Cast Piercer

Cast Piercer

Set in a dystopian future after the Cast Wars, Cast Piercer has you playing as a Alicia, a research subject with no memory being held in a sky high facility called “The Glass” run by the mega corporation “The Institute”. The institute is headed by a figure known to you as “Mother” who populates your dreams. You wake up to realise you don’t remember where nor who you are. A mysterious shadow shows up to guide you in your path to self-discovery.

Following the Cast Wars 20 years prior, you will hide and fight through levels in order to descent the mega tower and eventually escape or find that which was never lost… as it was never known.

  • Steal your enemies psi-energy and use to power your abilities

  • Control your enemies so they’ll fight on your side

  • Access your ultimate powers to move out of your body and teleport

  • Discover the truth about your past and find her!

  • An amazing soundtrack with techno and piano notes

  • Beautiful pixel art with a retro feel

    Cast Piercer has an incredibly emotional story which will drive players in a search to find out where you came from and what really matters.

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Royal Commando

Royal Commando

Chromis the day Isla fell. A day that the King knew about for years, yet was still so unprepared. He has always been about science, why didn’t he listen to science this time. Their invasion was quick and precise. They study Taiwan, our tactics, our weapons… they were ready. The people of Isla are forced to leave everything behind to flee. Well, now it’s time to turn the tables. Toma is a great island but Isla is our home. After years of preparation, it’s time we go on the offensive. We have studied and noted their movements and tactics, they are unique indeed, but nothing we can’t handle. They have very special weapons, equipped with never before seen technology, that we still do not know everything about. However, we were able to use technology to make the fight more equal. The Royal Command is ready…RA…RA…Isla!

Key Features:

The Island of Isla: Return to the island. Play as the commander of the Royal Command, make your way through the island clearing it of all the horrid creatures. During your 2D journey, you will encounter many items to help or harm your adventure. Be sure to be careful for you are the last remaining hope for Isla. You will need to use multiple maneuvers to get to the castle such as climbing, jumping off walls, etc.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger Many, many bosses to fight throughout the journey. Each different than the last, different skills and attacks. Hopefully, you are prepared.

Heartfelt storytelling Enter a world where things are not always as they seem. Due to how unprepared the King seemed, did he want the island to be taken? Are the creatures really from a different planet or were they created from Isla enemies?

Possibly More

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Immense Threat

Immense Threat

Immense Threat is a classic-style adventure platformer in a futuristic setting. The game takes you on a quest to liberate the chickens from wicked Consumers.

What exactly is this game?

It’s a 2D platformer mixed with a shooter - at times you will simply jump from platform to another, avoiding traps. At other times, you will be forced to fight with enemies. Take aim and fire! Just be mindful - which weapon to use? Maybe conserve ammo and fight bare winged? Or maybe you can simply run right past through? You decide!

So what’s the story?

In the future, the evil people, called the Consumers, will rise to power and exploit the livestock to the fullest. But a few chickens will not have that! Join the resistance group and show those Consumers, who the real Immense Threat is!

Anything else? Some features, perhaps?

Story with twists

Think everything is so simple? Well, that’s not how the life is, goes double for these brave chickens!

Over 20 levels

The adventure consists of over 20 levels, riddled with deadly traps and dangerous enemies, along with powerful bosses.

Weapons and upgrades

On your quest, you will make use of 20 weapons - from ordinary stones, through pistols and rifles, to plasma guns. To further increase your chances of survival, collect the chicken currency, Middlings, or Midds for short, to buy upgrades between the missions. Also, try to look for secrets to gain additional advantage!

Speaking of secrets…

Also collect the Golden Midds to get additional, free power ups!

3 difficulty levels

Feeling confident? Try the challenging “Hard Out Here For a Rooster” difficulty level! Or maybe you’ve got an itchy trigger feather? Then you may want to check out the “Bigger Threat” level, in which… Well, let’s just say, you won’t have to worry about sparing ammo.

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Pogo Rocket

Pogo Rocket


Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Would recommend, I see a lot of potential in this game.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Pogo Rocket on Steam

Fallen Knight

Fallen Knight

2nd Review

In additional after I have played for very long with a series of updates, I still find bugs which are very critical in my opinion. Because they are not just bugs of false visual or dead pixels, they are bugs that our character or bosses are frozen and we are not able to continue playing. This forces player to restart, and that counts as 1 death. One more thing that irritates me, but not that crucial, is that this game is develop by Thai developers but Thai subtitle/text is bad and confusing. Some are like they are translated by Google Translation from English subtitle/text. What the…!!? Was it supposed to start from Thai and translated to other language? Or even it started from English, you developers should be able to prove-reading it better than this.

Real player with 18.8 hrs in game

TL;DR: Pretty and has potential in concept, but sloppily done. Get it on sale

Fallen Knight’s initial trailer seems to sell a very nice looking and crisp side scrolling dash n' slash with a sort of morality system in choosing “the path of violence” or “the honorable path” while the description calls it “Dark-Souls like”. While the visuals are quite nice, the gameplay is actually mediocre side scrolling dash n' slash with a somewhat janky counter system and absolutely nothing about it could be reasonably considered “souls like”, which might be more reasonable given that this seems like a port of a mobile game.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

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Probability Race

Probability Race

Probability Race is a futuristic racing game. You must use logic, math, probability and luck to win the championship. Play a great variety of minigames and compete in turn based races every day. Unlock abilities and race your way to victory in this platform/stragegy/turnbased game.

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Botland Chronicles

Botland Chronicles

The world is ruins and the only hope left is a tiny, prototype combat robot with a quirky attitude…

  • Experience a classic, side-scrolling, action platformer experience inspired by classics from the mid-90’s.

  • Battle tons of enemies using a variety of special power-ups.

  • Fight alongside mysterious allies that join you along the way.

  • Take on the alien invaders with a friend, in two-player online co-op.

  • Follow this funny little robot as he sets out to do the only thing he knows how.

  • Fully voiced for your listening pleasure.

    Future plans:

  • Experience an all-new Hard Mode for a modern twist on a classic genre.

  • Controller support for a truly classic feel.

Can you repel the aliens and save the planet from total destruction?

Botland Chronicles on Steam



Year 2046 / Dragon City

Neuro-comp interfaces, bionic prosthetics and nano-biotechnology have all become commonplace. Society is highly developed, but the gap between the haves and the have nots has only grown larger.

Xiang Zixu, a brilliant private eye, is killed while investigating the disappearance of a famous female journalist. Immediately after his death, he wakes up with a start in his apartment bedroom. Before he can process what happened, his phone rings and his colleague at the agency tells him of a new case: the disappearance of a famous female journalist.

Eye-pleasing Maps and Stages; Cyberpunk-style Eastern Cities

This game features 7 finely-crafted large stages, including: Dragon Town, which comes alive with holiday spirit in the evening; the bleak and gloomy Shuigou Village; the luxurious Tang Dynasty Hotel; the maritime Bionic Beings' Training Base; and the Biotech Company…

Developed with the UE4 engine, this game depicts an eastern cityscape with cyberpunk aesthetics.

Fast-paced Battle Action

Unlock new weapons and abilities through endless reincarnations to solidify and enhance your fighting skills. Unlock over 100 weapons, cast skills with prosthetic limb chips, and use tech items to defeat the enemy.

Face over 30 enemies with unique behavior patterns: vicious gangsters, well-equipped mercs, crazy mutants whose neuro-comp interfaces have been hacked, highly trained bionics, etc. The list goes on, and none of them will be easy to take down.

Certain areas will change at random after each life loop. Select your favorite battle mode and investigate the ultimate truth.

Rebirth Loop: Real or Fantasy

After each death, Xiang Zixu will awaken in his apartment and begin a new loop. As the story progresses, reviewing what seemed like the correct choice in the past may lead to a different conclusion.

Every decision you make will alter the fates of in-game characters and rewrite your ending.

Are you ready to initiate a new loop?

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The Last Cell

The Last Cell

Everything was gone … I was the last cell left in the world, all the joys and goodness we knew had been forgotten. Of all our possessions, all that was left was the hope of good days.

The Last Cell is a 2D Platformer game set in apocalyptic space. You control a cell that is a rare species born of the white blood cell generation. Dangerous diseases have invaded the world and all the white blood cells and the vaccines made against them have failed, and the only hope left is the last green white blood cell, which was ridiculed every day for being different from the others and making it useless. they knew

How to tell a story

At the beginning of the game you do not read, hear or see any story

You are the creator of the events and story of the game and with the decisions and circumstances that determine the fate of the game world and based on your choices during the adventure game that you started will end.


There are various enemies in the game environment that you have to act quickly to eliminate them, and the attack speed of the game’s enemies may cause you to lose your focus in dealing with other obstacles and lose.

There are also various weapons in the game that you can destroy your enemies with more power, of course, you have limited arrows in your weapons … but as a different cell within you have arrows that you can shoot without restrictions. Shoot your enemies

Batteries have been installed in the game environment that, if you get them, will prevent you from running out of energy. If you run out of energy completely, it will return to the last point where the game is saved.

At the end of each stage, there is a gate for your teleportation to the next stage, to open it, you must find the five diamonds in the same stage to open the entrance gate to the next stage. Of course, it is not very difficult to find batteries and diamonds in the early stages, but it is not easy to find them in the later stages, and if you cannot find them, you will be imprisoned there.

The game is automatically saved in different locations and if you lose, the game is loaded from the last saved location.

Graphics and game design

The design of the elements of the environment and the general atmosphere of each season will be completely different from the previous season. In the first season, you are on the outskirts of the city, and this is the last point of hope. Give back because everyone hopes for you and you should not disappoint the city.

Of course, this is not the end of the game, because viruses are always thinking of taking revenge on you in the coming seasons, and you must destroy all their families by teleporting them to strange and unknown places in order to succeed in this threat from the beautiful world forever. Keep away

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Android is a 2D platformer very similar to Brøderbund’s classic Lode Runner.

The goal is to guide an android around each level, collecting every bag of gold on the screen while avoiding roving enemies and collecting bonus fruit. As with Lode Runner, gameplay involves running, climbing, hanging, and dropping bombs in order to dig holes or trap enemies.

Online Scorings

Gamepad Support

Enjoy 5 worlds of 20 levels, 100 levels for hours of fun :

  • Jungle

  • Construction

Android on Steam