Kick It

Kick It

Kick It Is A Game About Scoring A Goal, Seams Simple Enough?IT ISN’T.

Experience The Sheer Amount Of Frustration And Rage From This Simple Platformer about scoring A Goal At The Top Of A Mountain.

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Kick It on Steam

Battle Arena Soccer

Battle Arena Soccer

Battle Soccer Arena allows you to play arcade soccer like never before, combining the best in new technology and classic retro games.

Face off against IA like you’ve never seen before.

This game comes with two modes:

  • Normal Soccer : 3 Players vs 3 Players with defined time to end the match.

  • Explosive Soccer : Same as Normal Mode but with bombs. The bombs can freeze you, can give you ultra speed (boosting your energy) or damage your character.

Play with or against your friends or versus the computer (AI).

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Battle Arena Soccer on Steam

Hack or Die!

Hack or Die!

Amazing game! Totally unique and innovative core gameplay mechanics, a huge accomplishment for a modern platformer. It fundamentally changes the nature of platforming.

I did in fact purchase the game with my own money, and It was money well spent. However, for the sake of honesty, I must note that I consulted for the developer, and I know the developer closely. At the same time, I have never been paid by the developer nor offered any form of compensation, so I’m no shill.

I’m a huge fan of this game, and I’d still be a huge fan even if I had no relation to this game. It is an absolutely incredible game, particular for fans of high skill platforming games (one of my favorite genres). Everything in this review represents my genuine beliefs.

Real player with 1739.2 hrs in game

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This game!! Skill building levels with rewarding challenges and puzzles. I was surprised to learn there was so many different kicks and combinations. My skill and techniques grew as the game progressed. Dope music too.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

Hack or Die! on Steam