Capital Simulator

Capital Simulator

Eine Geschäftswelt auf dem Karoraster. Mehr Idle-Game als Simulator.


Grafisch kann man hier nicht von einem Highlight sprechen, unsere Geschäfte sind Piktogramme auf einem einfarbigen Hintergrund. Generell steht hier eindeutig Funktion über Form und die Grafik und Farben, welche uns hier zur Verfügung gestellt werden sind einzig und allein da, um die Geschäftsbereiche und Produkte voneinander abzugrenzen.


Das Gameplay ist relativ simpel gehalten: Wir beginnen mit einer Grundressource und wollen diese am Ende zu Geld machen. Anfangs fördern wir sie einfach und verkaufen sie am Ende in einem Laden. Doch um mehr Profit zu erlangen und unser Unternehmen weiter auszubauen machen wir diese Kette einfach immer komplexer mit Fabriken, welche unser Produkt veredeln oder weiterverarbeiten. Hier können wir recht komplexe Bauteile wie Computerchips fertigen, für die viele verschiedene Grundressourcen und Arbeitsschritte notwendig sind.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

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I actually really enjoy this game. It takes some time to understand wtf is going on, but its a game thats simplistic once you understand the rules. I wish there was more polish and there are a lot of typos, but I do hope the devolper makes things a lot like this in the future

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Capital Simulator on Steam

Home Office

Home Office

I don’t know anything about the Game, but now people see that I am in Home Office.

Real player with 41.5 hrs in game

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Alright, what’s to say? It’s a fairly short game, I got all the pets after playing for a little under 30 mins, but I did enjoy the time I spent playing. There are a few issues however, some of the things that you click in game have a smaller click area than they seem to, and the save/load buttons don’t appear to do anything atm. Overall if you’ve got $2 and want to kill some time, it’s not a bad purchase.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Home Office on Steam

Kebab House

Kebab House

I’ll update this review if necessary (I haven’t beaten the game yet, but as it is now, I absolutely cannot recommend this game).

Where to start? Bugs. There are a TON of bugs. Here’s a few that I found that are absolutely annoying (there’s more, but I’ll only list a few):

items that slow down the day stop working if you close and reopen the game

had a customer ask for chicken donner on pita bread but was disappointed (so some meal issues), read that she paid me $7 instead of $6, so she apparently wanted a chicken donner wrap instead.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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“I want chicken kebab with pita bread”

ok here you go.


I am never going to financially recover from this.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Kebab House on Steam

Magic Potion Millionaire

Magic Potion Millionaire

I was pleasantly surprised by this game, which was made by only one person. In my eyes, it’s a bit like a Maplestory-lite, with an idle game thrown in there about halfway through. It’s very grindy, so it’s definitely a game for a specific niche, but it’s fun and avoids the trappings of “roguelikes”, which it somewhat inaccurately describes itself as. Genre nitpicking aside, it’s a fantastic game with tight controls, great sound & music, and a charming atmosphere. Give it a try if you like collectathons/grinding games.

Real player with 54.5 hrs in game

this game is rather fun, although it can be a bit grindy. the varied environments and the powerful soundtrack keep the game interesting throughout the entire experience. i’m looking forward to the next game in this series.

Real player with 40.4 hrs in game

Magic Potion Millionaire on Steam

Adventures of Megara: Antigone and the Living Toys

Adventures of Megara: Antigone and the Living Toys

lovely game, very relaxing :)

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

Please add to SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS that it is only for 64 bit computers!!!!

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Adventures of Megara: Antigone and the Living Toys on Steam

Silicon Valley Investor

Silicon Valley Investor

Huh, I surprised when it finished suddenly at the end of the 25th investment year. Even if it was stated at the beginning I missed that point. I am disappointed for it, 25 is a short period I think. Isn’t it possible a 30 years old people, starting investment with 300-400k and S/he can live 60 more years.

Why did I restricted to buy a limited amount of company share? If I had enough money, I should buy whatever I want.

I did not interested with social skills at the beginning (because I don’t know it will end after 25 years.), so I have no idea about this part.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Silicon Valley Investor on Steam

Grove flowers

Grove flowers

Fun and original game for passing the time on long waits,

its like a reboot for the old game, and its relaxing as well

You get a sense of accomplishment when you complete the achievements in this one!

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Grove flowers on Steam

Earth Elements

Earth Elements

The game is great, definitely worth the buy. I love the game-play, and the overall freedom that the game offers without overwhelming me. There is a lot of in-game content and new things I can explore with each time playing, so it seems like ill never get bored of it. I am super excited to see where the game goes as it continues development.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Earth Elements on Steam



Такое ощущение, что GAME TUBE - это сборник проб пера людей, которые решили заниматься игровым девелопментом. И, судя по результату, им стоит поменять свое решение и искать другое занятие по жизни. Другими словами, GAME TUBE - это набор “типа игор”, которые сделаны на коленке и играть в них нет ни малейшего интереса.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

hello I´m a german gaming youtuber i hope you are not mad about it but i maked a video to your game. me and some of my watchers liked the game it’s interesting to play a party game that’s just for one person

Here’s a link to the video:

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

GAME TUBE ♛ on Steam

Invader TD

Invader TD

Invader TD brings the classic tower defense experience to a side scrolling environment, manage your resources to strategically build your defenses and defend against enemy attacks while evolving to be able to conquer planet earth.

You are in control of an alien race that aims to dominate planet Earth, but the human beings will not let that happen, use your skills to defend yourself from human attacks, building structures and evolving them.

  • Exciting battles

  • Physics based

  • Stylized pixel art

  • 5 towers types

  • 10+ enemies types

  • Original soundtrack

Invader TD on Steam