Shoebill - platformer that plunges you into a world called The Void and tells the story of Shiro, a small shoebill. Having celebrated his thirteenth birthday, Shiro notices a strange creature, which he caught and then realized that his life was a lie. Embark on a journey and help Shiro find out exactly who he was in a past life.

  • A single-player platformer, with difficult obstacles that you will pass far from the first attempt.

  • A variety of enemies, each of which needs to find its own approach.

  • Abilities, having received which, the gameplay becomes more interesting.

  • Pixel graphics and atmospheric soundtrack.

  • Made by 2 students who are surviving in a difficult world.

The game is in development, screenshots and description will be changed!

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Shoebill on Steam

Cutie Bear

Cutie Bear

This is my first negative review, and I’m really sad that it has to be this game. This game looks really good, the physics are ok, the graphics are just fine, the music is a little meh, but tolerable, and the controls aren’t clunky. This is exactly the type of platformer that I would really enjoy under normal circumstances. But the game is also absolutely relentless and unfair.

I found a way to get an infinite amount of lives (and even made a guide about it, check it out if you still decide to try out this game), and suffice it to say, 200 lives weren’t enough for me to beat the game (I don’t even know how close I was to achieve this, cos I just decided to quit).

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

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Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Cutie Bear on Steam

Kitty Rainbow

Kitty Rainbow

Kitty Rainbow is the 2D platformer where rainbows are your platforms, weapons and shields.

You play as a rainbow-wielding cat on a mission to spread brightly coloured joy by removing bumble bees, off-beat music, and other unpleasant things. Your rainbows protect you from the bad things that can kill you and also provide you with platforms to walk and jump on.

Cat on a rainbow

Chasing you is the misery ghost who lurks near you at the start of every level. Initially stunned for several seconds the misery ghost wants to keep everything dull, grey and joyless. Spend too long shooting rainbows and jumping on rainbows and the ghost hunts you with increasing ferocity.

Mysterache is your magical feline friend

At the top of every level the Persian cat Mysterache is there to greet you. In his palace he offers you a random choice of three powerful permanent rewards to aid you on your rainbow mission. Touching his face removes all remaining enemies in play with his magic words and vanquishes the misery ghost.

Gems and goodies

To help you there are items to collect that appear when an enemy dies. Collect 7 gems of each rainbow colour and Mysterache automatically grants you another run at a level if you die - very handy since you only start with one life! Collect a powerup and enjoy a temporary freeze of time or witness the power of giant rainbows!

Lots of Levels

  • Many game modes from casual to hardcore, structured to random.

  • Extra weird ??? levels every 7th level.

  • Procedurally generated - but it’s not a roguelike.

  • Levels can be very small to very large where your platforming skill is tested.

  • Can you reach the 49th level?


Enjoy a smooth 60fps game. Yes really.

Kitty Rainbow was built for super smooth platforming.

30fps platformers are the new retro!

Kitty Rainbow has controller support ready and waiting.

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Kitty Rainbow on Steam

Toy Chase

Toy Chase

It’s late at night. A little boy finds himself in an empty house. All he see’s are toys scattered all over the place. What is going on? He soon remembers the warning his sister told him about the toy monsters! Evil monsters that take away toys from children that don’t clean up their toys after playing with them.

Be that little boy and find all the toys. Use gadgets in the house, move around the floors using trampolines and elevators. Solve doors puzzles and escape from all the enemies and traps you meet on your way.

Toy Chase on Steam

A Dark Ice Saga: The Rescue

A Dark Ice Saga: The Rescue

So many levels. Lots of fun to play. Would recommend for the few dollars. Had a blast playing.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

packs some neat and creative level ideas into its tiny framework. such a cute concept!

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

A Dark Ice Saga: The Rescue on Steam

Citadale - The Awakened Spirit

Citadale - The Awakened Spirit

Scanlines should be a mandatory feature for all retro-style games. It adds so much to Citadale.

If you want to see Citadale and its difficulty in action, watch my video. Take old-school Castlevania, add a second item slot, the generosity of checkpoints, and a couple of odd design choices. Stages can be tackled in any order, with the castle acting as a sort of hub. Bosses are painfully difficult.

You have a shield that is sometimes useful. If you pick up a subweapon, I hope you were paying attention because the one you just had is gone. (This is my only serious complaint. I wish you dropped the previous one so you could switch back, especially with the two slots available.) Some enemies bleed poison that will hurt you. Being deliberate and having good timing is the key to everything.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

I wanted to like this game but I couldn’t… Graphics are fine, music is OK, animations are meh, enemy IA non existent and story, I didn’t gave it the chance.

IA is the main reason I’m not recommending this game. Enemies seems to move randomly or using some kind of pathfinding algorithm in order to reach you, which some times is just painful. There’s a boss who will move immediately after being hit, sometimes it will move in your direction… sometimes it wont, aaaand if you enter the room without a subweapon you can throw upwards you might end up dying of boredom waiting for the boss to move down so you can reach it. Also I don’t recomend it because I hate instakill spikes…

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Citadale - The Awakened Spirit on Steam

Crystal Rider

Crystal Rider

The game could be fun, but bugs and bad music kills the fun. And like many games from this devs, the achievements are not working.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Crystal Rider is another asset flip from ImperiumGame. This time they took a template for a “jetpack” based platformer/shooter from GameMaker Studio 2, changed a couple of things, and dumped it on Steam as if they wrote it themselves. Copying someone else’s work and calling it your own is a real nasty, morally void cash grab.

They did this before when they asset flipped Mad Bus, also known as ZigZag Infinite Runner Game by yönetici. And they’ve done it several other times as well.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Crystal Rider on Steam



DREAMWORLD is a 2D Platform / Puzzle game, in which the player controls three characters, each with different powers, and he must use them to advance through the levels. The objective is to free the goddess Zuri, guardian of Dreamworld.


Drowned Gems

Drowned Gems

Nice Game !

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Nice little indiegame. It is a 2d platform-shooter with nice visuals and great handling. It is very short, around 40 minutes, but i had great fun, playing it. The achievements are easy to get.


Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Drowned Gems on Steam

Pintman:Escape the Lockdown

Pintman:Escape the Lockdown

The pubs have closed, the kegs have run dry and the people are in despair. Guide Pintman on his journey , as he avoids monsters, the gards and a bit of d’aul covid as he searches for the fabled bottmless pint so that the pubs can be reopened, the pints will flow freely again and lockdown can be ended once and for all.

Pintman:Escape the Lockdown on Steam