Oracle Trials

Oracle Trials

Oracle Trials is a 2D platformer about a warrior in armor that reminds me of a kind of mario game.

Yes, the graphics here are pixelated, but the musical accompaniment and an interesting story make you not pay attention to it.

And as they say, we need to regain our strength by killing bad opponents.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

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If you love platformers as much as I do, then you should definitely play Oracle Trials. I won’t say that this is a revolution in the genre, but it is a very high-quality platformer with a bunch of different features and an interesting perspective. I didn’t expect anything from the game, but I got a lot of pleasure. The game has extremely nice graphics, great music and very responsive character controls.


Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Oracle Trials on Steam



Enjoyable game with great potential. Hearing a few of my song tracks in it is cool too.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

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I really wanted to like this game but i cant give it a good review. I think that if they put a little more work into it it could be a much better game.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Trenchlore on Steam

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life

Well made platformer with a goofy side and a darker side. Fits the named genres well and has a well scored soundtrack. Replayability also makes this game worth the time youll be able to get out of it.

Real player with 53.0 hrs in game

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Fantastic game with an amazing world. The lore and story are phenomenal and the gameplay is very fun too. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys funny and interesting worlds akin to that of Undertale/Deltarune (You can definitely see a lot of Toby Fox influence in the game lol)

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life on Steam

Lucid: Parables of the Ubermensch

Lucid: Parables of the Ubermensch

Great platformer, Fantastic story and nice soundtrack. Recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have any good games!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

I love the game. Unique music and cool game design would recommend.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Lucid: Parables of the Ubermensch on Steam



Incarnate a small, yet terrifying nightmare creature and use the night’s powers to fight your lifelong enemies : the Dreams.

  • Simple accessible controls : jump, dash and slash your way through the Dream Army

  • A very fast-paced gameplay complemented with environmental mechanics, making Scaredom the perfect mix between action and precision

  • Use your Nightmare powers : fly with wings of fire, make your enemies explode with your terrifying grenade, and so much more !

Scaredom’s world counts on you to end the eternal night war between Nightmares and Dreams.

The colourful realms of Scaredom are filled with treasures, secrets and supernatural characters. Traverse them all and uncover ancient mysteries that will change the nightmare world forever.

  • Live an extraordinary adventure and meet mysterious friends and foes throughout your journey in Scaredom’s mystical universe.

  • Explore huge, fantastic open-worlds filled with quests and secrets awaiting to be discovered.

  • Unlock brutal bonus levels, for the bravest of nightmares

Dreams and nightmares are fighting an all-out war and seeking to eradicate each other. However, the dreams are gaining ground and are getting closer and closer to invading the nightmare dimension.

To obliterate them is up to you.

Scaredom on Steam



Kambulin is a platformer adventure game, where your choices and actions are fundamental for building your own story. The game tells the story of a group of nomads who have just found a place to live: a mysterious place, where the ancestors of these people once lived. Play with Tarim, the youngest of the group, and enjoy the exploration!

Inspired by the Brazilian savannah, Kambulin presents several scenarios and landscapes to explore, various very different characters and a lot of history to live and create.

This is Kambulin! A Brazilian game, developed mainly by one person, enjoy!

Kambulin on Steam

Original Journey

Original Journey

If you are looking for a game with a fully-developed storyline, intense combat, and beautiful artistry, Original Journey from publisher Another Indie and developer Bonfire Entertainment has you covered. In this space adventure, you play a rookie soldier of the Ato alien race, which has just landed on the monster-ridden Planet Shadow on a desperate mission to save its home world. To prove your worth, you travel deep into the depths of Planet Shadow and complete missions assigned to you by the Captain and other Ato officers, facing an impressive variety of lethal creatures and collecting precious crystals along the way. The intense amount of work and creativity that went into designing this game is on full display, from the intricate layout of the Ato’s home base to the exquisite hand-drawn pencil graphics. As a gamer, you are completely sucked into the screen and transported to a different world.

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

Original Journey is a shining example of why I love indie games and support talented indie developers. I’ve had the privilege of playing both the pre and post release builds, and I was astonished on both occasions with the quality of the entire gaming experience. This is exactly the type of video game review I like to write, one that highlights a truly hidden gem.


Original Journey is a 2D side-scrolling adventure RPG and shooter with roguelike elements. In regard to gameplay, the game is what I would consider simple but not simplistic. The beginning of the game alerts us to the nature of our character and this company of vegetable-like “Ato” who are on an as of yet undisclosed mission in this strange place. The game proceeds very much in a linear fashion, one area after the next, one objective after the next, so it’s virtually impossible to find yourself “lost” and unsure of how to proceed. As we venture into the forest, we find procedurally generated levels with their own objectives/quests, resources and enemies, and each more difficult than the last.

Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

Original Journey on Steam



[FR] Par ou commencer ? Ce jeu… Une petite pépite. Je ne savais pas trop à quoi m’attendre quand j’ai commencé à y jouer, et j’ai adoré découvrir ce platformer assez atypique, avec un gameplay que je n’avais jamais expérimenté avant. Un jeu qui teste les réflexes (on m’avait pourtant prévenu !), mais qui a une capacité à transmettre des émotions assez incroyables. Des personnages intrigants et attachants (coucou Chester), une BO à tomber par terre qui crée une ambiance incroyable, une DA magnifique… Juste trop bien. Et puis le mieux, c’est que ce jeu nous pousse à nous dépasser toujours plus, toujours plus loin, et c’est très difficile de s’arrêter. Et même quand on pense que c’est fini… Ça ne l’est pas ! C’est un jeu qui est fait pour être fait plusieurs fois, afin de faire des choix différents, pour découvrir de nouveaux personnages, des morceaux de l’histoire, et surtout, les 28 fins différentes ! Petit plus pour les stats avec le compteur de morts, qui s’élève à 1 019 pour ma première run… Mais 6 758 sauts ! Impressionnant pour 8 ou 9h de jeu, non ?

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

Don’t be late in this race against time runner-plateformer game ! You can make your own choices and write your own story. The game got pretty intense and deep rather quickly and without noticing it you will be drown in the storyline. I would say the storytelling is clearly inspired by the cryptic Dark souls games so I would suggest you to be prepared to explore this world if you want to piece the whole story together and finally have the full picture. I can assure you it totally worths it !

Concerning the gameplay, I can only say one thing : Prepare yourself to split your brain into two parts, you will need it ! Sometimes you will feel like you want to rage and give up because you cannot get through a level, but the amazing soundtracks just won’t let you. When you will finally succeed, HELL YEAH it is so satisfying !

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Intemporel on Steam

Lore Finder

Lore Finder

Become K.C. Morgan, paranormal investigator, and search a New England mansion for your missing father. Battle the forces of corruption infesting the mansion armed only with your wits and an old .38 revolver, and gather scrolls of forbidden lore. But the more you discover, the more warped and twisted the world – and you – become.

Uncover the story of Lore Finder, a 2D metroidvania and a modern queer reimagining of the cosmic horror genre.


  • Traverse a changing world: Individual rooms will transform and hold new surprises as you accumulate powers.

  • Find your own path: Non-linear design encourages freeform, exploration-based, and self-directed progression. Complete sections of the game in what order you like.

  • Experience atmosphere: From the dark and oppressive living areas, to the impersonal basement with its cold steel and mortar, to the dank caverns that lie even further below.

  • Accumulate forbidden powers: Embrace your own corruption, fight fire with fire, and wield dark powers against their own progenitors.

  • Face climactic terrors: Within the mansion dwell dangers of elevated strength and influence, often guarding crucial ways and powers.

  • Uncover a family’s corruption: Experience the result of the restless emotions of the mansion’s formerly human inhabitants expressed through an eldritch power, from the anxiety of a frustrated would-be scientist to the isolation and anguish of a child unloved.

  • Piece together past events: Explore and find scattered evidence of the inhabitants' otherworldly transformation through journal entries and memory-stained objects.

  • Girlfriend mode: Beat the game to unlock this mode, allowing you to play as K.C.’s girlfriend, with all new powers and story.

  • Speedrun mode: The speedrun mode offers a built-in timer and will streamline play experience for speedrunners.


Lore Finder is a modern queer reimagining of the cosmic horror genre, taking influences from the various games and literary works in the genre first inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, set in the latter half of the 20th century. It is the story of K.C. Morgan (a non-binary character) who is a Private Investigator turned Paranormal Investigator after the disappearance of their father, Richard Morgan, a professor and researcher at Boston University. Eventually, their search takes them to a mansion owned by the Wright family on an island off the New England Coast.

Once there K.C. discovers that the residents and staff have been horribly corrupted by some twisted occult influence, the only clues as to their fate, and the fate of their father seems to be found within scrolls, written on human skin, filled with dark forbidden lore so terrible that it may rend the very fabric of reality itself.

Matters become even more disturbing once K.C. begins to explore the basement. Evidence of terrible, inhuman experiments lie discarded next to twisted bodies and implements of torture.

Alone, and facing terror, madness, and corruption, not only all around them, but also within their very soul, K.C. must work their way through the mansion, risking death, madness or worse in an attempt to uncover what happened to the inhabitants of the mansion, and their father.

Lore Finder on Steam

Souno’s Curse

Souno’s Curse

What is Souno’s Curse ?

Discover a story driven action platformer telling a story about regret and the value of living in the moment. Embark on a journey to a cursed cave, explore, discover hidden secrets and find your way. Your journey will not be easy, you will have to face strong enemies along the way, avoid obstacles, traps and slowly uncover the past, story and mysteries hidden behind Souno’s Curse.

Key Features

  • Immerse yourself in the beautifully hand-crafted world of Souno’s Curse featuring a unique hand-drawn 2D art style and thematic music that pays tribute to the genre’s recent classics.

  • Unveil a touching story about regret and the importance of living the moment

  • Navigate through different environments and test your platforming skills

  • Crush your enemies using both melee and magic abilities

Souno's Curse on Steam