After Shadows

After Shadows

I don’t understand it. It has some “game sessions”, so is it some kind of rogue-like game?.. Doesn’t seem to be a metroidvania at all…

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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As the end approaches, the two men ride a train to the city of hope. Hurry up and board the train!


  • A fierce struggle on the train

There is no proper means of transportation in the world ahead of the end. You get on an old train and then you run towards your destination. You can’t run away from monsters anymore and you can’t hide anywhere. Take your gun and fight the threat!

  • Strengthening gun parts

There’s not enough supplies in the end-of-life world. Get the Material, reinforce the weapons' parts, and kill all the monsters that flock to the train!

  • The appearance of an uninvited guest

Different uninvited guests threaten trains depending on the region! Gather all the clues to kill the uninvited guests and knock them down!

  • multi-ending

The end of this journey is not one. What will be the end of the world?

  • XBOX360 Pad Support

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JUNK: The Legend of Junichi Kato

JUNK: The Legend of Junichi Kato

Great level design.

Too bad it is not translated, but you can still get through almost everything without understanding Japanese

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

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looks liek super mario world.

you play as a pink poo.

idk who this guy is base on, i just figured it was a funny bing bing wahoo man clone. ( and it is ) (( you get a gun ))

English is as follows " MTL main menu, and two button prompts " )

that’s it.

It doesn’t help that the entire intro is dialogue-heavy and Japanese only.

If you were lookin at this, I guess learn Japanese.

Also, don’t use a controller. My DS$ has no dpad input, and only left and right work on the analogue stick.

less than desirable when you include ladders in your game,

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

JUNK: The Legend of Junichi Kato on Steam

Destinata RED

Destinata RED

Destinata FULL RED Edition is the finally long waited version of Destinata Red, implosioning from “colors”!

Destinata is a pixel art platformer (in case the imagery didn’t tell) with branches dividing the game in a dynamic and mysterious fast-paced platformer, you meet Ladia, a young girl with special encounters and terrible experiences over and over again which suddenly makes her more colorful than ever before.

Destinata Full Red edition contains:

  • cute Pixel Art and Characters!

  • Hand made animations and unique 2d indie pixel art metroidvania art stlye!

  • Different branches and elections throughout the game!

  • Hand drew HD full 4k images (sometimes pixeled due to system necessities)!

  • A false and grotesque sensation of thinking about a future with happiness that will never be reached not matter any decision, constrained by destiny we will not escape.

  • weird People!

And Most Importantly……….

Destinata RED on Steam

Fallen Knight

Fallen Knight

2nd Review

In additional after I have played for very long with a series of updates, I still find bugs which are very critical in my opinion. Because they are not just bugs of false visual or dead pixels, they are bugs that our character or bosses are frozen and we are not able to continue playing. This forces player to restart, and that counts as 1 death. One more thing that irritates me, but not that crucial, is that this game is develop by Thai developers but Thai subtitle/text is bad and confusing. Some are like they are translated by Google Translation from English subtitle/text. What the…!!? Was it supposed to start from Thai and translated to other language? Or even it started from English, you developers should be able to prove-reading it better than this.

Real player with 18.8 hrs in game

TL;DR: Pretty and has potential in concept, but sloppily done. Get it on sale

Fallen Knight’s initial trailer seems to sell a very nice looking and crisp side scrolling dash n' slash with a sort of morality system in choosing “the path of violence” or “the honorable path” while the description calls it “Dark-Souls like”. While the visuals are quite nice, the gameplay is actually mediocre side scrolling dash n' slash with a somewhat janky counter system and absolutely nothing about it could be reasonably considered “souls like”, which might be more reasonable given that this seems like a port of a mobile game.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Fallen Knight on Steam

Muppy The Bunny : The Danger of Wishes

Muppy The Bunny : The Danger of Wishes

Game is still in the early stages but gameplay is quite fun.

Feedback I can give for now:

  • There’s a typo in the controls description (parahcute).

  • Storyline isn’t quite inviting to read, I’d rather skip through (maybe a shorter storyline with more appealing visuals would do the trick)

  • Pressing P to pause the game would be very useful, as well as a menu to control the volume or change controls.

  • After level 5 or 6 there’s a giant monster coming after you and you lose almost all of your hp in a couple of seconds. It would be better to start this as soon as a control is hit, for the player to prepare on how to do this. –- edit: after like 2 times in this level u’ll figure it out so this is pretty noob critic

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

I don’t think i can put into words how bad this game was, but i’m gonna try anyways. First off this game (to my knowledge) has no save and pause feature, granted it is a short game but the option to quit and come back would be nice. speaking of coming back, since i got the bad ending, to get the good ending i ave to sit through this game through its entirety, which I personally don’t have the willpower for. there are two attacks, both of which suck, the ground attack freezes you entirely, and the air attack puts you into a free-fall state where you cant collect carrots, you don’t die to spikes, and you go through balloons. If there is an enemy above a balloon and it’s too late to glide back to where you jumped from, you are dead. Some of the levels are a visual representation of entropy and chaos and they look like a bad Mario Maker stage. the plot was explained at the beginning and was not further developed throughout the game, so it felt like no progression was being held and the momentum of any story was lost. Speaking of momentum, there is none, moving forward and stopping are the same speed as your fastest speed, which I feel if you are trying to make it like a game from the 90’s you should at least include a core concept that the 80’s got. This game thrusts you into portions that do not explain the gameplay and you just have to figure out itself, many old games would do this, but they came with instruction manuals. The water boss took me about 5 minutes to realize how to beat him since they put you into a room with a boss and no explanation. Anyone who is looking for a fun free game,i would very much not recommend this and I only beat it because I hate myself

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Muppy The Bunny : The Danger of Wishes on Steam



This game is oozing with nuance. Like the classic megaman games of old, it relies on solid level design and mechanics to teach the player how to interact with the environment and navigate its many perils.

Without getting into the nuts and bolts the story and gameplay are excellent and endearing on their own. There are plenty of fun characters and monsters.

The game’s narrative drives the player across the world map in a style reminiscent of metroidvanias or darksouls. It’s checkpoint system also feels reminiscent to dark souls. The games seemingly principle mechanic of “sliding” allows the player to slide on their knees like in vanquish and gain a set amount of “i-frames”. Not only does this act as a dodge to add depth and skill to the side scrolling platforming combat, but the player can perform mid slide turns to add style and damage performance.

Real player with 88.9 hrs in game

mostly spoiler free. nothing big

dogworld is basically a love letter to cave story and it’s very clear it was in mind throughout the whole thing, a lot of homages to levels in here

it’s really fun, the mechanics are tight and slide gunning / jumping is a fun mechanic to add to this sort of gameplay. it essentially boils down to dodging and shooting - dying doesn’t feel like much of a penalty because you basically blink and you’re back and the checkpoints are VERY forgiving.

problems i had so far are being fixed next patch apparently! which is such a fast response

Real player with 17.7 hrs in game

Dogworld on Steam

Dr. Atominus

Dr. Atominus

Exactly what is says on the can. Small, but pretty diverse. The story is fun.

Utilises the good old enemy stomping mechanic, which is rarely seen these days.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

This is a VERY good game that will unfortunately ( probably ) be lost in the sea of platformers.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Dr. Atominus on Steam



I have played this game back in 2006 and I had a blast, everything was new to me, the settings, the people running around and killing snails on maple island then slimes and mushrooms in henesys hunting ground. Took many years of breaks in between, back and forth, but when they revamped the game and released big bang is when they started to lose the vast majority of players (slowly).

I know that change is needed for games to progress, but so many changes killed the game.


  • if you’re a fan of mario style games or platformers and like to see big numbers when you hit monster, then try out this game

Real player with 928.0 hrs in game

I have around 400 hours on steam but I’ve spent more than 1k hours on the other version. I must say despite the amount of dedication I’ve put into this game, I cannot reccomend it to anyone. The servers are extremely inconsistent, they need maintenance at least every week and no new or interesting content get introduced for many MANY years. Even when they do (5th Job update and lucid), its very underwhelming and sad since I waited 4 years just to receive junk and the frustration of that is what caused me to put an end what was the most time I’ve spent on a game.

Real player with 485.5 hrs in game

MapleStory on Steam

One Rainy Night

One Rainy Night

Welcome to One Rainy Night. Follow our hero through a barrage of puzzles and adventure quest to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the inhabitants of Sleepy Falls.

Be well tested as you solve a mix of familiar and new puzzles. Collect items to unlock new areas as the adventure and story unfold.


SOLVE - Solve an array of puzzles

EXPLORE - Explore new areas with some traditional platform gameplay

DISCOVER - Discover the mystery of the disappearances

One Rainy Night on Steam