Benbo Quest 2  (LEAKED)  reeal 2021 pre released???

Benbo Quest 2 (LEAKED) reeal 2021 pre released???

WTF Portal to the Skeleton Universe have opened up and it is a catastrophe; The Ultimate Infinite Unlimited Skeleton Army of All Time has come to take over the plant……very uncool anyway like i was sayin the skeeltons came outta the portel and now the all the everything is messed up :( Seceret Government Organization combat the menace to no success, there are too much powerful Skeletons and President Obmama can’t do shit about it.

Meanwhiel at your house: you (anime girl) all like o_o wtf why is there skeleton lol so you GO ON THE EPIC QUEST TO BUY THIS GAME FOR $15


SUPER BENBO QUEST TURBO OVERDRIVE is the newest first and last installment of the Benbo Franchise

you play as The Legendary Anime Girl with unlimited damage attacks and its a 2d pixel platformer so you basically walk to the side of the level - and punch the skeletons on the way it’s not complicated


  • more than 9 million level

  • Punching Skeletons


  • game about self discovery

  • list

  • me adding speeling miskete on purpous so you have to reread it 20 times

  • 99% more epic and swag than any other Benbo Game


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Benbo Quest 2 (LEAKED) reeal 2021 pre released??? on Steam

Neon Souls

Neon Souls

That’s where you’re wrong. These same effects are the main part of the game mechanics, which at first didn’t seem to me, but the more I progressed through the levels, the more I saw the importance of using these effects to my advantage, whether to anticipate some moves or to help me stay alive. Gameplay quite different and very attractive 100/100.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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As good as the colors of the soul. It is necessary to play with caution and explore slowly so as not to die. Very good.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Neon Souls on Steam

Color Souls

Color Souls

Incredibly amazing game. The movement of the character is a lot of fun and every boss and mechanics in the game are really surprising. The levels that you can jump on the monster’s head in sequence were very well thought out.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

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A pretty good platformer. I really like this unique aesthetic and gameplay concept where you can’t see the enviroment, so you have to move and jump to splash ink revealing the obstacles and platforms.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Color Souls on Steam



Play as a super skilled combatant, with superhuman speed and agility. Fight against merciless demons, while dashing and jumping to dodge evil traps through carefully designed levels.

Infinite ammunition always

The focus of Humanless is on the fun of shooting and platforming. You don’t need to save the ammo of your favorite weapon: pull the trigger as much as you wish and have fun watching low resolution demons being shattered to pieces.

Fast and responsive movements on the controller that suits you best

Enemies shooting with a real intention to kill and pits of acid waiting to be jumped through will require of you a lot of dexterity. For this reason, Humanless allows you to play both on the joystick or using the keyboard and mouse.

Carefully designed levels

Each level was carefully designed and tested to be unique, fun and challenging yet fair. Checkpoints after each section ensure that your progress will never be lost.

20 Levels distributed in three episodes

Start in a devastated city, enter questionable military research labs, and attempt to finish your journey going down to the hell itself.

An elegant action platformer

No walls of text of story. No infinite repetitions of the same section of a level. In Humanless, each level is unique and brings something new, providing an experience that stays fresh throughout the whole game.

Humanless on Steam

Meme Run 2

Meme Run 2

Meme Run 2 review

This is my Meme Run 2 review, this isn’t anybody else’s Meme Run 2 review.

Whilst there may be several like it, this is MY Meme Run 2 review. It’s not warxillusion’s steam review of Meme Run 2, its not Twitter User GoingRandomNow’s steam review of Meme Run 2. It. Is. MINE.

Anyways, now that i got that out of the way and that you guys know that it is my Steam Review of Meme Run 2, i would like to express my opinions on Meme Run 2 in this Review about Meme Run 2 by ioletsgo.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

I love this game so fucking much, it is incredibly addictive and very difficult. I see a few reviews on here calling the game bad but I don’t think they understand the point, you see all the crazy seizure inducing shit on the screen is what makes the game interesting, funny and hard. Every single crazy thing on the screen is designed to do three things, be funny, be ironic and make the game harder. Instead of having mobs that you have to fight off you have 1000 dollar bills on your screen covering 50% of what you see. In the past 24 hours I have spent 6 hours playing this game and every minute was worth it and I hope to be meming on for many more.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Meme Run 2 on Steam

Puzzle Game: Lee inside TV

Puzzle Game: Lee inside TV

It’s so cool. I liked very much. Each level, you learn something new and interesting. Many puzzles to solve.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

A good platform game. The collectibles with references from games and nerd culture are cool thing.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Puzzle Game: Lee inside TV on Steam

Deep Dark Fight

Deep Dark Fight

This game is not OK, it is bad. All sounds in game (music, jumps, sound of your death) are very annoing (but not gachi sounds of course). 1/2 of levels are VERY boring. Bosses are very boring, too. The last level had made so bad, that I deleted game. This game is not rofl-able, it is too good for that (but it is too bad to play it serios). I don’t want to play this game for free, and paying even 300$ hm hm… 1,5$ for it is silly

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

♂ T H A N K Y O U S I R ♂











Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Deep Dark Fight on Steam

Jet Set Knights

Jet Set Knights

NOTE: While you may see my name on the ‘Thank you’ screen in the credits, or you may see an item, or an achievement with my name in it, I am not an employee of FobTi Interactive. I have just been friendly with the developer Tibor since he made Obludia, and he has thanked me for the support by making items, or achievements named after me in the game. :)

That said, I am a bit more friendly with the developer than most of the players that will buy this game so I will try to be more critical of the game than someone else because I have to be. Fortunately, I like the game so I don’t have to be negative about it, or write a negative review.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Look out princess there’s a _ ugh dang she gone

It’s game over when an enemy so much as touches her sprite. Well that’s how my first 2 hours were like till I got the hang of protecting my maiden. You gotta remember this is a tower defense or should I say princess defense. You’ll be running around the stage collecting chests that contain arrows, wood or metal blocks to build blockades and turrets. All the while, enemies will be streaming out of 2 portals over head slowly clambering down to you. They’re just raining down on you and you don’t have a spiked umbrella on hand to keep them off you. I certainly would have liked one. Now enough with the jokes, here’s my review:

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Jet Set Knights on Steam