Steel Assault

Steel Assault

First of all, this game is an absolute piece of art, there’s no doubt about it. This goes beyond gorgeous visuals and a banger OST - this thing truly captures the essence of nineties' shooters at their best, cleverly hiding modern game design under retro look&feel. The level design is generally more thought out and balanced, there are no blatantly unfair or frustrating things to be found, and the controls are as tight they ever were. For me, these things already make up the asking price.

Now, the game is not without it’s problems, though. People tend to complain about the amount of content. That criticism I don’t agree with. Most people complaining about that have played the normal difficulty through in a couple of hours and feel the game is through. But as the devs have explained, the real game is the hard mode. I’m pretty sure most of us will NOT clear that on the first sitting, and there’s plenty of game left after normal mode playthrough.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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The fact that the developers listened so much to our feedback from the demo already deserves praise. I’m not going to go into details, but basically, they improved on basically every aspect of the game by a lot and made the more frustrating parts less frustrating, or non-existent.

While it’s a joy to see all the differences and improvements in the game compared to the demo, the game itself is fantastic. It’s a high adrenaline action platformer, where split second decisions will always demand your focus pretty much all the time. It really wears down your fingers, but this is exactly what we came for. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just for oldschool platformer veterans, since now they added difficulty levels which is a welcome addition. Don’t EVER feel bad for playing it on Easy or Very Easy. Get familiar with the feel of the game, the different type of enemies, stages, etc. Then if you feel like you’ve mastered that difficulty level, you can always challenge yourself by playing it one difficulty level above. But it also pleases the more hardcore crowd. The Normal difficulty I feel like is just right, it offers a good challenge.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Steel Assault on Steam

Damn Ropes

Damn Ropes

Damn Ropes is this one hard game nobody wants to play because it’s too difficult a challenge but you play it anyway (just don’t tell anyone you play on the ‘Not So Hard’ mode).

You want your own NPC in the game? Join our Discord for more info on this!

There’s no running and jumping in this platformer game. Use your rope to swing from platform to platform. Perform impressive maneuvers, beat diverse challenges and speedrun your way through each level. Oh, did I mention you can fall all the way down to the beginning of each level?

Ah yes. Story. There is a story in this game. There’s actually a pretty deep story in here. But we can’t just throw massive dialogues at you while you try not to fall down. Pay attention to the background and other small details to understand the lore and deeper meaning of the games story. Or don’t. It’s up to you!

So you’re a fan of torturing yourself so you speedrun every single game you can find? Good thing we prepared the game for you! There’s a timer for every level as well as a global timer to track your records. The obvious route to the goal is not always the fastest one (spoiler: It never is).

So the game isn’t difficult enough for you? Then try activating a challenge. Or two. Or all of them. There are challenges like the ‘The Floor Is Not Lava But Very Dangerous’ challenge where you’ve to reach the goal without touching the ground. Or the ‘Your Rope Isn’t As Good As It Should Be’ challenge where you can’t expand or decrease it. If you can beat the whole game with every single challenge activated at once you gained our deepest respect.

We want to create a difficult game, but we also want everyone to enjoy it. So we implemented the ‘Not So Hard’ mode (it just sounds less rude than easy mode). This mode helps a lot when you’ve trouble beating the game. It’s easier to hit the environment with your rope and you can expand and decrease it further.

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Damn Ropes on Steam

The OrangeRice

The OrangeRice

Amazing details on the artwork of the game, it has 4 parallax as its background and every character has its fun animation. The music is great and the gameplay is great also, its like having two games in one, i love it!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

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Just started playing the game and it’s fun and challenging. It has lots of potential and well worth the price. I highly recommend for all indie game fans out there and for those who love a challenge… can’t wait for part 2!

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

The OrangeRice on Steam

A Crooked Heart

A Crooked Heart

Good potential. While now you can only play the prologue, the mechanics are simple to grasp, and I feel like there’s good potential in this indie game for speedrunning. Will watch closely!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

This game is really cool! Simple and easy to understand, you can just jump into it without any fuss. The animation is delightful and utterly spooky at times. A sweet story of love and rescue is punctuated by perfectly matching music and it appears that more content is on the way in the future. I played it a couple of times and would eagerly revisit for new content.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

A Crooked Heart on Steam



Play as a super skilled combatant, with superhuman speed and agility. Fight against merciless demons, while dashing and jumping to dodge evil traps through carefully designed levels.

Infinite ammunition always

The focus of Humanless is on the fun of shooting and platforming. You don’t need to save the ammo of your favorite weapon: pull the trigger as much as you wish and have fun watching low resolution demons being shattered to pieces.

Fast and responsive movements on the controller that suits you best

Enemies shooting with a real intention to kill and pits of acid waiting to be jumped through will require of you a lot of dexterity. For this reason, Humanless allows you to play both on the joystick or using the keyboard and mouse.

Carefully designed levels

Each level was carefully designed and tested to be unique, fun and challenging yet fair. Checkpoints after each section ensure that your progress will never be lost.

20 Levels distributed in three episodes

Start in a devastated city, enter questionable military research labs, and attempt to finish your journey going down to the hell itself.

An elegant action platformer

No walls of text of story. No infinite repetitions of the same section of a level. In Humanless, each level is unique and brings something new, providing an experience that stays fresh throughout the whole game.

Humanless on Steam



As the end approaches, the two men ride a train to the city of hope. Hurry up and board the train!


  • A fierce struggle on the train

There is no proper means of transportation in the world ahead of the end. You get on an old train and then you run towards your destination. You can’t run away from monsters anymore and you can’t hide anywhere. Take your gun and fight the threat!

  • Strengthening gun parts

There’s not enough supplies in the end-of-life world. Get the Material, reinforce the weapons' parts, and kill all the monsters that flock to the train!

  • The appearance of an uninvited guest

Different uninvited guests threaten trains depending on the region! Gather all the clues to kill the uninvited guests and knock them down!

  • multi-ending

The end of this journey is not one. What will be the end of the world?

  • XBOX360 Pad Support
En-Train on Steam



The Adventures of Pepo on a Desperate Earth, Leaving for Home

In the distant future, the Earth where mutants live after the fall of mankind. Pepo, a mutant born in a paint can, accidentally blew up the factory where Pepo lived and travels to find a new house. Will Pepo ever find a new house?

Platformer Shot Focus on Boss

Pepo focuses on the fun of identifying and targeting boss patterns.

It’s a platformer shooting game centered on boss. It is staged, and you can enjoy the battle with different bosses.

Attack boss patterns using color

The player can attack in three colors: red, yellow, and blue.

You have to target the boss’s pattern using color. Enjoy the colorful battle full of tension!

Pepo on Steam

Broken Robot

Broken Robot

[Pay-to-Play] I won this game from a giveaway and looollll, this game is hilarious af because the robot wobbles around

It is a short 2D platformer, there are 20 levels, to get all the achievements you must clear the 20 levels in 1 setting

It is not hard, just have to becareful not bump the robot’s head on any obstacle / wall etc, can be completed in about 20 mins or so, I used both WASD and the arrow keys and hoped for the best, moonwalking sometimes helped in clearing the level

I enjoyed this gameplay and seeing the robot wobbling around, luul

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

A short and simplistic 2D platfomer. Get the wonky robot from one side of the screen to the other. A robot whose head/neck has the strength of the most fragile egg, as hitting a wall even at 1 MPH will break it and restart the level. The main obstacle is not the missiles hurting your HP, as there are excessive amounts of oil, but messing up your flow and moving the robot in a manner to faceplant against a wall. Can be finished in only 15 minutes or so. Easy 100% though.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Broken Robot on Steam

Timeless Dual

Timeless Dual

Timeless Dual is a retro style action adventure, open world game. Play as a super hero who is on a quest through time to save a group of high school students who have flung themselves throughout history! The world of the game changes as the player travels through seven time periods, collecting currency and upgrades and defeating enemies!

Timeless Dual on Steam



Humans have left the Earth following a nuclear disaster. 50 years later they received strange signals from Earth, possibly human. They have sent you, a nuclear-fueled exploration droid, to search for the source of the signal and find out if human life in Earth is possible once again.

In this journey you will encounter different creatures, solve different puzzles and discover the story about how it all went wrong in the first place.

Dive into the experience of a 2D sidescroller platformer metroidvania game as you explore unique areas, unlock secret paths, learn new abilities, fight bosses and more!

A.T.O.M. on Steam