Fun game, the developer is very communicative with the community about issues, if any as well.

Crashed on a planet and gotta fix your ship, what lurks below…

Your soon to find out!

Give it a go, the game has plenty to offer, has some puzzles to keep you thinking.

Real player with 24.8 hrs in game

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Finished my first planet in about 10 hours after figuring everything out and exploring every nook and cranny. Love the game! The platforming/survival combo works great, the art is lovely, and there’s a great sense of exploration as you go deeper and deeper under the surface and the landscape changes around you. The procedural generation does a great job with the map, And I love PedeyP—his comments always make me laugh.

Can’t wait to try new planets—took a little peek already and found a lot of variation in looks/biomes/difficulty. Should be interesting!

Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

Residual on Steam

Swire Future

Swire Future


This game is the first open-world cultivation RPG simulator I’m aware of; which in and of itself is wonderful.

However it’s at quite an early stage of development, which means it’s a very unpolished experience as of this review (22/10/2020).


  • Gorgeous character sprites which are fully interactive - e.g. limbs are actual limbs that move, can be controlled as well as removed; every item sprite of clothing and equipment is a specific inventory item that can be equipped, traded, crafted, improved or stolen from enemies

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

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Swire Future on Steam



Kingdomonium is an indie medieval procedurally generated side-scrolling real time strategy game. Build up and command your medieval kingdom to explore and conquer the land. The game at its roots is a real time strategy game with the unique mechanic of playing as a side-scrolling 2D platformer. You play within a procedurally generated sandboxed open world environment which allows activities such as foraging, chopping, digging, mining, building, fishing, sailing, exploring, strategic combat and many more!

So what’s so special about this game?

Most traditional real time strategy games play from a top-down perspective. Kingdomonium plays as a side-scrolling 2D platformer. This combined with the fact that the world you play in is procedurally generated with aspects of destructible terrain makes for some very intriguing and enjoyable gameplay!

What can I do in this game and what is the end goal?

The game allows you to take command of a medieval kingdom. You give orders to various constituent units (some of which are mentiond below) to perform tasks such as foraging, chopping, digging, mining, building, fishing, sailing, exploring and tactical combat. There are many goals in the game but the main overarching one is to expand your kingdom and take over as much land as possible. Other goals include exploration, finding rare items, overcoming various obstacles and enemies and many more.

What commandable characters or units are in the game?

Below are some of the basic units planned in the game. Of course this is only a small sample. There will be many others and advanced versions of these below in the final game!

#### Villager

Villagers are the heartbeat of the kingdom. They perform a multitude of tasks such as wood-cutting, mining, building and crafting. Without them the kingdom cannot function

#### Swordsman

The short swordsman is a staple infantry unit. Although basic they are a formidable force to be reckoned with when commanded in groups for close range melee battle

#### Archer

The archer is another staple infantry unit. They are very effective for planning strategic range attacks and defending the kingdom from higher vantage points and gaurd towers

#### Knight

The knight is a more capable, experienced and equipped infantry unit. They possess a great amount of armour and durability as well as quicker attack times and greater hit-point damage

#### Cavalry

The cavalry are highly durable and effecient combat units. They possess a great amount of stamina and hit-point damage against any opposition as well as having the ability to traverse vast distances quickly

#### Priest

Priests can heal wounded units as well as cast spells against the enemy during battle. In addition to these they also possess further mystical powers yet to be revealed

#### Catapult

The catapult is a basic artillery combat unit. Highly advantageous for launching ranged attacks with large splash damage. Especially useful for destroying buildings and other structures

#### Transport Ship

The transport ship is essential for moving troops, equipment and supplies across sea to neighboring lands

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Kingdomonium on Steam