Guardian of Lore

Guardian of Lore

there are voices in the world today which preach for us to forget our history… to be ignorant of the past and the stories with which our ancestors passed down to us… This is a game that works to keep the cultures of the old american civilizations alive. Its wonderfully animated and there is this having to learn the story element in order to get things to work out correctly every time… its inspiring in both how it was executed as well as the message of keeping the memories of the past alive and acting especially when those histories are threatened. plays well a;though i admit using the ctrl and alt keys are different

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

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This is an action platformer with some puzzle elements. It’s not a traditional metroidvania, because you don’t have a contiguous map; however, there are progression elements, and certain items are impossible to reach without revisiting old areas with new abilities.

The game is primarily level-based. Each level is a story book that takes place over several screens. Depending on your actions, you can be going through different screens, in a unique take on a choose-your-own -adventure books. Each book contains a story from a different Native culture of Latin America, and your objective is to read the legend ahead of time, and then go through the book, making sure the story does not get re-written and forgotten. Just beating each book’s boss does not guarantee a happy ending, but the game does provide hints, and you can run through each book multiple times.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Guardian of Lore on Steam

Goosen’t: Run or Die!

Goosen’t: Run or Die!

Goosen’t: Run or Die is a hard but fair 2D platformer where you control Duk, a goose wizard. Having lost a bet with Astaroth, one of the lords of hell, Duk has found himself cursed to run endlessly, or else perish. Help the wizard in his journey to gather the magical crystals needed to reach the deep pits of hell and challenge Astaroth for one last fight to break the curse once and for all. And, please, don’t let him bet anything this time.


  • Let nothing stop you: leap, dash and run across 50 hand-crafted levels while you flee from the bomb demons of Pointy Mountains, dodge the enemies hidden in the shadows of the Ancient Spruce Forest, and avoid sinking in the burning lava of Hell.

  • Exorcise the demons: slay the minions of hell Astaroth sent to stop you and defeat his guardians in boss fights with unique mechanics.

  • Physics based objects: use real-time physics to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and smash the bizarre creatures of the underworld.

  • Unleash the wizard: unlock skills to break through walls and blast foes with mini supernovas.

  • Customize your goose: find collectibles to unlock new wigs, hats, shoes and more!

  • Be quick or be dead: earn rewards by completing levels as quickly as you can

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Goosen't: Run or Die! on Steam

Super Onion Boy 2

Super Onion Boy 2


Real player with 43.7 hrs in game

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A fantastic game very fun to play

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

Super Onion Boy 2 on Steam

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond

Reminiscent of beloved side scroller games like Donkey Kong, Captain Sabertooth is truly a pleasure to play. The cutscenes were beautiful to watch, and some of the backgrounds were gorgeous. I especially loved scenes where you could see the pirate ship in the background, so detailed!

Controls were smooth and easy to navigate, the character actually had weight to it, making it easy to navigate jumps and tricky areas.

I especially enjoyed some of the functions like the map, where if I got lost I could steer my way back, and find where quests were.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

got it for my nephew who'#s coming to stay soon. Last time he was here he enjoyed watching me play crash bandicoot but it was a bit much for him. Naturally gave it a whirl. Nice graphic flow and a it doesnt punish failure which is good for a tounger game. Cool thing to explore may have to “help” him as an excuse to have more time on it. Quality

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond on Steam

Egg Rabbit

Egg Rabbit

This is a different platform jump game, you jump the height and distance is no longer fixed, the game interface has two jump energy bars at the bottom right, you need to control the size of your jump energy, accurately jump to the right position. In addition, you have to fire carrots at the right time to hit the eagle. On the whole, the operation is simple and more interesting.

Egg Rabbit on Steam

Pixel Game Maker Series  ISEKAI QUARTET Adventure Action Game

Pixel Game Maker Series ISEKAI QUARTET Adventure Action Game

now don’t get me wrong i love all of the characters in isekai quartet and have watched all the shows and read most of their mangas i love supporting them but good god this game is horrific it drops to like 2 frames every time its in game achievement threshold is hit and just isn’t fun at all god i want Albedo to beat me to death. if you want to waste $15 that’s on you bud i got to level 6 in about 50 minutes

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Pixel Game Maker Series ISEKAI QUARTET Adventure Action Game on Steam

Otto and the Ancient Worlds

Otto and the Ancient Worlds

Otto and the Ancient Worlds is an 8-bit 2D adventure platformer about an archaeologist who discovers an ancient library filled with magical books. Each book contains a living story of a mythology or folklore, and a mysterious evil figure releases them into Otto’s world! Otto must return the mythology and folklore back to their books and destroy this unknown evil in the process.

- Game Features -

  • Play as the archaeologist Otto, and use his whip to uncover artifacts and explore forgotten worlds in a stunningly beautiful 8-bit adventure.

  • Fight your way through 6 selectable stages, each with a unique boss.

  • After defeating a boss, collect their artifact weapon to give Otto a special ability that also transforms his outfit.

  • Each boss has a unique weakness to an artifact weapon, therefore choosing the order in which the levels are played can be a critical component of the gameplay.

  • Each stage is based off of a historical mythology or folklore from stories all around the world.

  • Encounter a vast variety of historical figures from mythologies and folklore to help you in your journey.

Otto and the Ancient Worlds on Steam

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight is an action-packed 2D platformer that lovingly combines hand-drawn graphics with an epic soundtrack and a deep story.

  • Enjoy a captivating Gameplay experience that takes you through three acts with a total of 15 levels

  • Action-packed fights against challenging opponents

  • Face 15 Level-Bosses that pose unique and tactically demanding challenges.

  • Enhance your Abilities by finding hidden upgrades

  • A thrilling, dark story

  • Lovingly hand painted graphics

  • Breathtaking background music

Save your broken family in a war-torn world. A gaming experience that will put you and all your gaming skills to the test.

Pentaquin - a new world awaits you

Explore the world of Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight via an interactive world map and get to know different areas of the Pentaquin universe: a mystical world that suffers under the division of its Creator.

The planet Pentaquin, which is orbited by five moons, holds many secrets and dangerous enemies. From the mystical forest elementals, to the dragons guarding the Mana River, to the former guardians of creation, the mighty four-armed and five-headed “Tero’zar”, you will encounter ever new challenges.

Travel through areas and cities scarred by civil wars, such as the former world metropolis “Terovania”. Follow the traces, left behind by your missing sister, through devastated landscapes in order to at least restore the peace of your own family in a world sinking into chaos.

The world is coming apart at the seams

After the Shaper split his soul into five new “Aspect Gods” belonging to the elements of the Pentaquin moons, not much remains of the former creator. The result of a last desperate attempt to save the world of Pentaquin, from the own madness of his increasingly ambivalent soul, presents the inhabitants with new challenges.

His once faithful servants, the “Tero’zar” guardians, weakened without the energy of their Creator, are on the brink of a bloody civil war that is sprouting in the midst of the spiritual centre of the old world order. What role will the former world capital “Terovania” play from now on in the world of Pentaquin?

Meanwhile, all over the planet, completely new Mage circles are forming around the five Aspect Gods and are trying to seize the supremacy in a shattered world. With no other aim than to assert their own values and ideals. No matter what it takes.

As a convinced follower of the light-god-magic-circle your father already had to give his life. Will your sister continue his attempt to free the world from the supposed tyranny of the other circles - or can you bring her to her senses in time and save her from an early demise?

A captivating adventure between the abysses of light and shadow awaits you.

Master your skills

In the demoralised world of Pentaquin, you will discover new secrets and hidden places through the skilful use of five learnable abilities.

As the son of a light mage, you have inherited his talent for magic. With a light blade and magical light projectiles, you will defend yourself in exciting battles against numerous opponents in close and long-range combat.

The abilities are enhanced by finding collectable upgrades and can be configured to fit your playstyle. However, you will only be able to choose a maximum of two abilities for each level: So choose wisely and adjust your strategy!

Clever combinations of abilities and enhancements can give you a clear advantage in discovering secret areas and fighting against tactically challenging bosses.

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight on Steam

The Fall of Eskaria

The Fall of Eskaria

Nice little game for one evening. First part is a little boring, but after 20 minutes you’ll have fun

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Very cool but short

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

The Fall of Eskaria on Steam



Witchcrafty is a metroidvania-platformer that immerses you in a world of magic. Something strange is happening in the Kingdom - the forests are filled with predatory plants, their peace-loving peoples have taken up arms against each other, and goblins were noticed in the deep mines. The little witch has to start her journey in search of truth and answers. Who is behind all these events? Should you trust strangers along the way? Who stole the Witch’s mail? Or maybe all this is not at all what it seems?


  • Dynamic action gameplay: combo attacks, dodge, dash and magic - use everything that is available to you to win. Incinerate enemies with fire, pierce with lightning, or chill their ardor with ice magic. Even your wand is not just a magic accessory, but a melee weapon that will save you at a critical moment.

  • Exploration of the world: magical forests, dark caves, icy mountains and abandoned castles - they are all full of secrets and treasures … and dangers. You never know what awaits you around the corner - an old tome containing a new spell or a goblin ambush?

  • It’s still metroidvania. Each new element that you master opens up new opportunities and paths. Deep water ceases to be dangerous in front of ice magic, and lightning can split even rocks in your path.

  • Adorable pixel art graphics: pixels have never been so cute!

  • Everything you expect from a fairy game, but with a touch of weirdness. A little witch with an unhealthy craving for explosions. Suspicious magic cat. Giant mushrooms trying to kick you.

Witchcrafty on Steam