continue you again can select a character between the four, and will start with the last level you completed.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Balloon Girl on Steam



You’re lightyears off-course, low on power, and have one critical goal: throw an epic surprise party so the colonists don’t freak out when they defrost. Harlow is an atmospheric 2.5D platformer where you’ll use physics to evade the dangers of an ancient planet, gather materials, and plan a party in space.

Meet Harlow, a compact robot aboard the R1-Humanity. Along with Manifesto, the ship’s logistics A.I., you’ll stockpile supplies and transform the ship from a cold wayward vessel into a stellar celebration to cheer up the cryogenically frozen crew onboard.

Jump, Roll, and Evade! Harlow’s physics-based controls will have you navigating oceans of acid, dodging ancient machinery, and traversing lavafalls!

Plan a Surprise Party: Decorate the R1-Humanity with 3D printed party supplies. Unlock different endings based on how you transform the ship!

Harlow on Steam

Rise 2.0

Rise 2.0

Nice and simple game, great music and concept. It would be a very good game for its scale if it got some more polish in the way how the controls work and how the game communicates its concepts.

Some feedback for the developer(s):

  1. To jump I drag my mouse pointer and that’s fine. What’s weird is that it seems like the game tracks not how I drag the pointer on the screen, but how it moves in the game world. Meaning that if i fall down my arrow starts pointing down and I have to cancel my attempt.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Rise 2.0 on Steam

Catch It

Catch It

This is a score attack game.

Collect the green stars that come from top to bottom. Stay away from the red ones. And never miss a green star!

If you are a fan of old atari games, we are sure that it will take you back to those times.


Endless Level

Simple Gameplay

Simple Graphic

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Catch It on Steam

Girls Pinball

Girls Pinball

“Girls Pinball” is a relaxed casual game. Players control a horizontal board to block the falling ball. When the horizontal board hits the ball, the ball will bounce again. After the ball hits the square, it will be eliminated, and after all the squares are eliminated, you can pass the level.

【Game Operation】

Mouse control the movement of the horizontal board

【game props】

Love: When the horizontal board touches the item, the balls will become multiple. After several consecutive times, a full screen will appear.

The game is easy to operate. Every time you pass a level, you can rescue a girl, and there is always one you like.

Girls Pinball on Steam



Find Your Color

Grayland is a simple 2D puzzle platformer that takes place in a world without color. The player controls a gray blob that has found a way to restore color to Grayland. They decide to attempt to restore color to their entire homeland, grasping on the hopes that they can restore their own color as well.

Playing as the gray blob, you can stick to walls within the environment and jump or detach off of them to travel and move throughout levels. Use this wall-sticking ability to interact with the environment as well, bouncing off of walls or moving platforms as you stay on a wall to help yourself advance through the world.

There are several other blobs that live in Grayland that also wish for their color to be restored. They all have some issues with the world or with their lives. Restoring their color might not be the solution they need to their issues, but maybe it can help them out?


  • Relaxing gameplay within a platformer

  • 30 unique levels

  • A story about discovering your self-worth

  • Several characters to interact with

Grayland on Steam

Home Office

Home Office

I don’t know anything about the Game, but now people see that I am in Home Office.

Real player with 41.5 hrs in game

Alright, what’s to say? It’s a fairly short game, I got all the pets after playing for a little under 30 mins, but I did enjoy the time I spent playing. There are a few issues however, some of the things that you click in game have a smaller click area than they seem to, and the save/load buttons don’t appear to do anything atm. Overall if you’ve got $2 and want to kill some time, it’s not a bad purchase.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Home Office on Steam

Into the Loop

Into the Loop

A rather short, but incredibly charming, minimalist 2D platformer. A game that scratches that itch in my brain for simple, but challenging mechanics, with tight precision.

Like I said before though, the game is short, having little under 120 levels. This is only slightly remedy’d with Endless, and Speedrun mode if you’re into that sorta thing.

Overall however, it’s a good game made by one fella. The price is definitely worth it.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

So about 10 minutes in, while i know isn’t much time, i can tell. this is gonna be like one of those games that is fun to watch almost like asmr, its a feel good or when you’re bored play this game. because its not action pact. its a chill, cool down game. my computer is a living toaster so it lags on it, but if i had a good PC i could play this way easier, though i dont think it needs a “lower” graphics setting. but after talking with the creator about the hand made levels and the endless mode, i think its safe to say that we can expect a lot from this game. so All in All i would say, really good job!

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Into the Loop on Steam