Retro Classix: Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja

Epic Co-op Caveman Adventure the best Neanderthal at the end of each level gets the Cave Babe Kiss! Rejoice, Cavemen Rejoice…

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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I never played the original, but the style is still quite nostalgic. And who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Old school difficulty, but fortunately it doesn’t cost to feed quarters.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja on Steam

Fire Boy

Fire Boy

The game tells the story of a boy whose life is changed when he finds an unknown artifact, soon after, a strange being appears asking for his help to recover the dinosaur eggs that were stolen from his planet, the boy receives a beautiful sword and silver fire armor, soon after being trained to master the fire, he begins his adventure by going to the planet Monstrengos in order to recover all the dinosaur eggs that have been stolen.


Unique Phases - There are 50 stages of pure fun, each stage a new mechanic or new enemy, flying platforms, which disappear and rotate, interaction with the scenario, enemy monsters, friendly monsters, one thing is certain, you will see many cute monsters and ugly ones too, in each level you will have to find 3 dinosaur eggs, and don’t even think it will be easy to find them, the little monsters hid them in unimaginable places.

Nice Gameplay - On the keyboard you play well, on the controller you play even better, controlling the hero is a pleasant and cool experience too.

Game Differential - The player will hear comic comments from the hero while playing, but will have the option of not listening to them.

Cute Graphics - Colorful, cute and nostalgic designs.

Original Soundtrack - With lively songs that make you want to hear them.

Armors and Swords - Each armor has its sword and a unique power.

Cool Collectibles - Achievements that will make you happier.

Find Love - I am creating this game with a lot of love and affection in my house, my focus is on the fun, so come and help the Fire Boy quickly recover all the dinosaur eggs and become a Hero.

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Fire Boy on Steam

Timeless Dual

Timeless Dual

Timeless Dual is a retro style action adventure, open world game. Play as a super hero who is on a quest through time to save a group of high school students who have flung themselves throughout history! The world of the game changes as the player travels through seven time periods, collecting currency and upgrades and defeating enemies!

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Timeless Dual on Steam

Jet Kave Adventure

Jet Kave Adventure

Jet Kave Adventure is a steam videogame featuring a nasty backlash snatched level design with crawling suggesting conditions…its a barrel of scarcely fun chapped with glancing array support enhanced with brawling efficient effort put in…love the embassy dinosaurs scrapped in with boned miracles…a arranged allotted certain agendas dragged in ripple designs i give this game a 10/10 lupsided champion styles with a mix of platforming entertainment love the burrito master!!!

Real player with 86.6 hrs in game

very much enjoying jet kave adventure. easy relaxing.

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

Jet Kave Adventure on Steam

Baby Dino Adventures

Baby Dino Adventures

This is a great platformer reminiscent of the old school ones but with a lot of original twists. And let’s face it, everything is so cute! 🤗

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Baby Dino Adventures is a cute 2D platformer in which you control a young baby dinosaur as he collects eggs, destroys crates and makes friends by stomping on their heads. There’s even a vegan option that replaces the collectable steaks by broccoli (HOW CUTE IS THAT!?)

It’s a perfect game for kids (my 5yo daughters loves it!) as well as retro-loving parents who just want to have a great time.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Baby Dino Adventures on Steam

Prehistoric Dude

Prehistoric Dude

Fun casual difficulty metroidvania. Short game with about 2 hrs worth of content. Can be played and completed in one sitting. The controls are good and the enemy units are fun. I love developer lightUp’s range of short games and I’m glad to see many releases from them. The game is slightly buggy when it comes to collision detection but doesn’t affect your gameplay too much.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Pretty short and fairly easy, but it’s cute and it was fun. Hope the team that made it continues to grow and produce more.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Prehistoric Dude on Steam

JumpJet Rex

JumpJet Rex

Hardcore indie retro platformers and time-attack games have been a dime a dozen for years now, but I’m extremely pleased to share that JumpJet Rex is among the very best I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.

To save the Earth from a deadly asteroid, you’ll find yourself loose in a number of (mostly) bite-size levels in which you, a space-faring, rocket-boot-wearing T-Rex, must propel yourself through low gravity around obstacles and enemies, passing through a set number of golden rings to unlock the exit. You can combat enemies (and interact with some obstacles) with both Rex’s spin attack and, cleverly, the emissions from your rocket boots. You earn stars by completing the level and, optionally, by doing so without dying and/or doing so within a challenging time constraint. The progression scheme is reminiscent of Super Mario 64 - you choose non-linearly from an assortment of levels until you have enough stars to unlock the boss battle, and beating the boss unlocks a new assortment of levels, and so on. Coins scattered around the levels can be exchanged for a plethora of cosmetic items and color schemes for Rex, and easter-egg-style “treasures” encourage pushing the envelopes of the level designs and finding ways to explore out of bounds. Couch co-op (!!) is available if you don’t wanna go it alone.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

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Nepiki’s Stats

| Overall length |

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

JumpJet Rex on Steam

Primal Threat

Primal Threat

-Explore an ancient labyrinth consisting of 7 interconnected zones

-Blast cyborg dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures with 6 different weapons (Primal Elements)

-Discover up to 9 upgrades to help defeat your enemies and reach new areas

-Fight alone or take a friend and play 2-player co-op

-Battle 13 challenging bosses

Primal Threat on Steam

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac Returns

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac Returns

I feel like a lot could be done for this game, on a more presentable approach.

Joe and Mac plays a lot like Bubble Bobble, except with a prehistoric theme, which is fantastic on it’s own. You play as either Joe or Mac, two cavemen that rescue cave women from the threats of cutesy enemies. It’s simple enough. I really do dig this game from it’s gameplay to it’s visuals, with it’s nice charming, colorful arcade graphics. Very easy to get into, even though sometimes there’ll be frustrating BS moments in the game like expecting you to be quicker than the hitscan or so.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Easy Single Screen Fun !

Platformers back in the 1980’s and the early 1990’s were often difficult (especially compared to games being released these days). Sometimes we just needed to relax and play something easy and fun in order to mix things up.

Enter ‘Joe & Mac Returns’, released in the year 1994.

This game has the classic 1980’s single screen gameplay, but with all the bells and whistles of the 1990’s.

Expect at least an hour of fun, a few bosses and some good old fashioned “cheeky” humor.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac Returns on Steam



A.S.T.R.A. - a game made in 2D hand-drawn graphics, which is a collection of various mini-games in different genres.

Do you like exciting arcade games, set a new record, and pain in your eyes? Then I suggest giving this game a try!

ASTRA - artificial intelligence that controls the system in the computer space, which was captured by the virus “B” , the purpose of which is complete destruction of the OS. From time to time he will get in touch and try to do something wrong. You take on the role of a simple user facing an infection. Your goal is clear - reset the system by destroying the virus. However, the virus encrypts all the data from your eyes and does not allow it to be done so easily, and in addition, it takes a fee for each action with an impromptu currency, which will have to be earned in games in various genres. Choose a game, buy it, wait for it to load and voila! It’s on your desktop. Everything is almost like in life.

Several mini-games are waiting for you, which will definitely not let you get bored, and will challenge you to a new record.

In Platform Hero you have to literally survive using a grappling hook and a firearm, clinging to platforms. But this will not last long: the hook does not hold up, and the platform keeps dropping. It’s time to catch on to another, but no matter how it is: the enemy is moving towards the hero. It’s time to use your weapon.

Another mini-game in the space network is Planetoids . The goal is the same - to get points, simultaneously destroying asteroids. Here you have complete control over the ship, and the asteroids themselves are split into pieces, which can be caught game over once again.

Dino Island - a runner in which you play as a dinosaur. You have to jump over stones and trees and periodically turn into a pterodactyl, also flying around obstacles.

ASTRA on Steam