This game has incredible movement with a super fun momentum based physics system and I absolutely love it. It has been incredibly satisfying to improve at this game and experiment with all the various items and techniques as well as game modes. The base game is not overly difficult so it’s fairly easy to get in to and there are quite a few compelling alternate game modes.

I give this game a huge recommend and I believe it deserves way more attention than what it has gotten. If you are into movement games, roguelites or platformers of any kind creatorcrate highly worth checking out.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

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Tons of fun! Its a creative platforming game with a fairly open world to play in with a fun storyline so far!

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

CreatorCrate on Steam

Damn Ropes

Damn Ropes

Damn Ropes is this one hard game nobody wants to play because it’s too difficult a challenge but you play it anyway (just don’t tell anyone you play on the ‘Not So Hard’ mode).

You want your own NPC in the game? Join our Discord for more info on this!

There’s no running and jumping in this platformer game. Use your rope to swing from platform to platform. Perform impressive maneuvers, beat diverse challenges and speedrun your way through each level. Oh, did I mention you can fall all the way down to the beginning of each level?

Ah yes. Story. There is a story in this game. There’s actually a pretty deep story in here. But we can’t just throw massive dialogues at you while you try not to fall down. Pay attention to the background and other small details to understand the lore and deeper meaning of the games story. Or don’t. It’s up to you!

So you’re a fan of torturing yourself so you speedrun every single game you can find? Good thing we prepared the game for you! There’s a timer for every level as well as a global timer to track your records. The obvious route to the goal is not always the fastest one (spoiler: It never is).

So the game isn’t difficult enough for you? Then try activating a challenge. Or two. Or all of them. There are challenges like the ‘The Floor Is Not Lava But Very Dangerous’ challenge where you’ve to reach the goal without touching the ground. Or the ‘Your Rope Isn’t As Good As It Should Be’ challenge where you can’t expand or decrease it. If you can beat the whole game with every single challenge activated at once you gained our deepest respect.

We want to create a difficult game, but we also want everyone to enjoy it. So we implemented the ‘Not So Hard’ mode (it just sounds less rude than easy mode). This mode helps a lot when you’ve trouble beating the game. It’s easier to hit the environment with your rope and you can expand and decrease it further.

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Damn Ropes on Steam

Hieroglyph: Prologue

Hieroglyph: Prologue

It is actually a pretty good game with nice char-design and OST. It’s definitely worth the purchase

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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Hieroglyph: Prologue is a 2D retro pixel platformer/brawler built by filling out templates in the godawful GameMaker Studio game construction kit.

While some modicum of effort went into filling out the templates here, as the game features some VN story elements and a surreal back story, at heart it’s still just a bad, clunky GameMaker Studio template flip. It’s impossible to build a great game from a terrible, flawed foundation, no matter how much effort goes into putting lipstick on the GameMaker pig.

Real player with 0.0 hrs in game

Hieroglyph: Prologue on Steam

Pintman:Escape the Lockdown

Pintman:Escape the Lockdown

The pubs have closed, the kegs have run dry and the people are in despair. Guide Pintman on his journey , as he avoids monsters, the gards and a bit of d’aul covid as he searches for the fabled bottmless pint so that the pubs can be reopened, the pints will flow freely again and lockdown can be ended once and for all.

Pintman:Escape the Lockdown on Steam

Beach Restaurant

Beach Restaurant

Not even worth 1 buck.

Just a bad asset flip with no improvement at all, bad game mechanics, poor execution and boring as hell. The “game” is so poorly designed that Level 18 is literally impossible to finish because you never get enough orders in the time allotted and since it takes forever for people to waaaaaaalk to their spot and order, you lose every time. That’s how much thought they put into it.

Assets are one thing but they don’t make a game, thanks for proving it once again.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

I bought this game purely for fun to play and relax. Everything in the game is very simple and straightforward, you serve customer orders. Each client has his own unique taste, you make the wrong dish, you will lose the client. I got positive emotions, I rate the game 8 out of 10 cheeseburgers.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Beach Restaurant on Steam

Blue Boy: Bleeding Out

Blue Boy: Bleeding Out

Bravo Bleeding Blue Boy, basic but brain-bustingly brutal.

Brilliant, bringing back bygone bits.

By Beelzebub, buy Ben’s bloody bargain!

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

an addictive, difficult precision platformer with great controls!

this impulse purchase sure gave me an impulse of happiness and anger. 10/10.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Blue Boy: Bleeding Out on Steam

Destructivator 2

Destructivator 2

Quick Description:

-Destructivator 2 is retro throwback action platformer that is guaranteed to bring you back to gaming in the 90’s. This game is just as brutally challenging as old school games were but there are plenty of modern quality of life improvements sprinkled throughout this gem. This is a great game for those looking to bring themselves back to the good old days of arcade platform shooters.

What’s Good:

-Really easy to learn but there is a really high skill ceiling. This is a game on the surface that appears very simple and that is one of it’s strengths. Your only goal is to kill all enemies while shooting a NES contra-style gun and avoiding damage at all cost, that’s it. As you progress, you will face increasingly difficult challenges that push you to master these fundamental mechanics.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Holy cow!!! If you love retro gaming, this is the game for you! Destructivator 2 captures the very essence of what it means to be “retro”! Great pixel art, tons of action, and crazy difficulty! Unlike a lot of patty cake games today, games back in the day didn’t hold your hand, give you a trophy and a popsicle, pat you on the back, and say “good job” No sir! They kicked you in the teeth, stomped you while you were down and wouldn’t let up! All of that made you tougher and made it feel sooooooo good when you finally beat the game! If you want hours of fun and a true retro “golden age of gaming” experience, then you MUST get Destructivator 2! I’m an indie game tester, and this is one of the best I’ve played!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Destructivator 2 on Steam

Muppy The Bunny : The Danger of Wishes

Muppy The Bunny : The Danger of Wishes

Game is still in the early stages but gameplay is quite fun.

Feedback I can give for now:

  • There’s a typo in the controls description (parahcute).

  • Storyline isn’t quite inviting to read, I’d rather skip through (maybe a shorter storyline with more appealing visuals would do the trick)

  • Pressing P to pause the game would be very useful, as well as a menu to control the volume or change controls.

  • After level 5 or 6 there’s a giant monster coming after you and you lose almost all of your hp in a couple of seconds. It would be better to start this as soon as a control is hit, for the player to prepare on how to do this. –- edit: after like 2 times in this level u’ll figure it out so this is pretty noob critic

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

I don’t think i can put into words how bad this game was, but i’m gonna try anyways. First off this game (to my knowledge) has no save and pause feature, granted it is a short game but the option to quit and come back would be nice. speaking of coming back, since i got the bad ending, to get the good ending i ave to sit through this game through its entirety, which I personally don’t have the willpower for. there are two attacks, both of which suck, the ground attack freezes you entirely, and the air attack puts you into a free-fall state where you cant collect carrots, you don’t die to spikes, and you go through balloons. If there is an enemy above a balloon and it’s too late to glide back to where you jumped from, you are dead. Some of the levels are a visual representation of entropy and chaos and they look like a bad Mario Maker stage. the plot was explained at the beginning and was not further developed throughout the game, so it felt like no progression was being held and the momentum of any story was lost. Speaking of momentum, there is none, moving forward and stopping are the same speed as your fastest speed, which I feel if you are trying to make it like a game from the 90’s you should at least include a core concept that the 80’s got. This game thrusts you into portions that do not explain the gameplay and you just have to figure out itself, many old games would do this, but they came with instruction manuals. The water boss took me about 5 minutes to realize how to beat him since they put you into a room with a boss and no explanation. Anyone who is looking for a fun free game,i would very much not recommend this and I only beat it because I hate myself

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Muppy The Bunny : The Danger of Wishes on Steam

Pro Pain Labs

Pro Pain Labs

Pro Pain Labs is a 2D platformer game with a retro art style. This game seems to looks simple, but the overall quality and art style makes it a good game. The player’s journey starts with easy obstacles and slowly, it becomes difficult, but not impossible.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Game is a mostly fun platformer with emphasis on momentum.

major problems with design of stages leaving me to feel like I am forever waiting on platforms to respawn or return on their journey across the entire stage and back.

Gave up after a stage had me wait on a button for a door to raise.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Pro Pain Labs on Steam

Redneck Rift

Redneck Rift

Every problem can be solved with a shotgun and every solution can be celebrated with an ice cold beer.

Help Cletus quench his thirst after a long hard days work as he platforms his way through the bayou, time and back again in this retro styled, difficult action precision platformer game.

  • Action packed levels filled with enemies and challenging obstacles

  • Mix of closed and open ended levels where you can choose your own path

  • Plenty of babes to rescue… they will thank you later

  • Beer

  • Shotguns

Redneck Rift on Steam