Jumpin' Tanks

Jumpin' Tanks

Jumpin' Tanks is a multiplayer 2D platformer where players can enjoy various game modes of arcade fun!

Duke it out in Free-For-All to see which player will be the last tank standing.

Eliminate the infected tanks in Pandemic or risk being infected yourself.

Team up with your friends in Versus and see which squad will come out on top.

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Jumpin' Tanks on Steam

Stephino RPG

Stephino RPG

rawr im dragon. its a great rts game with a slow start. 8/10

Real player with 150.4 hrs in game

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This is a nice game, you build your empire by constructing and upgrading buildings, building up defences, expanding your empire to other planets/locations… You can get sucked in really fast if you like this type of games, which is my case… but if you are going to play this game be aware of something that is most likely to happen to you especially if you are playing it to play along side work.

Admins are playing the game.

Attacks will always take 100% of the enemy resources (if the army capacity is enough to take all)

Real player with 42.7 hrs in game

Stephino RPG on Steam

Niiikotopia: Sky Fall

Niiikotopia: Sky Fall

The evil aliens are invading Niiikotopia and attacking your beloved Niiikos, so your task is protecting them and repel the invasion. Collect and manage resources. Maintain Niiiko’s population by provide them foods and houses. Research new technology, design new gun and bullet to hold again enemy invasions. Save your cute Niiiko race from anihilation.

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Niiikotopia: Sky Fall on Steam

Deep Madness

Deep Madness

In Deep Madness you jump deeper and deeper oh yes and even deeper. Spikes on the edge make it difficult for you. Can you dodge the spikes and go deeper than your friends?

● Infinite platforms

● 30+ badass skins

● All the time same music

● Jump down as far as you can

● Leaderboard

Oh yeah and don’t forget:

YOU CAN COLLECT COINS AND YOU CAN DIE!!!! Attention the game can be addictive. You run the risk of starting over again and again to beat the one highscore, over and over again. If you also notice this addiction it is already too late. Just keep playing. Believe me, this is the best for all of us.

Deep Madness on Steam

Defense Tower Simulator

Defense Tower Simulator

Not a bad game at all and well worth the small amount that I paid for it. Very challenging when you get to the later levels but if you’re patient and collect each daily award then you’ll eventually get through. For those who enjoy tower defence games this should certainly entertain you for quite a while.

Real player with 40.5 hrs in game

I’ve been playing tower defense games for years; I love a good tower defense. This game right here? Is a good tower defense.

The first few levels aren’t very challenging, but they do get tougher and you need to keep up with your upgrades. I love that there are multiple difficulties on each level. There’s also a good bit of strategy when you place you’ve first few towers every level. As you complete levels, you unlock more towers. That’s a pretty unique to this game. Lots of games will let you unlock different aspects to the same towers as you level, but these are completely new towers. I’m excited to see what the thunder tower will do.

Real player with 14.1 hrs in game

Defense Tower Simulator on Steam


This is the father of all naval games, yes it may be grindy but that’s all MMOs.


FANTASTIC ship customization(no custom paints or skins but you can fully customize your weapon load, ammo, etc)

Friendly graphics that are still appeasing but easy on low end PCs

Great sounds/music

Sim-cade gameplay (combines realistic and arcady style of play) You can choose if you want to set your gun angles by ourself instead of the auto aim function, along with things like belt armour, deck armour, etc.

Huge selection of ships in which some can be remodeled into more powerful or different ships of it’s class (ex: The Admiral Hipper CA can be remodeled to Prinz Eugen)

Real player with 217.7 hrs in game

Do i enjoy the game? YES!

Old vet since start of the game and played nfeu later on. Now back thanks to steam.


  • arcade style battles (quick)

  • low demands on pc requirements (to low for todays standards)

  • diverse community

  • games 24/7 cause people from the whole world are in 1 server (does have lag when chinese play )

  • for old players its mostly the nostalgic value that counts.


  • The game is so old that you cant run fullscreen unless you force it through your monitor

  • alot of crashing (not for me personally)

Real player with 110.4 hrs in game


No More Inputs

No More Inputs

NoMoreInputs is a puzzle game. You have to try to create a control with the “Inputkeyblocks” and at the same time design the level so that it is possible. The game is still very early in development, so there can be a lot of bugs. But there are regular upates coming soon! Many different levels with different elements such as gravity blocks and other input keys blocks offer a varied and adventurous gaming experience. The game will get many new levels and game elements in the future, which means that the game will remain exciting in the future.

No More Inputs on Steam



Good game, A lot of speed-run potential, also a bit of a rage game, but it’s not overdone like other games, making it feel funny.


Good for speed-running

Good for rage YouTubers

A fun small game to pass the time

simple graphics.

able to swap which keys you use from the arrow keys to WASD


Keys/controls take a bit getting used to, pressed space thinking it’s jump but i just accidentally use my power instead.

sense of progress can feel a bit slow Sometimes.

Overall this game is fun and i highly recommend getting it.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

This game is gamer 8)

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Bananarun on Steam



Though this game still has bugs, especially for Windows machines, it is a fairly interesting game that is sometimes a bit confusing to suss out what is going on. It’s fairly good.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

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Nice little puzzle game that combines tower defense gameplay, Tim Burton’s humorous grotesque style and easy-to-use game mechanics. With the help of his insects and animals, the boy Victor will have to uncover the secrets of the dark nooks and crannies of his house, entering into a confrontation with annoying pests. You can use from 1 to 3 types of units, depending on the type of mission to be completed and the conditions for its implementation. Each species has its own peculiarity, there are powerful punching bumblebees, and small mosquitoes, prickly hedgehogs to protect confined spaces and other specimens. The set of tactics, albeit not huge, is quite sufficient for a fun game, and various types of equipment allow you to create interesting options for defense and attack. I did not like the fact that some missions had to be completed exclusively in the way the developers intended (most often this concerned missions with one single ward). And the most unpleasant thing was the moment when a prerequisite for starting a mission was the presence in my squad of a certain unit, which can only be bought in a junk shop. It is very expensive and if there is no money for it (and I did not have it), then the only option was to start a boring grind of currency in previous missions, and in the local endless mode. This is a strange idea, to be honest. In all other respects, this is such a solid good puzzle, which is very pleasant to play in the evening, quite sincere and dynamic.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

JARS on Steam

Bahamut2-dragon’s bride

Bahamut2-dragon’s bride






螟魂砲應該是魔法 但卻不是用雙重施法?

這一點想再麻煩作者確認一下 感恩~~

Real player with 93.1 hrs in game

Bahamut2-dragon's bride on Steam