Elastic Fantastic

Elastic Fantastic

LOVE LOVE LOVE Elastic Fantastic! This game has me hooked. It is not just a matter of bouncing from dot to dot, the mastering of the stretch of the elastic and the movement of the man make this game a challenge you don’t want to miss! I have passed level 17 and continue to try to master the skills needed for future levels! I play everyday and I rage every time and I retry over and over and I love every minute of it! GIVE THIS GAME A TRY!!!

Real player with 43.3 hrs in game

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Cute game! The graphics are simple and clean, the mechanics are a lot of fun, very challenging!

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Elastic Fantastic on Steam

Drynk: Board and Drinking Game

Drynk: Board and Drinking Game

Game did not work. Uninstalled and re-downloaded and a bunch of other things to trouble shoot , still just a black screen.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Drynk: Board and Drinking Game on Steam

Mandew vs the Colorless Curse

Mandew vs the Colorless Curse

A tribute to Super Mario Land (Game Boy, 1989) from Suits&Sandals, the developer of Khimera. The controls feel a bit awkward at first (some reviews stated they’re bad). Mandew is indeed so slow that you always have to keep your thumb on the run button, but isn’t a Super Mario veteran used to that anyway? I assume it’s a kind of inside joke between the dev and Mandew himself, who’s actually his fellow programmer (as the store page says). There’s also an achievement named “Stiff Knees” making fun of it. I found the controls pretty good and reliable after getting used to it.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

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Other than the Venice level not being accurate to the actual irl Venice (to my knowledge, never been to Venice) the game is pretty neat, would recommend

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Mandew vs the Colorless Curse on Steam

Deep Madness

Deep Madness

In Deep Madness you jump deeper and deeper oh yes and even deeper. Spikes on the edge make it difficult for you. Can you dodge the spikes and go deeper than your friends?

● Infinite platforms

● 30+ badass skins

● All the time same music

● Jump down as far as you can

● Leaderboard

Oh yeah and don’t forget:

YOU CAN COLLECT COINS AND YOU CAN DIE!!!! Attention the game can be addictive. You run the risk of starting over again and again to beat the one highscore, over and over again. If you also notice this addiction it is already too late. Just keep playing. Believe me, this is the best for all of us.

Deep Madness on Steam

Cleaning Robot Match “Scatter Battlers”

Cleaning Robot Match “Scatter Battlers”

You’re welcome to play and stream live!

They scatter, they throw, they smash each other! A game cleaning robots! /h2]

“Scatter Battlers” is a shooting battle game where cleaning robots pick up trash and non-trash objects and throw them at each other.

The only controls are moving, jumping and shooting.

Throw all sorts of things, from paper scraps, plastic trash, and empty cans to safes and office desks, and hit the target!

The slapstick battle begins in the middle of the night when no one knows you’re there!

VS Virus (knock out your friends who have the Purple Virus)(1-4 players)


  • Pick up or inhale whatever you can.

  • Throw it at a Purple enemy.

  • If it hits enemy, enemy lose HP.

  • The one who loses HP loses


VS Player (Fight for your job) (2-4 players)


  • Pick up or inhale whatever you can.

  • Throw it at your opponent.

  • If you hit them, you get points.

  • After a minute, the one with the most points wins


There are over250 different types of trash and stuff you can throw!

VS100Robot (Boss Rush) (1-2 players)

  • This mode allows you to stop the game by hitting other robots in succession.

  • You cannot save the game in the middle.

  • You can strengthen yourself by modification parts, but

  • Of course, other robots will also become more powerful in the latter half of the game.


The controller setting is easy.

We have prepared a controller setting screen similar to that like a Nintendo Switch.

Even if the number of players changes, you can quickly finish the settings.

Supported Controllers

SwitchPro Controller Bluetooth connection will be more stable than wired connection.

  • Various keyboards

  • Various gamepads

  • PS4 controller (not tested)

  • XBOX controller (not tested)

  • SwitchPro Controller

Cleaning Robot Match Scatter Battlers on Steam

Dogot Games

Dogot Games

Welcome to this mini-game collection! All games in it are made in Godot Engine. Here you play many fun casual and puzzle games.

In Sleepy Owl, you are a sleepy owl who are trying to not be hit by bad birds. You need to keep flying when the gravity always keeps dragging you down. Try to react at really good timing and survive! As you defeat more bad birds, the score gets higher!

In Food & Hunger, you play as a gray dot who needs to collect foods as fast as you can. There are 3 types of Special Dots, speed-up dots what make you faster, speed-down dots that make you slower, and shrink dots that make you smaller. Some levels really acquire you to solve fun puzzles so as not to fail the level. It contains more than 50 levels. Who will get the best score? Go and compete with your friend!

Dogot Games on Steam



Great game!  In looking at the reviews, looks like no one has done a summary of the pros and cons since the last 2 major updates, so here I’ll try to summarize my take on the game and the reviews:


  • Fun difficult/challenging game.  

  • Great level design.  Really enjoyed the thought that was put into the levels. 

  • Smooth gameplay once you get used to the controls.  Need to use the direction of the joystick along with deciding to jump, dash, and/or invert gravity as you dodge attacks from nightmare or obstacles.  Liked how all of these interacted and you needed to use them to beat the game.

Real player with 32.7 hrs in game

This was a very fun experience. I really liked the gravity switch and the boss battles, despite them being straightforward. However some minor things that could make this game better are:

better UI: the text going across the screen when talking to the purple guy and the menu should be fixed and be replaced by more fashionable system

a third mechanic: a third way of movement like a extra jump after you dash or something unique

fix dashing when against walls: sometimes when I’m hugging a wall and try to dash upwards it freezes me to the wall and makes me wall jump the rest of the way. This is kind of annoying so I think you should make it so when you dash up a wall the wall doesn’t stop you.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

DreamDasher on Steam



Do you like a challenge?

We offer you one! 100 handcrafted levels where you can prove your skills.

Will you be the fastest?

Test your skills against all other players with our global leaderboards.

Now about our game:

You are a small rocket controlled only by the mouse.

The rocket will fly in the direction you point with the mouse, but at the same time gravity will pull you down.

PolyBoost is a tricky game, but once you get the hang of it, your in for a ride.

But be prepared, when you touch an obstacle, you will have to try again.

PolyBoost on Steam

Dark Sales

Dark Sales

Quite difficult but quite funny 2d RPG set in an office filled with monsters and other employees who try to kill you - and if you die, you’ll lose your job - and then how will you pay your rent?


Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Taking heavy inspiration from it’s tongue in cheek name, Dark Sales is a 2D Souls-like game with charmingly simple visuals and strikingly challenging gameplay. Taking place in an office setting with most enemies being other employees the game is satisfyingly solid. We spent a few hours with the game and here are our spoiler-free first impressions.

How does it look?:

The game is highly stylized with simplistic but very effective visuals. We initially had some difficulty discerning what we could and couldn’t interact with in the relatively open world but the game’s consistency and informative tutorial set us up for success in the long run. Whether you’re resting at water coolers, fighting pencil pushers, or exploring a sewer you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the look of Dark Sales.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

Dark Sales on Steam



Geometrix is a puzzle-platformer. You play as one of four geometric shapes to make your way through the level. Each form has it’s own abilities and restrictions. Furthermore you can change your color, which offers you new ways in the levels. This would be an easy platformer, if there were no restrictions for each level, such as a limited number of color-switches or form-switches. In the first levels you learn step by step how to play and how to use the different forms to your advantage. Then it’s getting more and more tricky…

Geometrix on Steam