Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond

Reminiscent of beloved side scroller games like Donkey Kong, Captain Sabertooth is truly a pleasure to play. The cutscenes were beautiful to watch, and some of the backgrounds were gorgeous. I especially loved scenes where you could see the pirate ship in the background, so detailed!

Controls were smooth and easy to navigate, the character actually had weight to it, making it easy to navigate jumps and tricky areas.

I especially enjoyed some of the functions like the map, where if I got lost I could steer my way back, and find where quests were.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

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got it for my nephew who'#s coming to stay soon. Last time he was here he enjoyed watching me play crash bandicoot but it was a bit much for him. Naturally gave it a whirl. Nice graphic flow and a it doesnt punish failure which is good for a tounger game. Cool thing to explore may have to “help” him as an excuse to have more time on it. Quality

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond on Steam



Game Description

Control B-854, a brand-new testing robot coming right from the factory, created to be put at test in a huge facility filled with testing rooms, deadly traps, trains, and secrets!

Jump, dash, roll, and run with a unique movement system as you progress into the games and unfold the truth that lies behind evasilix!

Key Features

  • A new way to play

    Control your character differently than from other games, with the unique movements system that comes with evasilix!

    On the left side of your screen, you will see various buttons that you can interact with your keyboard, each button representing one movement. By default, you select a movement with WASD and Trigger it with SPACE.

    This system allows you to have a unique learning progression from level to level, putting your skill and your adaptation to test from easy to hard.

  • 25 unique levels

    Face more than 25 levels, each having their unique layers and mechanics! Those levels include parkours, boss, and even train levels!

    If you are stuck in one level, don’t worry! You can do the levels of a same area in the order you want!

  • A huge HUB filled with secrets

    Explore a huge hub divided into 6 areas, each of them having their ambiance and style. This hub is also filled with a vast quantity of secrets of all kinds: puzzles, mazes, monsters, and other weird stuff… So keep your eyes open!

  • 4 difficulty modes

    • Normal

    • Impossible: Middle respawn removed, traps added, and more

    • Mirror Normal: World inverted!

    • Mirror Impossible: The hardest way to play the game, impossible + mirror combined

    This allows you to have great replayability, especially if you are always looking for a harder challenge!

  • 35 minutes long “movie”

    Have you ever heard about the most intelligent living form called X1218?

    As you progress into the game, unfold the story of X and reveal the truth that lies behind Evasilix!

Do you have what it takes for Evasilix?

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Evasilix on Steam