Beach Restaurant

Beach Restaurant

Not even worth 1 buck.

Just a bad asset flip with no improvement at all, bad game mechanics, poor execution and boring as hell. The “game” is so poorly designed that Level 18 is literally impossible to finish because you never get enough orders in the time allotted and since it takes forever for people to waaaaaaalk to their spot and order, you lose every time. That’s how much thought they put into it.

Assets are one thing but they don’t make a game, thanks for proving it once again.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

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I bought this game purely for fun to play and relax. Everything in the game is very simple and straightforward, you serve customer orders. Each client has his own unique taste, you make the wrong dish, you will lose the client. I got positive emotions, I rate the game 8 out of 10 cheeseburgers.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Beach Restaurant on Steam

Haunted House - The Murder

Haunted House - The Murder

Deadcloud Productions proudly presents:

Haunted House - The Murder is a brand new game that consists of 1 Detective (Player) trying to free multiple ghosts ina a house.

The Player has to find notebooks and other informations to find out what happened to the family. But theres something he didnt expect to find and is schocked about. You immediadtly cancel the case, like the police did years ago…

The player wont make it out… Your death is your destiny. Your body was never found and will never be found…. You are another spirit out there…

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Haunted House - The Murder on Steam

Alpha & Beta

Alpha & Beta


  • Cheap

  • Good story

  • Long playing time

  • Basic controlls

  • Regular updates

  • Very very very hard but it so fun

  • Indie game


  • Graphics are not very good

  • There are a few bugs

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

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Öncelikle bu oyunu denememiz ve fikir alışverişi için bize yollayan Alper Bey’e teşekkür ediyorum. Bu inceleme ortaya karışık olacak. İncelemenin asıl mantığına giderek; yapımcımızın daha iyi oyunlar ve daha cilalanmış mekanikler yapabilmesi için yazılmış olacak diyeyim.

Oyunun dil ayarlarında İngilizce ve Türkçe seçenekleri mevcut. Ve şunu da söyleyeyim. Bazı Türk yapımcılar -büyük ya da küçük- Türkçe’yi oyunlarına koymayı geçiştiriyorlar veya koymuyorlar bile. En azından bu küçük durum artı sayılabilir. Oyunumuz bizi bir sakin bir piyano müziği eşliğinde karşılıyor. Müzik ile birlikte oyunun hikayesi yazı şeridi olarak geçiyor. Bazı düzeltilmesi gereken imla sıkıntıları olsa da düzgünce yazılmış. İki keskin karakterin arasında olan klasik bir macera diyelim.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Alpha & Beta on Steam

Sketchy Fables

Sketchy Fables

Sketchy Fables is a first-person exploration adventure and can be described as a comic-book that has broken up over a landscape. The story begins with the search for an mysterious child who influences Your reality. Can You still find the child in You?


*** Fully Hand-drawn & animated game world consisting of about 8000 unique artworks, designed by award-winning artist Alle Jong.**

*** Plays like an interactive cartoon slash artgame/comicbook/Interactive Visual-novel. Sketchy Fables is an personal artistic expression full of poetry & art**

*** There is an Main storyline, but nothing is what it seems..**

*** 3 open save slots**

*** An diverse game environment to explore full of villages and rural landscapes.**

*** Focused on personal exploration with many random encounters & discoveries**

Sketchy Fables on Steam

Tales of Skiora

Tales of Skiora

Normally, I would tell you not to believe a word I say, but I swear to you, every word is true…

#### Welcome to Skiora!

The Story

Tia is a fantasy writer, but only in her spare time. One day she is given a gift, said to protect her from all danger. Little did she know, it protects her through the power of teleportation.

In an entirely new realm filled with creatures she’s only heard about in myth, Tia sets on a journey through perilous lands to find her way home - if the amulet doesn’t get her killed first.

The Synopsis

Tia is a New York street hustler who is magically transported to a realm through the power of a magical amulet given to her by a homeless woman. In this fantasy world of Daemonaria, she meets Corvu, a cursed Trickster who insists on helping her get home. Even though the creatures around her fear Corvu, she accepts his help. On the search for a wizard in the main city across the country, they are hunted by an Orc army who intends to use the amulet’s power to take over the kingdom. Through their adventure, Tia is taught basic survival and fighting skills by Corvu.

_What will become of their adventure?

Will feelings blossom?

Will Tia make it home alive?_

There’s only one way to find out.

Tales of Skiora is a fantasy JRPG style game based on a book series of the same name. The initial game will be based on the first novel: Amulet of the Witch - a previously successful Kickstarter funded project. It follows the story of a girl called Tia, as she navigates her way through the hostile fantasy lands of Skiora, in order to find her way home. With the various puzzles, battles and storylines available in the game, you will be occupied for hours.

Amazing Features

  • Turn Based Battle System

  • In Depth Characters

  • Multiple Story Endings

  • Downloadable Content

  • Unique Items

  • Riddles and Vast Dungeons

  • Extendable Content

The novel this video game series is based on was a popular successful Kickstarter campaign and is continuing to be developed.

You can always review the game development and playthroughs which will be posted on the Amber Withers YouTube Channel.

Tales of Skiora on Steam



Good Story

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Oh boi… The ending. Almost make me want to tearing down !

The story of the game… Is really beautiful and I love it so much ! Although the first of the game is kinda scary haha.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Shanghai1920 on Steam

Escape From Violet Institute

Escape From Violet Institute

I really, really want to like this game. The 2d portion shows a lot of potential, and the shift from perspective inside the game proper is well done and keeps you interested in whats going on.

The game suffers from overly confusing sections during the 3d portion, I in particular had to speak with the dev twice due to getting stuck behind a plant and the game needing to have its collision changed, and another when a scripted event did not properly trigger to kill my character.

Please dev, if you are reading this if you could post a text or video walkthrough or hint guide or some such it would make it much easier, and less likely for someone to get frustrated and quit because they couldnt figure out what to do.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

Brilliant game! Very engaging with a tense atmosphere.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Escape From Violet Institute on Steam



Very interesting and facinating game i love you developer ! You can be my friend on steam any time !

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

If Tommy Wiseau would make a game, it would look a lot like BITROOM, seriously that was hilarious.

The dialogue is very cheesy and weird, I love it.

The teenagers in the third person section have kid models, it was so akward.

You have grown as* mans voice acting girls and the teenagers that look like kids had really deep voices.

At one point in the game

! you find a hanged man but he was all contracted so that didn’t make any sense.

At the end

! you discover that you are in fact in a simulation and they f*cking included the meme ‘‘Oh it was a simulation all along?’’ and there’s the dude with the gun behind responding ‘‘alway has been’’.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

BITROOM on Steam



Enjoyed the game over all, but it didn’t feel complete.

Pros: really original concept. Great atmosphere. Free.

Cons: short, nearly game breaking bug (link below), collecting crystals was frustrating until I figured out the rules.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Thor hammer time!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Kenopsia on Steam

SMFly: Ice Age

SMFly: Ice Age

this game is similar to another but it is not.

I liked the gameplay and graphics (it’s simple but beautiful).

I advise you to try to play it.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Not a bad toy, the best puzzles. This is the best game you can give your little brother or sister to play.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

SMFly: Ice Age on Steam