Incremental Epic Breakers

Incremental Epic Breakers

I liked Incremental Epic Heroes (IEH) by the same developer, so I gave it a try. I have to say that at first I didn’t like this one very much. It required a lot of active play, it was very slow to improve, and honestly just breaking blocks wasn’t very fun. I stuck with it though mostly out of loyalty to the developers.

It got a LOT better. First the developers put out an update that speeds the progress early on which was really needed. Secondly, the game modes get interesting later on. The missions are the first start, but it really gets fun with the challenges and as you really start to use the crafting system.

Real player with 469.1 hrs in game

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Not a fun game at all. Only playing this to get rewards on IEH

Multiple bugs and logical errors. Capture shot that costs 5k coins in store doesn’t do anything in challenge when placed, what a waste. If you buy quest rarity, the quests you get are practically impossible to complete by a normal human. You want me open 100 chests in 24 hours? Active play I don’t see more than 5 an hour. 10 mimics in a day? I think I’ve seen 10since I started playing 2 days ago. Too many flaws, don’t waste your time here even if it’s for IEH bonuses

Real player with 291.9 hrs in game

Incremental Epic Breakers on Steam

Dark Pathways

Dark Pathways

Great game! Highly underrated tho. This deserves a lot more attention!

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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Dark Pathways on Steam

Lucky Joe

Lucky Joe

“ Do You Like Dying ?”

Lucy has been Kidnapped, you must go to war to get her back !!

Lucky Joe: core gameplay easy to learn but hard to master, intense gun fights, a touch of humor, tons of enemies, a bit of reflection, great sound tracks…

  • 60 levels split in 4 differents worlds: France, Arabia, Russia, Germany

  • more than 20 hours of game experience

  • 2 game modes: normal and hard

  • more than 10 types of enemies with their own artificial intelligence

  • more than 10 types of different traps

  • more than 15 original and exclusive soundtracks

  • 60 secrets to find

  • high level Action Game with sarcastic humor

  • large and multi paths levels including secret passages and destructible ground

  • a true love story: find who is behind the mask…

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Lucky Joe on Steam

Stress explosion

Stress explosion

10/10 would throw all my stuff out the window again

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Stress explosion on Steam

Killer Dog

Killer Dog

This game is actually more fun than it has a right to be. Give it a chance.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game


Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Killer Dog on Steam



Caveman is a basic templete flip for an auto runner/platformer game. They copied a game template, changed some sprites, dumped it on Steam in the hopes it would return more money than they paid flipping assets for it.

Pure garbage. Like if you even read this review I made, you probably are in trouble. This game is so bad, if you’re reading reviews for it, you need help. DM me I guess? You’re never alone. Look after yourself. There is hope.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

This is just bad, don’t pay money for this.

Looks like someone made their first game in an auto game generator and tried to sell it for a quick buck.

Crap controls, annoying music, annoying generic stock art, annoying everything.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Caveman on Steam

Actraiser Renaissance

Actraiser Renaissance

First of all, this is a QUINTET remaster. The mere fact that this game exists is a tremendous blessing for a certain cult fanbase.

The obvious bias aside, is the game good?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE

It’s obvious that a lot of faithful effort was put into remastering this game. From including Yuzo Koshiro’s amazing soundtrack and accompaniment to the astounding artwork given to the many characters, menus and intro cutscene. People put their sweat and tears into this, and it shows in that regard.

Real player with 54.0 hrs in game

A great example on how to make a remake. Renaissance does an excellent job of bring the original SNES games action and town sim into a modern era with new graphics, classic and remixed soundtrack, and expanded story that makes you feel more immersed in what was a somewhat bare-bones world before.

The new artwork is great and the story telling is actually quite deep. Everything reads like a positive psalm with the writing really showing some great character development and overall storytelling. Which is good as all the new characters do little gameplay wise. The story is the only way you will interact and learn about the characters and their backstories.

Real player with 40.9 hrs in game

Actraiser Renaissance on Steam



As the end approaches, the two men ride a train to the city of hope. Hurry up and board the train!


  • A fierce struggle on the train

There is no proper means of transportation in the world ahead of the end. You get on an old train and then you run towards your destination. You can’t run away from monsters anymore and you can’t hide anywhere. Take your gun and fight the threat!

  • Strengthening gun parts

There’s not enough supplies in the end-of-life world. Get the Material, reinforce the weapons' parts, and kill all the monsters that flock to the train!

  • The appearance of an uninvited guest

Different uninvited guests threaten trains depending on the region! Gather all the clues to kill the uninvited guests and knock them down!

  • multi-ending

The end of this journey is not one. What will be the end of the world?

  • XBOX360 Pad Support
En-Train on Steam

Jungle Rumble

Jungle Rumble

No settings, no info, bad controls and poor design.

Not recommended even on a sale.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Lucky me gets to write the first review for Jungle Rumble.

Jungle Rumble is a “template flip”, that is to say, it’s a “game” that has been produced by copying a game template from GameMaker Studio, changing a few things, then dumping the barely functional “product” on Steam as a cheap, nasty cash grab. In this case it was a GameMaker Studio template for doing a simple retro arcade shooter/platformer/ripoff of Contra (only worse). GameMaker Studio is a very poor quality game construction kit, and results in terrible games like this one.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Jungle Rumble on Steam

LeHweng LeHweng

LeHweng LeHweng

If you want some fast,funny, puzzle. Play this game B)

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

LeHweng LeHweng on Steam