Guardian of Lore

Guardian of Lore

there are voices in the world today which preach for us to forget our history… to be ignorant of the past and the stories with which our ancestors passed down to us… This is a game that works to keep the cultures of the old american civilizations alive. Its wonderfully animated and there is this having to learn the story element in order to get things to work out correctly every time… its inspiring in both how it was executed as well as the message of keeping the memories of the past alive and acting especially when those histories are threatened. plays well a;though i admit using the ctrl and alt keys are different

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

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This is an action platformer with some puzzle elements. It’s not a traditional metroidvania, because you don’t have a contiguous map; however, there are progression elements, and certain items are impossible to reach without revisiting old areas with new abilities.

The game is primarily level-based. Each level is a story book that takes place over several screens. Depending on your actions, you can be going through different screens, in a unique take on a choose-your-own -adventure books. Each book contains a story from a different Native culture of Latin America, and your objective is to read the legend ahead of time, and then go through the book, making sure the story does not get re-written and forgotten. Just beating each book’s boss does not guarantee a happy ending, but the game does provide hints, and you can run through each book multiple times.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Guardian of Lore on Steam

Paws on the Sand: Lionessy Sins

Paws on the Sand: Lionessy Sins

«Paws on the Sand: Lionessy Sins» — is a party based RPG-platformer with hand-drawn 2D graphics. The game takes place in the ancient world, based on the Sumer-Akkadian, Egyptian and ancient Slavic mythology. This world is filled with rival city-states, ancient pagan deities, gloomy dungeons and bizarre monsters. There are no humans in the game. Instead of them characters are represented by various types of anthropomorphic animals (furry).


The main lionessy-character, a citizen of a captured ancient city Uruk, will have to free people of Uruk from slavery. She also will have to save her lover from the tenacious clutches of the underworld goddess Ereshkigal, who is at eternal enmity with her sister, the goddess of fertility Ishtar. Along the way, lionessy will visit neighboring cities, explore the adjacent territories and complete (or not) many smaller quests.

«Paws on the Sand: Lionessy Sins» complements the mechanics of the 2D-slasher with a unique combat system for a game party of four characters. The game combines 2D-platformer gameplay with the rich features of a party RPG, such as enchanting items, improving skills / classes, distributing roles in a game party, and of course dark magic.

  • A unique combat system for a party of four characters, managed simultaneously as a whole.

  • RPG-component with rich customization of equipment, the choice of suitable classes for team members and 16 playable races.

  • An extensive and interconnected game world with densely populated cities, gloomy dungeons and spacious levels. New abilities gained during the game allow you to get to previously inaccessible corners of the world!

  • The plot and side quests of the game will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Embedded CCG (collectible card game) built into the main game will complement the main gameplay and allow you to relax between combat and exploration!

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Paws on the Sand: Lionessy Sins on Steam

Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag

Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag

Very fun action/puzzle platformer with an interesting Celtic theme. With an intuitive switching system. you control 3 different siblings on their quest to rescue their father the King, who has been captured by the Mother of Demons in an attempt to gain control of the titular Crown of the Stag that he wears. Each hero plays very different and are specially suited for combating different kinds of enemies or solving different puzzles.

The game does a good introducing those puzzles and letting you solve them, but by the mid game you’ll be smoothly swapping multiple times between them in mid-air, triggering different abilities to maximize your hang time or get to a far ledge.

Real player with 22.2 hrs in game

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Review by Gaming Masterpieces - The greatest games of all time on Steam.


A varied platformer where you take on the role of three Vikin… er, Celts. With them you’ll have to run, fight and jump through a variety of levels to stop the mother of all demons, Caorànach, from destroying an ancient peace between humans and the Fae Folk. To this end, Caorànach has stolen the Crown of the Stag from your village and, by the way, seriously injured the chief, your father.

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

Clan O'Conall and the Crown of the Stag on Steam

Gretchen: Queen of Crows

Gretchen: Queen of Crows

Rise from the Ashes

Gretchen: Queen of Crows is a dark fairy-tale-like action adventure game that follows a little girl named Gretchen, and her friend Baldrek the crow, as they try to survive in a world corrupted with demonic magic.

After a vicious attack on her home that disrupted her once quiet life, Gretchen must find out why she is being ruthlessly hunted by the demon Paimon and his legion of demonic creatures. Join Gretchen and Baldrek as they seek answers in a dangerous and unforgiving fantasy world. Will Paimon find the two of them, or will they find him first?


  • Explore a beautifully twisted hand-drawn fantasy world.

  • Jump, dash, and glide your way through organic environments using Baldrek’s polymorphic abilities.

  • Use Gretchen’s gift of fire to deliver deadly attacks.

  • Battle a cast of disturbing creatures inspired by dark folklore, all with their own set of damaging attack sets.

  • Collect ancient grimoires to unlock new and dynamic abilities.

Gretchen: Queen of Crows on Steam

The Oldest Edda

The Oldest Edda

A forgotten edda

The Oldest Edda will tell the story of Runar, the toothy, the norse warrior badly wounded in battle and kept in a near-death state by the great Odin, to fight like the living in Niflheim and go where only the dead can go. Control Runar, chosen for his courage, through mountains filled with trolls, snakes and creatures from norse mythology to confront the terrible beast known as Grabak.


  • Story Mode

  • More than 20 unique levels

  • Challenging Bosses

  • 2D Platform in Pixelart

  • Quests for the bravest adventurers

The Oldest Edda on Steam

Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice

Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice

Brace for impact in Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice! Go (literally) through hell to rescue Eurydice!

Patience is a virtue in a game where you will be better each time you fail! Clench your teeth and try to avoid everything that stands in front of you as you are falling to hell! But be careful, if you managed to die, you would be reassembled at the very begining… It’s gonna be painful. You know it.


  • Fall through not less than 7 zones to get to your ultimate goal

  • Unlock 9 unique skins

  • A game that is easy to learn, but hard to master

  • A beautiful soundtrack by Haakon Davidsen

  • A polished pixel art atmosphere

Fall, Die, Try again. Will you make it?

Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice on Steam



Korean traditional style spicy hardcore game!

Challenge the extreme level of difficulty that increases as you clear the stage!

- Genre

Spicy Hardcore Platformmer Game

- Story

The adventures of naughty boy “Ashi” when he accidentally falls into an unknown world.

And Ashi meets the treasure bead “Gooseul,” which supports the life of the “Ju” country, one of the many countries there.

- Summary of “Ashi”

Using the power of the “bead” wakes up things related to the “Ju” country that fell asleep.

Awakened objects help and unintentionally interfere with the player through interaction.

Let’s use these properly to overcome obstacles.

▶ Simple control: Simply move, jump, and use the power of beads.

▶ Stimulating the desire to challenge a difficult platformer

▶ Graphics and sound with an oriental vibe.

▶ Stories and characters like children’s stories.

- Game Features

1. Using the power of the bead awakens the life of things around it.

Let’s move through the map by interacting with the awakened lives.

▶ The power of the bead is the most important force for Ashi.

▶ This bead will help you get through the stage, and depending on how you use this force, you will be able to clear the stage easily.

▶ Conquer the power of bead with your sense of challenge and physical strength!

2. Oriental Style Pixel Art

▶ Oriental graphics and BGM will give you a dreamy atmosphere.

▶ You will be able to experience a mysterious and harmonious Korean style.

▶ If you enjoy the story and background like Korean classic fairy tales, you will understand Korea better.

3. Level Design of High Difficulty

▶ You can feel High difficulty in only Ashi.

▶ The difficult level will stimulate your spirit of challenge and maximize the fun you can get through Ashi play.

▶ You have to clear the stage with a lot of gimmicks and traps,

and you will be able to overcome it with high concentration and physical strength.

Ashi on Steam

Hammer time!

Hammer time!

Stars received: 1.1/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

[0.3] Controls & Training & Help

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[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Game description key-points: 2D low quality platformer

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Fun, short little puzzle platformer. Can be finished under an hour. The last 6 levels are the real challenge, and require a bit of wits and skill. Especially recommended for platformer lovers.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Hammer time! on Steam

Demon Slayer Akagi

Demon Slayer Akagi

Just as advertised: a solid, classic arcade-styled game; the sort that will kick your butt at first, but becomes very satisfying and replayable as you get better and learn to handle its unique and tricky mechanics with all three of the different selectable ability sets.

Jammin' soundtrack with simple but cute visuals and character designs as well.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

DISCLAIMER: I received a key to bug test this game a few days before release.

Short Version: If you like Touhou 1, then you’ll probably like this game.

Long Version: Demon Slayer Akagi is a bullet-hell breakout arcade game where you control Akagi in her quest to free girls from the control of a demon. The core gameplay revolves around propelling a magic ball onto tiles to slowly break them down, but, unlike many Breakout-like games, the tiles will shoot back at you, and you will have to avoid those in addition to your own ball. Additionally, there is no penalty for missing your ball, so you can drop the ball as necessary to avoid incoming projectiles. Just make sure that you don’t get hit by it yourself, since it counts as a projectile.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Demon Slayer Akagi on Steam

Jonah Weingarten’s Ninja Brigade

Jonah Weingarten’s Ninja Brigade

The Story

Musician Jonah Weingarten wanders the streets at night after a show. An arcade hall catches his eye and he decides to stop there. The arcade station Ninja Brigade captures his attention. But suddenly he is drawn into the arcade station by insert any reasonable science fiction term. Now he is the main character himself and tries to finish the game to return to his world.

The World

The world of Ninja Brigade is set in ancient Japan and features various places. Among them, the castle and landscape of the Edo-jō, a dark cave that has fallen into oblivion, a sinister graveyard forest that turns into a mountain plagued by winds, and even hell itself (in which the final boss could possibly be placed).


The special thing about Ninja Brigade is the onification of the world. Onification is the infection with demonic energy, causing the world and its population to become unbalanced and even more savage. However, Jonah can use this energy to unleash his inner Oni.


Jonah Weingarten’s Ninja Brigade is a 2D action platformer in the style of a Metroidvania. Jonah can learn new abilities during his adventure to be able to face the dangers he is confronted with. These include not only the insidious world itself, but also its inhabitants, the Yokai.


The world of Ninja Brigade is home to a wide variety of Yokai. To defeat them in action-oriented battles, Jonah uses both the speed and agility of a ninja and the strength and brutality of an oni.


Each region is guarded by the largest and most vicious Yokai. Defeat this one to advance and steal some of its power. But be careful, always be on your guard and don’t get distracted by their various features (the ones related to combat).

Jonah Weingarten's Ninja Brigade on Steam