This is the father of all naval games, yes it may be grindy but that’s all MMOs.


FANTASTIC ship customization(no custom paints or skins but you can fully customize your weapon load, ammo, etc)

Friendly graphics that are still appeasing but easy on low end PCs

Great sounds/music

Sim-cade gameplay (combines realistic and arcady style of play) You can choose if you want to set your gun angles by ourself instead of the auto aim function, along with things like belt armour, deck armour, etc.

Huge selection of ships in which some can be remodeled into more powerful or different ships of it’s class (ex: The Admiral Hipper CA can be remodeled to Prinz Eugen)

Real player with 217.7 hrs in game

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Do i enjoy the game? YES!

Old vet since start of the game and played nfeu later on. Now back thanks to steam.


  • arcade style battles (quick)

  • low demands on pc requirements (to low for todays standards)

  • diverse community

  • games 24/7 cause people from the whole world are in 1 server (does have lag when chinese play )

  • for old players its mostly the nostalgic value that counts.


  • The game is so old that you cant run fullscreen unless you force it through your monitor

  • alot of crashing (not for me personally)

Real player with 110.4 hrs in game


Drowned Gems

Drowned Gems

Nice Game !

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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Nice little indiegame. It is a 2d platform-shooter with nice visuals and great handling. It is very short, around 40 minutes, but i had great fun, playing it. The achievements are easy to get.


Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Drowned Gems on Steam