Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)

Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)

Cursed Castilla is an arcade action game which is based and inspired by the Ghosts and Goblins series and other retro titles. It brings an 16 bit graphics style, a quick action packed gameplay with tight controls and a high level of difficulty.

The story is set in the Middle Ages in the Spanish Kingdom. You play as a knight who is sent on a quest -together with other 3 fellow knights- by the King to cleanse the Kingdom from the evading demonic horde. The story basically is a Spanish mythos and there are several parts of the game where creatures from other European mythologies appear. Since the creators are Spanish the game overall in its music and its design has a Spanish vibe.

Real player with 47.0 hrs in game

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Really fun, quite challenging, and at times even feel a little unfair retro-style game. However (with the exception of one part), the checkpoint system is very forgiving so it’s rarely frustrating.

You attack using only throwable weapons, where only a certain amount can be out active at a time until they either hit an enemy, an obstacle, or fly off screen. This means that the closer you are to enemies, the faster you can attack, and also that if you spam you can be left defenseless for a brief window. It also has some pretty unique jumping mechanics similar to some other retro platformers wherein you jump much farther if you are holding a direction when you jump, and jump almost straight up if you aren’t holding a direction (however, unlike some games, you can still nudge slightly in either direction while in the air). Additionally, attacking (especially if you are spamming) slows you down substantially. These mechanics mentioned above can make it feel a bit janky until you get used to it, but the game controls great and has highly accurate hitbox (although your entire character is the hitbox which makes dodging obstacles difficult). There are a variety of environments and a massive amount of bosses that for the most part where unique and fun.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) on Steam



It’s a unique auto generated game. Missons tend to be often very similar but there is always different glitches. A unique touch I saw was each auto generated game has it’s own little backstory for why your playing the “game” like every video game. The only glitch I see is with the flying mission which is if you try to barrell roll it doesnt work then u cant shoot and in shooting as planes sometimes if u die u never respawn/get the restart u should. Through the ramble I would say it’s a good time killer if you just want good casual fun to kill stress tho some of the hard mode glitches uggh lol I’d wait for a discount but like $15 vs th e current $20

Real player with 17.7 hrs in game

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I really wanted to like and recommend this game, but I cannot.

On the surface, the idea sounds great. Mix and match pieces of different retro games/genres and play through whatever wackiness gets created.

In reality, the game overall fails to deliver. Individual mashes take at most 10 minutes to play through, but rarely did I ever spend that much time in any one “game”. Instead, some are so easy (even on a hard setting) that you’re in and out in a matter of 30 seconds or less. The game description even calls out that some mash ups easy to win, some will be impossible. That’s acceptable given the premise.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

SuperMash on Steam



Everything you expect from a platformer in a neat little package. This definitely isn’t a big game. Completing it, getting all gems (although the achievement didn’t unlock), and optimizing my time in a few levels took me around 4 hours — and I’m probably somewhere between mediocre and decent at precision platformers.

The controls are tight and responsive, the speed is good, and the levels are well-designed, so you can mostly go as fast as the game allows and not have to wait for moving parts of the level to let you through. And most important of all, it’s fair. While you may have to play a level a few times to become familiar with it, the game never just kills you for no reason, and there’s mostly no blind drops or anything of the sort. You’ll still die probably thousands of times just because you know you can do a level just a liiiiittle faster.

Real player with 105.2 hrs in game

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At just a single dollar (as of writing this review) this game is a steal. I got pretty addicted to this one for a bit of time. It’s a short but difficult game. I still haven’t beaten it. It’s a prescision platformer among the likes of Super Meat Boy, with a dash of Bloody Trapland. I wish the back drops art style varied from section 1, 2, and 3, but regardless, the art style is easy on the eyes and I enjoyed it. The difficulty curb is wild but I had a good time burning through 50-100 iZBOTs on the harder levels. Again, I still haven’t even beaten the game.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

iZBOT on Steam

Taimumari: Definitive Edition

Taimumari: Definitive Edition

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TLDR: Semi decent double jump platformer. Held back by odd minigame choices, pacing and difficulty issues and low audiovisual ambitions.

This is basically NES mario. But you can double jump. You can swing a sword at close range rather than jumping on things to kill them. You can wallgrab and jump from wall. You can swap your ability attack.

Abilities are kinda neat, throwing bombs or shooting lasers, you can charge it for more power. Coins are actually used to unlock static bonuses, not a bad idea.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

**TL;DR: it’s no masterpiece and has some very noticeable problems, but it is overall a perfectly serviceable game that will provide a couple of hours of lighthearted fun, and it’s cheap enough even at full price (and often receives huge sales anyway) that I’m pretty sure fans of the genre would find value in the short experience.

6.8/10 - Still better than Mighty No. 9**

I really am not one who bothers writing reviews, but I’m going to go out of my way because I feel people have been a bit too harsh on this little title. Let me be clear now, it’s nowhere near perfect, and has the misfortune of belonging to a genre that is already oversaturated and filled to the brim with imitators, which means it has to compete with a huge amount of similar games, including a lot of well-made indie ones. But if you don’t go in expecting the level of quality you’d want from Megaman or Cave Story, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Taimumari: Definitive Edition on Steam



IZBOT has defeated Bedlor and the organic invasion but in a final act of defiance Bedlor has uploaded his consciousness into the city’s network and turned all the peace loving robots against our hero.

The latest IZBOT adventure features lots of challenging hand crafted levels as well as some large and powerful bosses.

iZBOT 2 features:

  • Still no underwater levels.

  • Fast paced precision platforming.

  • Wall slides, dashing and double jumps.

  • Cute robot protagonist.

  • More juice than you can poke a stick at.

IZBOT 2 on Steam