Citadale - The Awakened Spirit

Citadale - The Awakened Spirit

Scanlines should be a mandatory feature for all retro-style games. It adds so much to Citadale.

If you want to see Citadale and its difficulty in action, watch my video. Take old-school Castlevania, add a second item slot, the generosity of checkpoints, and a couple of odd design choices. Stages can be tackled in any order, with the castle acting as a sort of hub. Bosses are painfully difficult.

You have a shield that is sometimes useful. If you pick up a subweapon, I hope you were paying attention because the one you just had is gone. (This is my only serious complaint. I wish you dropped the previous one so you could switch back, especially with the two slots available.) Some enemies bleed poison that will hurt you. Being deliberate and having good timing is the key to everything.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

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I wanted to like this game but I couldn’t… Graphics are fine, music is OK, animations are meh, enemy IA non existent and story, I didn’t gave it the chance.

IA is the main reason I’m not recommending this game. Enemies seems to move randomly or using some kind of pathfinding algorithm in order to reach you, which some times is just painful. There’s a boss who will move immediately after being hit, sometimes it will move in your direction… sometimes it wont, aaaand if you enter the room without a subweapon you can throw upwards you might end up dying of boredom waiting for the boss to move down so you can reach it. Also I don’t recomend it because I hate instakill spikes…

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Citadale - The Awakened Spirit on Steam

Goosen’t: Run or Die!

Goosen’t: Run or Die!

Goosen’t: Run or Die is a hard but fair 2D platformer where you control Duk, a goose wizard. Having lost a bet with Astaroth, one of the lords of hell, Duk has found himself cursed to run endlessly, or else perish. Help the wizard in his journey to gather the magical crystals needed to reach the deep pits of hell and challenge Astaroth for one last fight to break the curse once and for all. And, please, don’t let him bet anything this time.


  • Let nothing stop you: leap, dash and run across 50 hand-crafted levels while you flee from the bomb demons of Pointy Mountains, dodge the enemies hidden in the shadows of the Ancient Spruce Forest, and avoid sinking in the burning lava of Hell.

  • Exorcise the demons: slay the minions of hell Astaroth sent to stop you and defeat his guardians in boss fights with unique mechanics.

  • Physics based objects: use real-time physics to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and smash the bizarre creatures of the underworld.

  • Unleash the wizard: unlock skills to break through walls and blast foes with mini supernovas.

  • Customize your goose: find collectibles to unlock new wigs, hats, shoes and more!

  • Be quick or be dead: earn rewards by completing levels as quickly as you can

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Goosen't: Run or Die! on Steam

Gretchen: Queen of Crows

Gretchen: Queen of Crows

Rise from the Ashes

Gretchen: Queen of Crows is a dark fairy-tale-like action adventure game that follows a little girl named Gretchen, and her friend Baldrek the crow, as they try to survive in a world corrupted with demonic magic.

After a vicious attack on her home that disrupted her once quiet life, Gretchen must find out why she is being ruthlessly hunted by the demon Paimon and his legion of demonic creatures. Join Gretchen and Baldrek as they seek answers in a dangerous and unforgiving fantasy world. Will Paimon find the two of them, or will they find him first?


  • Explore a beautifully twisted hand-drawn fantasy world.

  • Jump, dash, and glide your way through organic environments using Baldrek’s polymorphic abilities.

  • Use Gretchen’s gift of fire to deliver deadly attacks.

  • Battle a cast of disturbing creatures inspired by dark folklore, all with their own set of damaging attack sets.

  • Collect ancient grimoires to unlock new and dynamic abilities.

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Gretchen: Queen of Crows on Steam

Killer Dog

Killer Dog

This game is actually more fun than it has a right to be. Give it a chance.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game


Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Killer Dog on Steam



Play as a super skilled combatant, with superhuman speed and agility. Fight against merciless demons, while dashing and jumping to dodge evil traps through carefully designed levels.

Infinite ammunition always

The focus of Humanless is on the fun of shooting and platforming. You don’t need to save the ammo of your favorite weapon: pull the trigger as much as you wish and have fun watching low resolution demons being shattered to pieces.

Fast and responsive movements on the controller that suits you best

Enemies shooting with a real intention to kill and pits of acid waiting to be jumped through will require of you a lot of dexterity. For this reason, Humanless allows you to play both on the joystick or using the keyboard and mouse.

Carefully designed levels

Each level was carefully designed and tested to be unique, fun and challenging yet fair. Checkpoints after each section ensure that your progress will never be lost.

20 Levels distributed in three episodes

Start in a devastated city, enter questionable military research labs, and attempt to finish your journey going down to the hell itself.

An elegant action platformer

No walls of text of story. No infinite repetitions of the same section of a level. In Humanless, each level is unique and brings something new, providing an experience that stays fresh throughout the whole game.

Humanless on Steam



Yako is a 2D story-driven hand-drawn platformer. Using your wind-powered abilities, explore a mystical underground world, solve the mystery plaguing the area surrounding Mount Inari, and earn a place among the deities of the Japanese pantheon.

Yako on Steam

Blue fencer Resurrection

Blue fencer Resurrection

A 2D action game featuring the Action editor hero “Yashiyu”.

The castle of Demon King Santa has 8 stages full of powerful enemies.

Invincible dash slash, powerful slash, 6 types of sub weapons.

Make full use of various techniques to overcome the magic castle.

== STORY ==

The mysterious Demon King descended from the other world and led a powerful army to conquer the earth. Many races surrendered to the Demon King and those that resisted were mercilessly exterminated. When everyone was about to give up hope…….without any warning, a brave man appeared.

‘My name is Yasiyu……..’

The blue-haired man left that alone and set out.

The Demon King, who was about to unite the earth, was praying in the temple.

‘Come or Yasiyu let’s settle this.’

Putting an end to the repeated fate, that was also the purpose of the Demon King.

He is the star of hope, the one who saves the earth, the one who is destined to be a brave man. In the eyes of the demons he is a hardcore executioner.

== Game systems ==

The hero consumes SP when he uses the technique.

SP will recover over time.

The main character’s HP decreases when it is attacked by an enemy.

If HP becomes 0, it will be a mistake.

If the hero makes a mistake, HP and SP will increase.

Even people who are not good at action can clear it if they try without giving up.

If you make a mistake, the score you get will decrease, and the score will decrease over time.

Action gamers who are confident in their arms should aim for no mistakes and speed clearing.

== Controls ==

It supports Xinput and DirectInput gamepads, but menu display and shutdown can only be operated with the keyboard.

Please delete the recorded replay from Explorer.

Please select joystick movement in the controller settings.

Blue fencer Resurrection on Steam

Hell Invades Heaven

Hell Invades Heaven

Read carefully, as this story is too boring to read it again.

You, an absolutely newbie hellish commander, gain the possibility* to prove that all rumors about your person are at least 28% wrong, and you are in fact capable of commanding small forces in the greatest Hell vs Heaven war that ever happened**.

Put on your Unterleutnant uniform and do your job.

What you probably want to know:

  • 15*** almost beautiful, challenging levels on Hell, Earth and Heaven scenery.

  • 10 different minions, so you don’t need to do everything yourself.

  • A lot of challenging puzzles that may be impossible to solve for people under 5 y.o.

  • Interesting dialogues for full silent cinema experience.

  • You can decorate Devil with tattoos****.

  • Beware of holy water!


_* of course if you buy or torrent game, otherwise you will be seen as uncappable of this tasks for the rest of your life

** at least in this dimension; C137 and D2R2 are much more interesting in this case

*** circa about, I run out of fingers counting

**** butterfly on back is strictly forbidden!_

Hell Invades Heaven on Steam

Nice Spice

Nice Spice

Nice Spice takes JRPG-like elements (in-depth story segments, towns, equipment, leveling, etc) and combines it with randomized action-platformer battles.


In an enigmatic hellish underworld, different queer furry folk on their own journeys find one another and quickly form friendships and band together. They learn of mysterious arcane spices that when consumed, giant monsters and dungeons are summoned. With different personal goals and needs they decide that working together to collect the spices and conquer the dungeon is the best way to move forward, even if the path is full of dangers and peril. They travel through caves of guts and bones, goo, etc.

The story will feature themes of sexuality, mental health, queer comradery, and finding a sense of place in a hostile world.


The game has an ensemble cast of playable characters and NPCs, such as:

  • Oregano, the perpetually anxious green canine who must rescue his boyfriend captured by a cultist.

  • Yonko Donko, the donkey who taps into her inner butch badass when she learns to channel her punk idol.

  • Preston, the nudist burnout shopkeeper who scavenges the ground for items.

  • Marble, the otherworldly latex-clad being who is a total sweetie.

  • A furry dragon with a thing for being tied up.

  • Clyde, mysterious mummy, possibly hibernates in an egg made of bandages.

  • Two mysterious canine demons who love prophecies, and have a floating head mascot creature pal.


The fighting revolves around action-platforming and randomization. Once you get into an encounter with an enemy in a dungeon or in a random battle, you must complete a series of random-generated rooms with varying terrain and enemy placements, as well as random powerups when you defeat enemies, etc. You’ll also be focusing on managing XP, equipment, coins, finding shops etc.

Aside from the action segments, the other equally major focus of the game is on the story segments. You’ll spend lots of time getting to know the ensemble cast, spending time with eccentric townsfolk, and progressing a large story. The main story will be linear but you’ll be given freedom to explore and find denizens to hang out with to also further the plot.

In all there are several different views and modes used to traverse the game’s world:

  • side-view random-gen action platforming battles

  • side-view to explore towns and caves, very chill

  • a top-down dungeon-crawling view, very trippy

  • a SNES-style psuedo 3D overworld

  • and scripted story segments will bring you to new areas too


A few accessibility options we’ll include:

  • turn off screenshake & tone down flashy effects

  • slow down time for all battles, to make the game easier to control

  • hide nude illustrations

Nice Spice on Steam

Castlevania Advance Collection

Castlevania Advance Collection

pretty good collection all 3 of castlevania gba games and Dracula X super nintendo game rewinding and save stating your game.

Real player with 58.9 hrs in game

Simple collection with all Castlevania GBA games. It’s the same games you know and love from that era, perfectly emulated. If you want to revisit them, this is the best way to do it.

Real player with 37.1 hrs in game

Castlevania Advance Collection on Steam