I have played this game back in 2006 and I had a blast, everything was new to me, the settings, the people running around and killing snails on maple island then slimes and mushrooms in henesys hunting ground. Took many years of breaks in between, back and forth, but when they revamped the game and released big bang is when they started to lose the vast majority of players (slowly).

I know that change is needed for games to progress, but so many changes killed the game.


  • if you’re a fan of mario style games or platformers and like to see big numbers when you hit monster, then try out this game

Real player with 928.0 hrs in game

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I have around 400 hours on steam but I’ve spent more than 1k hours on the other version. I must say despite the amount of dedication I’ve put into this game, I cannot reccomend it to anyone. The servers are extremely inconsistent, they need maintenance at least every week and no new or interesting content get introduced for many MANY years. Even when they do (5th Job update and lucid), its very underwhelming and sad since I waited 4 years just to receive junk and the frustration of that is what caused me to put an end what was the most time I’ve spent on a game.

Real player with 485.5 hrs in game

MapleStory on Steam

Element Quest

Element Quest

Guide & Overview of state of the game:

Feel free to join our Discord server if you get lonely. We also test out other indie MMOs.

We’ve also got the majority of the player pop in there lol, the only way to group up and actually try the game out:


BIG update should be coming, solo content and open world, so soon cons list will be shortened. They’re also adding slots to the tavern, and 10 man raids.



Real player with 86.3 hrs in game

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For an Alpha content i see a lot of POTENTIAL in this game.

This shit is challenging as hell

The mechanics feel GOOD

Every class has its own unique shtick

Overall love what the devs did here with the progression and everything, looking forward for future updates.

Real player with 82.9 hrs in game

Element Quest on Steam

Stephino RPG

Stephino RPG

rawr im dragon. its a great rts game with a slow start. 8/10

Real player with 150.4 hrs in game

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This is a nice game, you build your empire by constructing and upgrading buildings, building up defences, expanding your empire to other planets/locations… You can get sucked in really fast if you like this type of games, which is my case… but if you are going to play this game be aware of something that is most likely to happen to you especially if you are playing it to play along side work.

Admins are playing the game.

Attacks will always take 100% of the enemy resources (if the army capacity is enough to take all)

Real player with 42.7 hrs in game

Stephino RPG on Steam

Secret Of Dungeon

Secret Of Dungeon

_Secret Of Dungeon is a Brazilian 2D INDIE game, with strong roots in MMORPG, its incomparable history and playfulness.

Dungeons, Boss, Hunt, Groups, Guilds, try it now and let yourself be fascinated by the Amazing World of Secret Of Dungeon.

With several features found in Multiplayer games, SOD is no different, we have a lot of excitement, combat, boss hunting, craft items and many other things, download, install and discover a new world![/]_

Secret Of Dungeon on Steam


This is the father of all naval games, yes it may be grindy but that’s all MMOs.


FANTASTIC ship customization(no custom paints or skins but you can fully customize your weapon load, ammo, etc)

Friendly graphics that are still appeasing but easy on low end PCs

Great sounds/music

Sim-cade gameplay (combines realistic and arcady style of play) You can choose if you want to set your gun angles by ourself instead of the auto aim function, along with things like belt armour, deck armour, etc.

Huge selection of ships in which some can be remodeled into more powerful or different ships of it’s class (ex: The Admiral Hipper CA can be remodeled to Prinz Eugen)

Real player with 217.7 hrs in game

Do i enjoy the game? YES!

Old vet since start of the game and played nfeu later on. Now back thanks to steam.


  • arcade style battles (quick)

  • low demands on pc requirements (to low for todays standards)

  • diverse community

  • games 24/7 cause people from the whole world are in 1 server (does have lag when chinese play )

  • for old players its mostly the nostalgic value that counts.


  • The game is so old that you cant run fullscreen unless you force it through your monitor

  • alot of crashing (not for me personally)

Real player with 110.4 hrs in game


Balloon Saga

Balloon Saga

This game is in my opinion not worth the prize but you could add some features and make it worth it easily.

I dont think i needed that experience in my life but something in my view of the world has changed. I dont know what but i can feel that i am a better human. All in all 4/10

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Well Done for making it to my Random Steam Key Playlist, the game is very entertaining.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Balloon Saga on Steam