Teabat! - Episode One

Teabat! - Episode One


Teabat! is a stylish retro 2D adventure with fast, tight controls, and a large interconnected map full of secrets and beautifully constructed set-pieces!

Inspired by handheld 8-bit hardware, Teabat! features an advanced palette engine for player customization and plenty of vibrant lighting and color effects.


  • Alter the world’s view through unique lenses and additional color palettes.

  • Race against the clock, or compete against your own time in Time Trial mode.

  • Test your combo skills, and rack up points for a high-score in Arcade Mode.

  • Online Multiplayer with up to 250 players!

  • Ghost dog!!!

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Teabat! - Episode One on Steam

Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew

Welcome to the crumbling world of Karpathia where humans are the endangered species. Only the Yeoman Eldritch Extermination Team can protect humanity against the hordes of chaos.

Fight battles solo or with friends in this frantic gothic butt brawler, platform-brawling, co-op adventure for 1-4 players. Experience fast paced tactical combat as you battle a host of enemies, minibosses and giant bosses

Pick up, aim and kick everything you can lay your hands on - stunned foes, skulls, brains, rocks, cabbages or even friends

12 playable diverse gothic heroes to find, recruit and upgrade. Unlock and collect an array of usable scrolls, potions, weapons, traps, staffs, grenade bags and many other items

17 hand-crafted non-linear levels to explore across 3 vast regions. Lush, hand-painted artwork complemented by glossy VFX depicts an atmospheric world of ghosts, demons and ghouls that chills and charms

Coming soon

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Skeleton Crew on Steam

Knight Arena

Knight Arena


best part is a wise opponent’s AI, approach to battle and swift weapon switching in different circumstances.

Strange that the first Achievement still wan’t fixed, my guess, this explains that game will be as it is.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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Knight Arena on Steam

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Good story

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

A game to congratulate. The main character pulls you into the game either by the playability or with the story. The scenarios are diverse and wake up your attention - the music also. You can “play” with the time of the game and stay by the small games and quests inside of it. It’s fun. I love it.

I miss the times when games were made to leave something to the player. I miss games like this.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless on Steam

Cat’s Cradle

Cat’s Cradle

“Cat’s Cradle” is splendid. The movement is fluid, the levels and bosses are moderately challenging, the soundtrack fits the stylistics, and the visuals are simple, but gorgeous.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Good game thats satisfying to play the dash is pretty op

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Cat's Cradle on Steam

Carpathian Night

Carpathian Night

The plague of Dracula’s army continues to spread across the Carpathians, growing stronger with each victim it claims. Those who attempt to resist are met with a fate worse than death. If Dracula is not stopped, he will bring everlasting night to the world.

Only two champions have answered the call to bring divine justice to Dracula and his minions. Abbot Dorin, warrior monk and leader of the Kelemen Church, and Irina Dracul, vampire, pyromancer, and ancestor of Prince Dracula, have joined together to drive back the army of the dead and hunt down the legendary vampire himself. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and demonic beings of every kind await all who dare trespass into their master’s domain! Those who survive the horrors of the Borgo Pass will reach the gates of the ancient Castle Dracula, where the real nightmare begins!

Carpathian Night is a tribute to retro horror side-scrollers and the classic monster films that inspired them. Battle your way through legions of iconic monsters, avoid deadly traps, uncover the secret history of your monstrous foes, and face the legendary Lord of the Vampires within his own ancestral home! Answer the call, mighty hunter, and drive the wickedness back from whence it came!

Carpathian Night on Steam

Dark Frame

Dark Frame

You woke up in a dark forest. You don’t remember anything. Where will this road take you? You have to overcome dangerous obstaclesCan you get out of this strange place?

  • Grim ambience

  • Beware of traps

  • Avoid obstacles

  • Pass the level get achievements

Dark Frame on Steam

Simona’s Requiem

Simona’s Requiem

I like it allot!

This game has an atmosphere that is hard to come by. It reminds me of the atmosphere in games like Knytt. It’s a relaxing experience I can highly recommend. Stunning visual elements a true pixel-art adventure.

Also, a big plus for the dark humor!

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

I have a love-hate relationship with platformers: I really love playing them, but I get very frustrated if they are too difficult, even more so if I am completely immersed in the game. Simona’s Requiem proved to be not only a fun, entertaining and overall a wonderful metroidvania, but in terms of difficulty it also managed to find a balance between being overly challenging and ‘I can do this in my sleep’ - you know, it just constantly hits the spot which forces you to push your limits without making you want to pull your hair out.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

Simona's Requiem on Steam

Scarlet Deer Inn

Scarlet Deer Inn

Scarlet Deer Inn is a delightful story-driven exploration game set in the Middle Ages about facing loss and anxieties, exploring strange places, and meeting unusual characters.

You play Elise, a shy farm girl that, after losing her parents, moves with relatives who run a reputable inn. You’ll take care of many activities around the inn, meet unusual travelers with their stories and explore the many sides of the busy town and its surroundings while dealing with your fears and inner demons in your sleep.

As long as you’ve got enough light, you’ll be fine.

  • Explore a blend of a nice story-focused adventure game and an atmospheric exploration platformer set in medieval times

  • Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn art and traditional animation

  • Meet unusual characters and experience moving stories filled with unforgettable moments

  • Spend time helping with many activities around the inn

  • Discover secrets while exploring the Scarlet Deer Inn’s surroundings and the busy town nearby

Scarlet Deer Inn on Steam

Citadale - The Awakened Spirit

Citadale - The Awakened Spirit

Scanlines should be a mandatory feature for all retro-style games. It adds so much to Citadale.


If you want to see Citadale and its difficulty in action, watch my video. Take old-school Castlevania, add a second item slot, the generosity of checkpoints, and a couple of odd design choices. Stages can be tackled in any order, with the castle acting as a sort of hub. Bosses are painfully difficult.

You have a shield that is sometimes useful. If you pick up a subweapon, I hope you were paying attention because the one you just had is gone. (This is my only serious complaint. I wish you dropped the previous one so you could switch back, especially with the two slots available.) Some enemies bleed poison that will hurt you. Being deliberate and having good timing is the key to everything.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

I wanted to like this game but I couldn’t… Graphics are fine, music is OK, animations are meh, enemy IA non existent and story, I didn’t gave it the chance.

IA is the main reason I’m not recommending this game. Enemies seems to move randomly or using some kind of pathfinding algorithm in order to reach you, which some times is just painful. There’s a boss who will move immediately after being hit, sometimes it will move in your direction… sometimes it wont, aaaand if you enter the room without a subweapon you can throw upwards you might end up dying of boredom waiting for the boss to move down so you can reach it. Also I don’t recomend it because I hate instakill spikes…

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Citadale - The Awakened Spirit on Steam