Forsaken Flesh

Forsaken Flesh

Kinda reminds me of Ghosts’n Goblins. Very difficult game, mainly because there is no savegame: if you die, you start all over. I tried with easy difficulty and I can barely arrive at the second world..

Recommended if you like challenging games that require you to be almost-perfect, or if you are a veteran of the genre.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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Game description key-points: Hop-hOpe-LESS

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

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A platformer with a visual design that reminded me of Sega games. It’s always nice to remember the past. In essence, it resembles Meat Boy-a. I think developers should pay attention to the fact that some textures have bigger pixels than others.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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Enter the Catacombs!

Funny cat Plexy with his own paws many a time dug up a treasure tray before becoming famous as one of the most legendary tomb raiders of modern times. That is why Professor Kotenhauer turned to him as he found the location of the Abandoned City. And that means it’s time to go on a trip! In the archaeological society there is a purr that countless treasures are kept inside the walls of the abandoned temples. And in the very heart there is the mystical All-Stone with the begging of the Catapocalypse foretold.


Collect all the treasures - take the challenge of the Abandoned City and put your paws on all the wealth in his fifty tombs. Each catacomb is more complicated than the previous one, and the further you go, the more tricky riddles will be and the more dangers you will face.

Watch your tail! - Kotzelcoatal, ruler of the Abandoned City, was known as a cruel tyrant. According to legends, he never gave his subjects those cat love bites! Uneducated curs believe that the All-Stone magical paw-er gave its owner nine lives! But do not believe these fairy tales for blind kittens! Every decent cat has only one life.

Simple mechanics - extremely simple game mechanics will not let you get lost in control. Forget about jumping, rolling or cat-ching. There is nothing like that – just go and play!

Do it in style - just collecting the treasures left by someone is boring! Do it in style! Combine the crystals according to their colour, do not waste your time and find yourself at the top of the leaderboard!

Pixel Van Cat - catacombs never been so colourful and cute! Purrrfect pixel art immerses you in an atmosphere of not-actually-so-creepy ancient civilizations. Each ear, whisker and tail is made with endless love for kitties.

Touch the classics - a game inspired by the immortal Boulder Dash and Supaplex takes a new form. Experienced players will appreciate the long-forgotten gameplay, and beginners will have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the classics. Hello from the 90s!

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Dangerous Planet

Dangerous Planet

this game sucks fucking dick you cant even complete the first stage fucking ripoff

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Dangerous Planet is a “template flip”, that is to say, it’s a “game” that has been produced by copying a game template from GameMaker Studio, changing a few things, then dumping the barely functional “product” on Steam as a cheap, nasty cash grab. In this case it was a GameMaker Studio template for doing a planetary/gravity/physics puzzle, Advanced Planet Platformer by actual developer, NicolaiGD. The “developer” then slapped on a few retro pixel planet images, probably ripped off from an asset pack.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Drowned Gems

Drowned Gems

Nice Game !

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Nice little indiegame. It is a 2d platform-shooter with nice visuals and great handling. It is very short, around 40 minutes, but i had great fun, playing it. The achievements are easy to get.


Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Drowned Gems on Steam

Always The Same Nightmare

Always The Same Nightmare

Always the Same Nightmare Review

7.8/10 - Above Average

  • Good music

  • Fun gameplay

  • Good level design

  • Inconsistent graphics

  • Bugs & crashes

Playing through and 100%ing Always the Same Nightmare (ATSN for short) was a much more enjoyable experience than the developer’s previous game, Bloopy & Droopy. Both games are fun to play but I think ATSN is much more up my alley in terms of game design since I really enjoy faster paced, difficult games. I think on that front, ATSN nails it. It is a very fast, challenging game and it is very satisfying to overcome challenges.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

Always The Same Nightmare on Steam

Chaos Brigade

Chaos Brigade

Very good game, very fresh, playable and challenging.

I really like the personality that the different characters have been assigned.

It feels like playing a different game every time you select a different soldier. the music is catchy and the sprites very colorful and recognizable. The action pace gets very interesting the more and more you are honing your aiming skills to avoid damaging the ship.

Overall it is a 8/10 for me, with the ability to crouch it would be even 9/10, however the directional aim function will take care of the “below the belt” crawling critters.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

A good game for sure but also not ez

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Chaos Brigade on Steam

Dudu Monkey

Dudu Monkey

A monkey Dudu jumps on the Lianam and on the heads of the monsters who were crazy, who flooded the jungle and now the danger threatens not only a monkey, but also her bananas, and this can not be allowed!

Dudu Monkey - 2D platformer, with a pleasant picture, where they show the story of a little monkey, which saves his jungle and bananas from evil monsters, pushing out from the walls and joining the high platforms to jump on the enemies heads.


  • Beautiful pixel art
Dudu Monkey on Steam



It’s got a lot of spirit, but has some issues in places. With the right approach, it’s a pretty fun rogue-like, but at the moment, it’s also easy to run into some annoying experiences. This review is probably overly thorough, so just read the last paragraph if you’re not really stuck on whether to buy it or not.

Moving through the 3 dimensional environment through connected 2 dimensional planes takes a bit of getting used to, can result in some unintuitive movement (usually involving jumping off ladders or ledges that transition between 2 perpendicular planes), and has painfully tight tolerances in some places. However, thorough exploration of the levels is often well rewarded. Also, a good understanding of how the movement works lets you traverse the levels faster and can even provide an advantage in combat situations from time to time.

Real player with 71.8 hrs in game

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```Fallback is a new roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic era, where the surface of the earth has been affected by a giant ecological disaster that forced mankind underground. In this subterranean world, humanity succeeded in inventing machines that could do most of the dirty work, such as mining and establishing living conditions. But over time, the machines gained the intelligence to turn against humanity, quickly overpowering their creators, imprisoning and forcing many to do labor themselves.

*– [Real player with 16.9 hrs in game](*


![Steampunk Graveyard]( "")

## Steampunk Graveyard

I actually really enjoyed this despite some glaring flaws. I'll mention the flaws first and then go over some of what I liked about it and you can decide for yourself what you think about it.

So, for flaws I noticed that the levels are pretty much identical. There isn't much variety in the enemies or in the levels themselves. Once you've played one level you've pretty much played them all and faced most of the enemies. Despite that, I still actually had WAY more fun with this game than I thought I would. You have a melee option, there's a long distance option, and there are zombie robots. I mean, where else are you going to find zombie robots? There's just something really cool about that. If you see this game on sale and you dig platformers already, I recommend it. And I'm saying that despite getting frustrated with one of the levels and not continuing any further since then. I still think there's enough here to warrant a purchase but that's my opinion.

*– [Real player with 1.3 hrs in game](*

This game looks like a first game after some tutorials.

First 3 levels are totally the same. You can rush through them without killing enimies. The final boss can shoot only in one direcation so if you will stay behing – he will never damage you.

Even grenades have no range damage!

this "game" should not cost anything.

*– [Real player with 0.3 hrs in game](*