Bill’s adventure: Alien war

Bill’s adventure: Alien war

Bill’s adventure: Alien war takes place in a futuristic world where robots and humans lived in peace and harmony, until aliens extinguished all human life, leaving only the robots, starting an interplanetary war. Bill, one of the robots, has the objective to invade and dominate the alien planet to stop the war, everyone thinks this idea is silly, making Bill follow his objective alone. Help Bill reach and dominate the aliens' planet!

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Bill's adventure: Alien war on Steam



I mean I kind of am the developer of the game. This is my game lmao.

Actually this turned out pretty good and at the time of writing it’s just v1.0 with none of the extra updates I’m planning.

Anyways I’m gonna get back to work. See ya!

  • Jazz

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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Birb go brrrrrr

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

BIRBOUT! on Steam

Fugitive Criminal

Fugitive Criminal

Very nice game

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Fugitive Criminal on Steam



The Adventures of Pepo on a Desperate Earth, Leaving for Home

In the distant future, the Earth where mutants live after the fall of mankind. Pepo, a mutant born in a paint can, accidentally blew up the factory where Pepo lived and travels to find a new house. Will Pepo ever find a new house?

Platformer Shot Focus on Boss

Pepo focuses on the fun of identifying and targeting boss patterns.

It’s a platformer shooting game centered on boss. It is staged, and you can enjoy the battle with different bosses.

Attack boss patterns using color

The player can attack in three colors: red, yellow, and blue.

You have to target the boss’s pattern using color. Enjoy the colorful battle full of tension!

Pepo on Steam

Chef Chen

Chef Chen

《Chef Chen》 is a cooperative multiplayer game, where you can cook the monsters in the fantasy world with many adventures and enjoy the food together. Currently the game supports up to 4 players (Local) and Steam Remote Play. Let’s work together and make delicious dishes!

Chef Chen came to the fantasy world by chance. He encounters a group of hungry animals, and sees monster bodies everywhere. With Chef Chen’s excellent cooking skill, he turns the monsters into delicious dishes! That saves his animal friends who were almost starved to death and it replenishes their strength and magic power so that they can continue the journey of adventure.

Would you like to sit down with your friends and have a nice meal? Play the role of Chef Chen and use your talent and team up with your friends to defeat the monsters. Let’s cook a good meal together, and then enjoy the gourmet.

Turn monsters into delicious dishes

Support up to 4 players to cook together

Use the skills to overcome challanges

Chef Chen on Steam

Knight Arena

Knight Arena


best part is a wise opponent’s AI, approach to battle and swift weapon switching in different circumstances.

Strange that the first Achievement still wan’t fixed, my guess, this explains that game will be as it is.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Knight Arena on Steam

Astro Knight

Astro Knight

You are a carefree astronaut with a sword, the Astro Knight. But because of you, your fellow astronauts came to an untimely demise. As you grapple with your loss, you find yourself in a dream world full of monsters. You must wield your sword and your special abilities to combat waves of foes. But after each stage you must give something up. Can you let go?

Astro Knight was made as part of the inaugural Hackubator class, a game accelerator program where we are split into teams of 5 and tasked with making a game in 3 months. Our team, House Rogue, embodies the values of competence and candor with a sizable helping of rebelliousness embodied by our mantra “Go left”.

Astro Knight on Steam

Caroline’s Abyss

Caroline’s Abyss

Caroline is a young woman who suffers from depression and will have to deal with her biggest fears in a chaotic and dystopian world. On her arduous journey, Caroline must overcome her weaknesses and defeat her own demons. Break through this mysterious world with challenging levels in an enigmatic adventure, help little Caroline in her quest to overcome her losses!

*A 2D plataform game that will challenge your skills as a player.

*A single player experience, an personal adventure on a quest for redemption and overcoming the hardships… or not.

Caroline's Abyss on Steam

Chaos Brigade

Chaos Brigade

Very good game, very fresh, playable and challenging.

I really like the personality that the different characters have been assigned.

It feels like playing a different game every time you select a different soldier. the music is catchy and the sprites very colorful and recognizable. The action pace gets very interesting the more and more you are honing your aiming skills to avoid damaging the ship.

Overall it is a 8/10 for me, with the ability to crouch it would be even 9/10, however the directional aim function will take care of the “below the belt” crawling critters.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

A good game for sure but also not ez

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Chaos Brigade on Steam



I have played this game back in 2006 and I had a blast, everything was new to me, the settings, the people running around and killing snails on maple island then slimes and mushrooms in henesys hunting ground. Took many years of breaks in between, back and forth, but when they revamped the game and released big bang is when they started to lose the vast majority of players (slowly).

I know that change is needed for games to progress, but so many changes killed the game.


  • if you’re a fan of mario style games or platformers and like to see big numbers when you hit monster, then try out this game

Real player with 928.0 hrs in game

I have around 400 hours on steam but I’ve spent more than 1k hours on the other version. I must say despite the amount of dedication I’ve put into this game, I cannot reccomend it to anyone. The servers are extremely inconsistent, they need maintenance at least every week and no new or interesting content get introduced for many MANY years. Even when they do (5th Job update and lucid), its very underwhelming and sad since I waited 4 years just to receive junk and the frustration of that is what caused me to put an end what was the most time I’ve spent on a game.

Real player with 485.5 hrs in game

MapleStory on Steam