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Bor doesn’t offer anything game changing in the realm of platforming mechanics, but is still very enjoyable with enough content to back up its price.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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Plenty of better indie platformers out there. THis is nothing special if it isn’t in fact a asset flip.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Bor on Steam

Oozi: Earth Adventure

Oozi: Earth Adventure

Oozi Earth Adventure is a steam videogame featuring momentous exploration!

A pivotal side scrolling masterpiece with a short buff system!

It delivers a social movement and ingenious behavior!

An invention of Scifi bosses with soul-stirring thrilling suspense!

A greatness quality is how entertaining and remarkable it is!

The spirit of this alien character really makes you turn into a fun forward smile!

Nice opportunity indeed!

It does have a nice challenge with uncertainty possibility parts!

But configures a nifty tutorial for your discoveries to begin!

Real player with 33.5 hrs in game

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OOZI: An Earth Adventure. An evenly paced colourful plat-former, about 5 hours in story mode but provides additional length through challenge stages unlocked by maximizing designated hidden in game tokens. The Steam leader-boards are an exceptional touch. Not in the vein of Super Meat Boy or any other punishing plat-formers, OOZI is a plat-former that you can actually finish and have a pleasant time while doing so.

Difficulty selection ranges from “Kid” to “Hardcore” though the latter just makes the game slightly more challenging. Players are not punished for failure and retuned to checkpoints with previously collected assets intact, which means that for example, discovered secrets persist on restarting checkpoints.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

Oozi: Earth Adventure on Steam

Pixel Game Maker Series Remote Bomber

Pixel Game Maker Series Remote Bomber

Remote Bomber is classically styled old-school action puzzle game.

You can move left and right and climb ladders, but you can’t even jump!

Your only weapon is the placement and detonation of remote control bombs.

Avoid the Security Robots and destroy all Jammers with these limited actions.

[Technical Bonus]

Complete stages without killing any enemies, or kill many enemies simultaneously, to earn a technical bonus.

You need to think carefully to aim for the highest scores!

Achieve high scores in both Arcade and Stage Select modes and get in the top 10!

It seems so simple, but you’ll have to be clever to figure out the various ways to solve each stage.

Ride on top of an enemy.

Take advantage of the high ground.

Choose your detonation timing.

Modify the stage by breaking blocks.

If you always focus on the easy solve, you are likely to get stuck and have to retry.

Are you up for the challenge of becoming the Remote Bomber?


In far future, humans are able to use telepathy by implanting a special next-generation communication device. However, the government is trying to dominate the citizens by abusing this device.

You have discovered this evil plan with your comrades. Now you must destroy the “Jammer” devices deployed by the government, which are preventing the use of older communication methods.


Arrow keys or directional pad: Move

Space key or A button: Deploy and detonate remote bomb

G key or Y button: Pause (and retry)

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Pixel Game Maker Series Remote Bomber on Steam

Destructivator 2

Destructivator 2

Quick Description:

-Destructivator 2 is retro throwback action platformer that is guaranteed to bring you back to gaming in the 90’s. This game is just as brutally challenging as old school games were but there are plenty of modern quality of life improvements sprinkled throughout this gem. This is a great game for those looking to bring themselves back to the good old days of arcade platform shooters.

What’s Good:

-Really easy to learn but there is a really high skill ceiling. This is a game on the surface that appears very simple and that is one of it’s strengths. Your only goal is to kill all enemies while shooting a NES contra-style gun and avoiding damage at all cost, that’s it. As you progress, you will face increasingly difficult challenges that push you to master these fundamental mechanics.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Holy cow!!! If you love retro gaming, this is the game for you! Destructivator 2 captures the very essence of what it means to be “retro”! Great pixel art, tons of action, and crazy difficulty! Unlike a lot of patty cake games today, games back in the day didn’t hold your hand, give you a trophy and a popsicle, pat you on the back, and say “good job” No sir! They kicked you in the teeth, stomped you while you were down and wouldn’t let up! All of that made you tougher and made it feel sooooooo good when you finally beat the game! If you want hours of fun and a true retro “golden age of gaming” experience, then you MUST get Destructivator 2! I’m an indie game tester, and this is one of the best I’ve played!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Destructivator 2 on Steam



I adore this boss-rush action game despite its various flaws. If you like the gameplay in the trailer and can afford it, I totally recommend it. If you’re on the fence, though, consider watching some gameplay on Youtube or checking out a speedrun.

The Good:

  • The music is HYPE! But also kinda weird. Love listening to this with Skullcandy Crushers ANC for that extra bass rumble.

  • Thrilling hyper-action boss-rush side-scrolling shmup-platformer, very much like Gunstar Heroes or much more closely Alien Soldier for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. There aren’t that many games like this.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game

Really underrated game! It’s a cool Genesis-style game that’s short, simple, and always keeps me coming back for more. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because it’s got so many cool bosses. Like, most of the bosses are super distinct and unique, and each have their own unique patterns you’ll have to learn and master if you wanna do as well as possible in reruns. One negative I can think of is the lack of achievements, but that’s not much of an issue if you’re just playing for fun. Some of the late game bosses are pretty tough too, so you gotta bring your A-game, just a recommend. The artstyle is pretty cute and unique too, really has that Genesis Zest to it.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

Xenogunner on Steam

Dungeon Cleaning Express

Dungeon Cleaning Express

Dungeon Cleaning Express is a 2D action platformer in which you play as a professional dungeon cleaner which uses bombs and dynamite to destroy monsters and other hostile creatures in dungeons and cellars - not that easy but almost always effective and generally lots of fun for a pro! The story is rather simple, like in any action game or movie (because let’s be honest - who needs a complicated and entangled story when you have more than enough action?) and it goes like this: you accept a contract from a new owner of an old mansion to clean the underground beneath the building. Previous owner, quite an eccentric fellow, conducted under his house some really weird experiments and some other things of which we rather wouldn’t talk to children… Hmmm… He had a hobby… and now someone has to clean it up… and it looks like it is your job now… So how do You like it? Are you ready for a new adventure?

Dungeon Cleaning Express on Steam

Redneck Rift

Redneck Rift

Every problem can be solved with a shotgun and every solution can be celebrated with an ice cold beer.

Help Cletus quench his thirst after a long hard days work as he platforms his way through the bayou, time and back again in this retro styled, difficult action precision platformer game.

  • Action packed levels filled with enemies and challenging obstacles

  • Mix of closed and open ended levels where you can choose your own path

  • Plenty of babes to rescue… they will thank you later

  • Beer

  • Shotguns

Redneck Rift on Steam

BeatBox Runner

BeatBox Runner


Old School Fun

Enjoy 30 LEVELS of action! BeatBox Runner is a new, challenging platformer that pushes player skill and reflexes to the limit.

Platforming With a Twist

Switch between two states to traverse the traps laid out before you. Platforming meets bullet hell as you switch states to make your way through challenges you haven’t encountered anywhere before.

Unlockable Cosmetics for the Bravest Players

Customize your character! He may be a square, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have style! Push yourself the extra mile and collect cassette tapes spread throughout the levels, and you’ll be able to unlock special cosmetics. From headphones to a snazzy pair of shades…meet the challenge and look good doing it!

BeatBox Runner on Steam

Black Ido

Black Ido

Added new game mechanics with gravity and physics, no rotation.This is a good independent

game in a gloomy atmospheric world.

Creating a sequel to a good game is no simple task. But somehow, Dnovel did it. They

improved The Square Key every conceiveable way.

If you liked TSK, you’ll LOVE Black Ido.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Nice Game with cool design. Better be bought during sale.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Black Ido on Steam

Fishhead: Blueprint

Fishhead: Blueprint


For me it’s all about the wonderful cosy atmosphere.

The art and music invite you into a comforting and calm world.

Gameplay never gets too frustrating, while still offering some classic platforming challenges that can get pretty tough, especially in the secret levels.

The length of levels and the whole game was perfect to keep me coming back while not requiring too much sustained attention to remember things for next time.

The controls felt a little unforgiving at first but I soon adjusted and now finally got 100% completion.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

For what it is, the developer made a faithful retro platformer similar to what you would find in the SNES library. On a side note, the FishHead games started in 1998 so it’s cool to see an indie developer going back 20+ years and still making progress, just looking at the games you can see him improving so much in terms of visuals and game logic (sorry I know I sound like an obsessive fan). The game has 4 worlds that are separated into multiple stages and one bonus world, or about 5 hours of content for 100% completion. It also has some traditional platforming progression in a form of unlockable power-ups such as double-jump, wall-jump and swimming power, although I am not sure why the Fish dude could not swim in the first place ;). Oh yea, you can also ride a goose sometimes, too bad you can’t do that during regular stages like a certain dinosaur.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Fishhead: Blueprint on Steam