I’ve only played one level and i understand those who call this a masterpiece

I’ll be back soon to tell you my opinion of this gem

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

M2K on Steam

Pick, shoot, repeat!

Pick, shoot, repeat!

It is a gun-building game, where the goal is to survival as long as you can to unlocks new maps. The mechanic is:

  • PICK your upgrades.

  • SHOOT to survive.

  • REPEAT the process.

35 upgrades

12 levels

Endless combinations, but which one would help you survive the longest?

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Pick, shoot, repeat! on Steam

Velvet Guard

Velvet Guard


Review by Sven Evil - Steam’s largest local 4-player curator! See 100s of more local 4-player reviews at my curator page !


Sometimes you unexpectedly find a real gem. This game is such a hidden gem. A small, but very polished game that I never heard of before, but understood in seconds and had fun with immediately!

The premise is simple: Kill your opponents, like in Towerfall or Duck Games. You got only one bullet. After shooting it, you have to retrieve it before you can shoot again. The different levels contain death traps, like spikes or lava. Also each character can choose a super ability, like the possibility to kill opponents by jumping on their heads. You also have a few options to select and gamemodes to choose from - and then the fun starts!

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

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An awesome multiplayer game to play with your friends, to a good price too. There’s even possiblity to play online with Parsec!

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Velvet Guard on Steam

Red Cap Zombie Hunter

Red Cap Zombie Hunter

The story that inspires the game is very typical: virus attacks mankind turning most of them into zombies only a few, the strongest one, manage to overcome the virus and remain as normal people. From a central office in the city, a Human Resistence leader, hires Red Cap as ZOMBIE HUNTER.

In order to meet the leader of the resistance, Red Cap must travel to the city where at the top of a skyscrape is the barracks, continually besieged by zombies, of the Anti-Zombies Army.

The travel to the city is divided into 2 stages of 5 levels each.

In the first stage, Red Cap decides to take the shortest path to the city, which is the one through the cemetery. There he will face the first zombies, enter a royal tomb and explore the catacombs until he finds the exit and can quickly head towards the city.

In the second stage, when he finally reaches the city, he finds a bleak panorama: in the parks the children have already become zombies, the citizens who are still normal and the zombies share the streets. When he passed a construction site, the zombie workers tried to eat him. Some policemen turned into zombies fire their guns. Red Cap will be forced to use the subway to avoid the streets and get to the Anti-Zombies Army (AZA) office as soon as possible.

With the coins and treasures that Red Cap will find along the way in the game shop, you can buy, among other things, such fun devices as eShield (Electronic Shield), Laser Wheel or a Robot that will accompany you as your faithful friend. (see the videos)

Play Red Cap Zombie Hunter and enjoy

  • 10 levels divided in 2 different stages

  • 2 Big Boss enemies

  • Improved skills for Red Cap depending of player EXPerience

  • Player Honor ranking: Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold (from I to III) and Champion

  • It’sa PLAY-TO-WIN game. You don’t need to spend extra money to finish the game. If you want to finish the game faster you can buy several goods that will help you.

  • Your character upgrades are saved as local data and it’ll be used in future Vialgames games so improving your character will be useful to play another games.

  • The first level wants to be a tribute to the classic game of the 80s Ghosts’n Goblins.

  • Available in english and spanish

Red Cap Zombie Hunter on Steam

Always The Same Nightmare

Always The Same Nightmare

Always the Same Nightmare Review

7.8/10 - Above Average

  • Good music

  • Fun gameplay

  • Good level design

  • Inconsistent graphics

  • Bugs & crashes

Playing through and 100%ing Always the Same Nightmare (ATSN for short) was a much more enjoyable experience than the developer’s previous game, Bloopy & Droopy. Both games are fun to play but I think ATSN is much more up my alley in terms of game design since I really enjoy faster paced, difficult games. I think on that front, ATSN nails it. It is a very fast, challenging game and it is very satisfying to overcome challenges.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

Always The Same Nightmare on Steam

Pulse Jumper

Pulse Jumper

Met the Dev during a Gaming Event and gave me a free copy.

10/10 Game play and sick music.

This game deserves to blow up

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Somewhere around the first few seconds of the game, you’ll feel like Pulse Jumper is screaming in your face that you aren’t up for the challenge. But you also know from those first few seconds that there’s a chance you can and so you stick with it. A chance you can aim and fire every shotgun blast perfectly, a chance you can hop between every projectile, and a chance you will stick every chasm jump. When you squeak through another sequence of hazards and get to the end of a level, you know you’re going to keep fighting until you beat the whole damn thing.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Pulse Jumper on Steam

Duality of Doodles

Duality of Doodles


  • the character customization is pretty cool, reminds me of that old DS game, Drawn to Life

  • gameplay is ultimately fun

  • good amount of content for what this is


  • poor sound design

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Duality of Doodles on Steam



Anord is a single-player 2.5D Sci-fi Action RPG Platformer set in a post-war era. It has horror elements and challenging boss fights only suitable for brave souls. You play as a cyborg, made to infiltrate enemy fronts at any cost. You level up and customize your character’s abilities to match your playstyle and defeat stronger enemies and bosses.

Left behind in a scientific facility, you wake up to find yourself amid a profound war between Sun’s Nation Corporation (SNC) and Rebels fighting for Earth’s freedom. As you explore the furthest reaches of Earth and space while encountering various enemies, the character you decide to become will help the Rebels get victorious. You are the unplanned variable in SNC’s evasion equations. Break their code!

#### Game Features

  • Striking visuals with a day-night system, different weather seasons, all rendered in 3D.

  • Customize Weapons: Create your custom weapons by changing weapon components found throughout the game.

  • Combat: Choose your combat style by selecting a class and your abilities. Go fast, go deadly, go steady. You choose!

  • Exploration: Uncover hidden secrets and accomplish quests though-out the Anord' environment.

  • Quests: Get side quests from NPCs, and find rare items.

  • Unique levels: Play different levels from indoor labs, churches, old abandoned cities, and forest locations.

  • Abilities: Level up your character and add new abilities, including a drone companion.

  • Inventory: Build up your inventory with many different item types, weapons, ammo, components, etc.

Anord on Steam

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Good story

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

A game to congratulate. The main character pulls you into the game either by the playability or with the story. The scenarios are diverse and wake up your attention - the music also. You can “play” with the time of the game and stay by the small games and quests inside of it. It’s fun. I love it.

I miss the times when games were made to leave something to the player. I miss games like this.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless on Steam



Immortal hero with his soul imprisoned in his magic Spear, travels around the fairy tale world.

The spear is a source of his power and weaknesses. When the hero dies, the spear brings him back to life at the same place.

Hero must complete his monster hunting and feed the Spear. And decide who’s the real monster here and how the world will change when the hunt is over.

Game Features

  • Classic side-scrolling action, with all the modern trimmings.

  • 2D Souls-lite Action: Tough but fair combat with acrobatic fighting system

  • Hunt the bosses: collect a piece of knowledge about the boss: his habitat, his weakness, behavior and how the hero can track him down and, after all, kill. Or not to kill.

  • Explore a vast interconnected folk inspired fantasy world with unexpected routes and weird locals

  • Evolve with powerful new skills and abilities! which opens new ways to move and fight.


Spear is a universal weapon and a tool. It is used both in close combat and as a throwing weapon. Hero can enchant spear tip with magic.

It can be thrown into walls, making new ledges to lift. The spear comes back to the owner as a boomerang by order. Also the spear breaks stones, helps to get items, opens floor hatches, turns on mechanisms and it can be used as a leverage or pole.

The «living» spear can warn its owner against dangers, help doing magic and communicate with otherworldly powers.

“The fern blooms for only one moment, on the one night in year. Legends say that the one who rips it off will have clairvoyance and will know where the treasures are buried. But it is very difficult to get a fern flower, because Navi will intimidate a person and mend all sorts of intrigues”

Slavania on Steam