《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》

《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》

This game is a simple text adventure game. You need to experience various events and survive in the ghost house. The key factors for survival depend on your various decisions including: attribute growth, exploration routes, use of props, time control, etc.

After going through the difficulties, you can explore the truth of the ghost house, but maybe you can find different stories and surprises when you play for the second time.

The recommended resolution for this game is: 3840×2160 and 1920×1080

**Please note: The game only supports windowed full screen for better resolution performance

Please note: It is recommended not to buy this product for portrait resolution, as it may affect the game screen**

====Recently updated====

2020/08/13 Fixed the problem that some story lines could not continue to progress

2020/08/13 A simple version have launched to make it easier for players to pass levels and understand the plot

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《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》 on Steam

Do You See the Waving Cape

Do You See the Waving Cape

“I thought that life was like a stage, and all the scripts were already written”

“I merely work hard to play the role of a hero and everything will happen as expected”

“But in reality, you can always guess the beginning but not the end.”

“So I was knocked down again and again”

“Until the whole body is bruised”

“Did you see the flying cloak” is created by the studio of Tai Xiaobai, who has been alone created “We Gather One Hundred Thousand Light Years”, “Like Being With You”, “Goodbye Sun and Rain”, and “Secrets in the Story” and all these works completed by one person in two years.

In the game, the cumbersome and redundant UI is removed as much as possible, and with the author’s unique, beautiful and story-like romantic hand-painting style, a touch of sadness is revealed everywhere, but it is warm and healing. As at the end of despair, watching the light. Lonely, beautiful, sad, and warm.

Warm and creative, use fresh and romantic hand-painted style to tell childhood hero dreams. Open the game and have a cross-temporal dialogue about childhood, dreams and memories.

Rich game content

  • The game has 11 chapters and 48 levels. It also incorporates a variety of gameplay combinations such as flying, parkour, maze, puzzle solving, and memory, bringing you a unique game experience.

Minimalist picture

  • The cumbersome and redundant UI is removed as much as possible in the game, and you can immerse yourself in the adventure of the game with just a little bit. It is simple, fun and easy to operate, easy to learn and stress-free.

Original aesthetic style

  • Pure original romantic hand-painting style, dozens of different scene interfaces, fresh and beautiful, bring visual enjoyment to heroes.

6 original soundtracks

  • 6 original high-quality original soundtracks, bring you tension, relaxation and soothing adventure rhythms with different feelings, and feel the ups and downs of life in the rivers and lakes.

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Do You See the Waving Cape on Steam

Kill The Monster Z

Kill The Monster Z

Playthrough here: https://youtu.be/BmZQlos5ycE

This game is only okay if you have masochistic tendencies and you like to see unique takes on video games. I don’t think it’s good and it seems pretty bare bones, but I like the idea and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Kill The Monster Z on Steam

Unforgettable You

Unforgettable You

A delightful free game with 20 chapters to play. The story of a man meeting the love of his life done in a beautiful silhouette style reminiscent of Amphora.

A warning for those people who are not very dexterous. There are platform elements in this game, some requiring precision and others speed. Hence my lengthy time!!

Each chapter has a different environment and they are just gorgeous. Some are darker than others. There are 3 hearts to find in each chapter and they are very easy to find. Some are more difficult to get to than others.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

What a beautiful game! The visuals and soundtrack is stunning (I need the soundtrack in my life haha!) each one completely fitting the mood of each level!

I suck at platformers so it took me a little longer then it would maybe take others, but it’s definitely worth a play!

The story really represents the ups and downs and the different emotions experienced through a relationship with someone, since the very first moment they met them.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Unforgettable You on Steam



DREAMWORLD is a 2D Platform / Puzzle game, in which the player controls three characters, each with different powers, and he must use them to advance through the levels. The objective is to free the goddess Zuri, guardian of Dreamworld.




A nostalgic artistic game about friendship & happiness. Love the ending!

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Really cool story music and animations.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

1Day一天 on Steam

Killer 19

Killer 19

its like katana zero, but your cpu usage goes up to 99%

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Killer 19 on Steam

Life In Yima / 依玛村生活

Life In Yima / 依玛村生活


Real player with 33.1 hrs in game

Just some girls doing business.


Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Life In Yima / 依玛村生活 on Steam

5 Force Fighters

5 Force Fighters


5 Force Fighters is a fast-paced, indie fighting game with flashy combos and a combat system that boasts universal offensive and defensive options. A cast of 5 teens, each gifted with elemental forces, who know nothing of each other, find themselves with a common goal – to stop Ken Sangre from enacting his tyranny.

Combat Features

4 Buttons for Fighting - Weak/Light, Chargeable/Heavy, Force, and Grabs.

Super Force Meter - This meter allows for super moves to be achieved. They are extremely crushing to your opponent.

Potential Meter - Use the unique Potential Force meter to trigger a burst that will send your opponent flying – then you can activate a special power. You can choose 1 out of 5 of these potential forces at any moment.

Critical Counter - This can be used only when blocking. If timed perfectly, you’ll avoid your opponent’s attack and do a counterattack that gives you the advantage by applying hitstun to your opponent.

Chargeables - This has a three level system (lvl 0, lvl 1, and lvl 2). By holding the direction of your choosing, and the chargeable button, the power of this move increases with each level, causing devastating damage.

Force Moves - These can be cancelled into most moves at the cost of meter. This is a flexible combo tool – the bread and butter of 5FF. If you think it will land, it probably will. Some Force attacks can be further enhanced by burning even more meter.

Rollback Netcode - Rollback netcode will provide a very smooth online gameplay experience.

Game Modes

Local and Online play - Fight someone right next to you, or a person across the globe.

Training Mode - Improve your combo game with a little bit of practice.

Story Mode - Follow the stories of Cocoa, Pebbles, Blaine, Pomme, and Stralechi as their reasons for fighting change to meet the ever evolving chaos incited by the Bloodless.


5 Force Fighters on Steam

Caroline’s Abyss

Caroline’s Abyss

Caroline is a young woman who suffers from depression and will have to deal with her biggest fears in a chaotic and dystopian world. On her arduous journey, Caroline must overcome her weaknesses and defeat her own demons. Break through this mysterious world with challenging levels in an enigmatic adventure, help little Caroline in her quest to overcome her losses!

*A 2D plataform game that will challenge your skills as a player.

*A single player experience, an personal adventure on a quest for redemption and overcoming the hardships… or not.

Caroline's Abyss on Steam