Creep is a 2D platform game that takes place inside a struggled person’s inner world represented as a worm world. You control the worm form of the same person as he shows why this world exists and how it’s like to live there.

I have no friends and life is full of obstacles

Yes, it is hard to say the other worms in the world are friendly, and there are lots of other dangers you will encounter. There is no one else other than you to cope with all these. Your only weapon is your wit against this crooked world until you reach the point to hell with it. This won’t just go forever like that. Your relationship with other worms will change as you progress.

I once loved too

Throughout the story, you will occasionally visit some memories or analogical mini levels with different gameplay than the main part of the game. These levels will unlock new abilities the worm can use. These abilities are not mere powers. They are part of the actual character progression itself and they will start to change the main gameplay and story.

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Creep on Steam

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Good story

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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A game to congratulate. The main character pulls you into the game either by the playability or with the story. The scenarios are diverse and wake up your attention - the music also. You can “play” with the time of the game and stay by the small games and quests inside of it. It’s fun. I love it.

I miss the times when games were made to leave something to the player. I miss games like this.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless on Steam

Escape Zolstar

Escape Zolstar

I finished this in just over 3 hours. At least an hour of that I was running around trying to figure out where to go at one particular point, mostly my own fault, but partly because of a somewhat sadistic jump you are expected to make in between laser beams. After many tries, I assumed I needed a dash or some other power-up to make the jump and quit trying.

The game has several places where there is a very long and tedious gauntlet between save points. At least two of them had me on the verge of giving up. I have no idea why I keep paying money to put myself through this.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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Escape Zolstar on Steam

SJ-19 Learns To Love!

SJ-19 Learns To Love!

A very to-the-point Metroidvania.

SJ-19 Learns To Love! doesn’t play around with hidden rooms, power-ups drop directly from bosses and the map features clear cut landmarks.

You’ll know exactly where to return to once you’ve drained the water system for example.

You play as SJ-19, a droid fortunate enough to be selected from storage and immediately instructed to follow in a long line of killing machines. This plays nicely against the simple cute aesthetic presented by the game visuals, as bosses will ask you to reconsider fighting them, whilst the shops (which are characters) gleefully encourage you to get back to killing and pump up your Soul Power to increase your firepower. Every boss comes with an ability to be gained and a lesson to be learned (guess what the final one is?) as SJ-19 malfunctions and journeys through the recess of it’s…programming?

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

After trying two metroidvanias that turned out to be terrible (Frauki’s adventure and catmaze) I had low expectations for SJ-19. However, this turned out to be actually good. It’s got a good story, and good gameplay at the expense of content, graphics, and sound effects. The only downside is that the game is a bit overpriced and it has to be bought on sale.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

SJ-19 Learns To Love! on Steam

Warlock Bentspine - Toilet Edition

Warlock Bentspine - Toilet Edition

It took me awhile to figure out that there were upgrades, but after I did, LOVED IT!

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

nothing especially bad about this game, but it almost seems to pride itself on being lackluster. It’s competently made and fairly polished, but I can’t help but feel like there was a great game just beneath the surface that didn’t come to fruition.

it’s not particularly fun, but it wasn’t annoying enough for me to stop playing. music is good, sprites are charming but poorly colored. level design is pretty standard fare, systems (upgrades, weapons) are intriguing but don’t make up for the repetitive and uninteresting enemy behaviors.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Warlock Bentspine - Toilet Edition on Steam



Your sister has vanished and rumors swirl that Gaoh has been resurrected with an evil army at his command. Explore for cybernetic upgrades until you are powerful enough to defeat the diabolic Gaoh and his cybergentic army once and for all in this futuristic, action platformer!


  • 7 levels to explore plus a prologue area!

  • Survive epic boss fights to unlock new traversal and combat abilities!

  • Unique “crowd control” combat system gives the player powerful options for dispatching hordes of foes!

Bushiden on Steam

el puppster

el puppster

The goal to to simply survive and make progress to the next level. This game features more than 50 levels each with different themes like forests and rock quarries. Checkpoints are important to help El Puppster on his quest by saving your progress. Enemies and bosses require learning their attack patterns to defeat them.

● Game design inspired by 1990s 16-bit classics

● Unusual Clay sculpted pixel art graphics

● Side-scrolling gameplay enhanced with a unique vehicle power-up for Bonus Levels

● One player platforming action game

Full controller support. Automatically detects connected controllers.

● Earn an Extra Life every 1,000 points

● Look for Checkpoints

● Quit the game after saving

● Find the cartridge power-up to defeat strong enemies

● Select Load game to resume at last Checkpoint

el puppster on Steam



Love this game. Does a great job of easing you into a chaotic bullet hell. The music makes it feel that much more intense which puts a unique and needed flare to the genre. Challenging, but rewarding!

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

At first I thought “hmm, this is pretty easy!” - no, it gets harder. Sound track is on point, too!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Cosmophage on Steam

Montezuma’s Revenge

Montezuma’s Revenge

Great nostalgia product. I played this game on my Apple //+ back in the 80s on a monitor without color. So the green and red keys had the same shade of green back then. I learned to hook the Apple //+ to a color TV, and that changed things!

This version is just like the old product, with some changes:

1. A bat will show up if you linger on a screen too long.

2. Each level has three masks, randomly hidden in the levels, which you can optionally find. These give points / new life.

3. There is new artwork. But I prefer to play with the ‘retro’ setting.

Real player with 271.2 hrs in game

This game takes me back. This was one of my favorites that I had back in the 80’s on the Apple //e on a 5.25 inch floppy disk lol. I used to play this like crazy on a monochrome Apple Monitor III green monitor long before I got the RF color adapter for my system to play on a regular TV or monitor and seeing it then in color. Wow…those were the days. Back then, I was using a joystick to play the game instead of using a keyboard.

The keyboard controls are basic and responsive but takes a little getting used to for some areas of the levels. I haven’t tried the game yet with a controller to see if it would work or not but so far, it’s quite playable and I’d recommend the advanced graphics over the retro look.

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Montezuma's Revenge on Steam

Super Sunny Island

Super Sunny Island

Super Sunny Island is a steam videogame featuring knowing blown cover details with shrouded mysteries alone in calculated risks…some pebble confidence shocking guilt…as a harsh exterior develops crazy tightened level design…i give this game a 10/10 a bundle of clashing potatoes on a grill delivered at the right smoking top time love the burrito master!!!

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Very fun game. I got way more into it than I expected at first.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Super Sunny Island on Steam