This game completely flew under the radar and i think its sad. The game in itself is awesome, completely original goi like mechanics, with a lots of nuance to the movement. Workshop support, not that hard to get into, you just need to know how to move and place object in unity.

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

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Emurinoo on Steam

Head Bumper: Editcraft

Head Bumper: Editcraft

Platform Racing 2 but awesome

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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Head Bumper: Editcraft on Steam



Help Santa with his Christmas preparations. All the presents are gift wrapped and ready for delivery on Christmas Eve. But one of Santa’s elves is being naughty, he’s trying to steal a present for himself. You need to keep watch and tap the screen if you see him escaping with a present. This will warn Santa and the present will be saved.

This simple touch game builds into an adrenalin pumping experience as your reactions are tested to the limit. Can you catch the Bad Elf or will you be fooled by the good Elf who dresses so similar? The game speeds up as time passes so you’ll have less time to react. One wrong tap and your score will be depleted by a third!

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SantasBadElf on Steam



a game like no other - basically the premise is that you’re a tee and your goal is to reach the finish on whatever map you’re playing. there’s tons of maps all by different people so there’s always something to explore.

there’s tons of special mechanics too, and the more you improve the more things you learn. in this game, there are these blocks called “freeze blocks” that make you unable to move. you can play with friends who can help you pass the level. there’s tons of insane clutch moments where only one guy isn’t in the freeze and he/she has to help everyone out - it can be really intense.

Real player with 2020.8 hrs in game

Probably one of my favorite games. Very rewarding once you get into it, but it can be very challenging and frustrating, especially when you’re starting to learn the mechanics. There are a lot of little nuances which can be challenging to get used to. Even after 500 hours, I don’t feel as though I’m even close to scratching the surface of what this game has to offer. There are many game modes, some more casual than others, but if you have a group of friends to play with it’s a great time. If you don’t have a group of friends, then you’ll have a pretty easy time of making some in-game. Most everyone’s nice and willing to help you. If you play enough, you’ll get to know most people and they’ll get to know you. Be patient with this game, it’s worth it if you give it some time.

Real player with 530.8 hrs in game

DDraceNetwork on Steam

Hover Attack

Hover Attack

 Hover Attack is a side-view robot shooter.

 Take control of an attacker with a limited number of bullets and try to destroy the target at the end of the game while killing enemies.

 When you run out of ammunition, you can replenish your supply by combining with your Carrier, and since the game is over even if your Carrier is hit by a certain number of bullets, it is important to keep your Carrier in a safe place.

 The original story was first published in 1984 in the PC magazine I/O (published by Kogaku-sha), and was so popular that it was ported to a number of consoles and later released as a commercial version.

 Many boys have dreamed at one time or another of being the pilot of a robot anime hero, such as Gundam. This game was so popular that it was later released in a much more powerful version, and ports were released for most of the major 8-bit PCs of the time.

“It is more than a one-on-one fighting game but less than a side-scrolling beat ‘em up. The gameplay is unique in that there is a main character Attacker and a Carrier that the Attacker rides, and the two must work together to survive. The enemy can also deploy Attackers and Carriers that must be destroyed.

 The following three versions are included.

  • I/O version (port of the original)

  • Full version (port of the original)

  • The Ultimate Evolution version (a much-arranged version)

 In addition to the I/O version, there is also the Construction yesterday.

 Mods are also supported, so you can create the world you want and play with it.

Hover Attack on Steam

Silicon Valley Investor

Silicon Valley Investor

Huh, I surprised when it finished suddenly at the end of the 25th investment year. Even if it was stated at the beginning I missed that point. I am disappointed for it, 25 is a short period I think. Isn’t it possible a 30 years old people, starting investment with 300-400k and S/he can live 60 more years.

Why did I restricted to buy a limited amount of company share? If I had enough money, I should buy whatever I want.

I did not interested with social skills at the beginning (because I don’t know it will end after 25 years.), so I have no idea about this part.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Silicon Valley Investor on Steam

Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat

Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat

I spent literally 1,175 hours on this game. It is so much fun despite it’s dying community, and I joined way after it started losing players. First thing I should say is that no matter how many new players come in and say it’s pay to win, hecc no it’s not. Premium gives you hats and other cool things while weapon skins are just weapon skins. The current version that is available is still in beta, and yet it is still extremely fun, with enough maps and weapons to last you hours upon hours of fun. Every weapon you unlock will have a different use in terms of how you play, but there are no restrictions, it’s however you choose to use them. And again, to those who take a look at one or two of the many weapons in this game and think “huh, this looks cheap” or “hey this’ll get me a lot of easy kills”, none of it will be that way (with the exception of the grenade launcher). All of the weapons have their own positives and negatives, and for an indie game I’d say it’s pretty freaking balanced, if you’re dying too much it’s because you’re new. It is in fact possible to be good at this game, and I’ve met some really really good players along the way. This game is one of the only online games I ever enjoyed, it’s honestly just so good. Another thing I’ll say is that a lot of people I know hate its community for its toxicity, but the thing is most of them are nice when you get to know them. I really do suggest you to play this game if you haven’t already, if toxicity is a problem for you then just mute the chat with F5, this game is too fun to pass by.

Real player with 1758.8 hrs in game


This game…. Ooof, what should I say? I’ve played this game a loooot and there’s so many things I’m still finding about it. I mean, yeah, it’s a free game and there’s no set story line or anything to complete but something about this game keeps me still playing it.

I find the combat to be relatively simple but at the same time, it can be much more complex when you take it a step further. It’s a standard 2D platformer shooting game involving many different weapons that could be utilized to kill your foes. However, that isn’t all. Some weapons are used to get around easier, where if you know proper tricks and practice enough, you can essentially fly across from one side of the map to the other, sneaking past enemies.

Real player with 1521.8 hrs in game

Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat on Steam

Build ‘n Bump

Build ‘n Bump

I think that Build n Bump is a great game however, I think that it is hard to play multiplayer. I think there should be an option to invite friends so that I can do that without having to create or join a server. I think that in the future if things are layed out like this it could be great. Set it up like Castle Crashers or Monaco with a private option and a invite friends option.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Bump +1

Build ‘n Bump is an incredibly simple game, but it’s almost certainly proved itself at this point to be great value for money. It’s my go to couch multiplayer game when I don’t have controllers or a high-end PC to hand. It takes nothing to run, is super easy to set up with multiple players on a keyboard, and is intuitive and simplistic.

I’ve played this with all kinds of people, from kids with zero experience with games to experienced gamers. No matter who I play with, everybody seems to get a little kick out of playing it. The element that ties it all together is likely the ability to create custom stages. Building you own stages allows for you to:

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Build 'n Bump on Steam

Dogot Games

Dogot Games

Welcome to this mini-game collection! All games in it are made in Godot Engine. Here you play many fun casual and puzzle games.

In Sleepy Owl, you are a sleepy owl who are trying to not be hit by bad birds. You need to keep flying when the gravity always keeps dragging you down. Try to react at really good timing and survive! As you defeat more bad birds, the score gets higher!

In Food & Hunger, you play as a gray dot who needs to collect foods as fast as you can. There are 3 types of Special Dots, speed-up dots what make you faster, speed-down dots that make you slower, and shrink dots that make you smaller. Some levels really acquire you to solve fun puzzles so as not to fail the level. It contains more than 50 levels. Who will get the best score? Go and compete with your friend!

Dogot Games on Steam



Explore far and near in the world of Mughaan while battling or sneaking past the divine beings. In an event driven environment, with a complete day and night cycle, the enemies act differently depending on the time of the day. Find your way towards your goal or change the narrative as you desire. In a game where the events don’t wait for you, you have a new experience every time you play as you prioritize what you want to do.

Key Features

  • Level Structure: Mughaan is a multi-layered side scrolling platformer, you can go far or come near apart from the traditional 2D movements; hence, giving a feeling of depth in a traditional 2D game.

  • Event Driven: It is an event driven game where the world does not wait for you. This helps the player to prioritize what they want to do.

  • Day and Night: With the complete day and night cycle, enemies and characters act differently depending on the time and day.

  • Open: Mughaan gives freedom to the players in both exploration and action. In this open world game, you build the story you want the character to end up with.

  • Majestic: The world, its history, the divine beings, art and music are all aimed to stroke an emotional experience in this fantasy world.

Mughaan on Steam