Midnight Renegade

Midnight Renegade

This game is awesome, I sincerely hope that the creator continues to provide some support or updates for the game, because if it was a little longer and well worked, I would easily pay for the game, obviously it has its errors, the design of the “phases” is a little strange, the difficulty curve is really steep, the last boss being much more difficult than the 3rd boss, here is a list of things that I think should be fixed:

  • The 2nd version of the 4th boss (the one of the conquest), has too much life, I would prefer it to have less life and do more damage

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

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Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Midnight Renegade on Steam

Tax Fugitive

Tax Fugitive

Difficult but really nice 2d platformer! I really like it! I’m not very good at it! But I still really like it! No real complaints about the game!

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

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Nice pixel styled 2d platformer. Cool character and lot of levels 16 and most levels are enough difficult at least to me. Very cool 2d platformer and also with very affordable price. I hope more achievements but otherwise this is great way to spend few evenings

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Tax Fugitive on Steam




*** 电影般的硬派剧情**


*** 沉浸式的模拟体验**


*** 个性十足的出场角色**


*** 自由开放的成长系统**


*** 大开脑洞的越狱路线**


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动物迷城 on Steam



Purchased this game for $1.99 today based upon the video of the game play as I love RGS (Run & Gun Shooters) like this and it’s not half bad. My only gripe is that you have to play the game with the damn keyboard using WASD for directions and the J button to shoot your gun and the K button to jump. My suggestion to the programmer is to put in controller support. With controller support this game would be totally fun to play instead of just “neat”. It’s the game mechanics of SHINOBI with the look and feel of Rolling Thunder or Dead Fox: Human Weapon (Codename Viper) but with a Satanic Occult twist to it. I like the main character’s name is Sgt. Kick Ass. LOL It’s $1.99 so one can’t complain too much, if you’re willing to adjust to the WASD +J&K Keyboard layout (to me fingers are too close), I’d say Buy the game. I really do hope in the future it gets controller support. It could’t be that hard to do.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Zahhak on Steam

Shutter Heist

Shutter Heist

Shutter Heist is an 8-bit Crime Adventure, with a focus on quick moving, quick thinking, and legally debatable puzzles!

“Window shopping for the morally questionable!"

The Game

Shutter Heist is an 8-bit, Side-Scrolling, Crime Simulator at its core. Allowing for slow strategic game-play for those looking to be immersed, or fast paced, fast reaction, puzzle rapid fire for those living on the edge! Shutter Heist makes does not discriminate on criminal history, so the wide range of game-play options puts the heists success or failure in your hands! Your goal is to break in to as many storage units as you can, grab as much as you can carry and get out of there! However with rising crime level levels in the storage unit department has lead to a major upgrade in security. It is not as simple as hacking a various locks anymore… or is it?

The Game-play

Making your way through a storage depot and picking off the locks one by one may not sound too bad, but try to do it with a no nonsense security guard or is 3 weeks away from retirement breathing down your back. Luckily not only are you a master of hacking unique and surprisingly game like locks, you are also a master of stealth, being able to hide in almost any situation! Will you let him pass, or try to out run him? One thing is for sure, if you get caught, the heist is over!

The Puzzles

Shutter Heist contains over 8 types of reaction based and visual puzzles, each with over 100 variations total, keeping the player on their little 8-bit toes, every time! Simplistic design, and instructions aims to be easy to pick up, but hard to master, just like real crime!

Shutter Heist on Steam



overall 3/10

badly designed and implemented game.

after first few minutes interest to play is gone.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

An excellent shooter where we play as mafia cats.

There are a lot of different opponents in the game, namely: jackals, mice, wolves and many others.

And the best part is that the game is not very demanding with the characteristics of a computer.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

CatMafia on Steam

One Escape

One Escape

One day, three buddies decided to rob a bank.

But something went wrong and the cops showed up…

Now, these feisty felons need to smarten up and make the most incredible jailbreak.

Find the way to freedom while hiding from the guards, searching for key cards to open the locked doors, and avoiding dangerous pitfalls!

Complete 60 levels, and get out of prison at any cost!


  • 60 levels to escape

  • Three characters with unique abilities

  • Challenging levels with puzzles and traps


One Escape on Steam

Revenge on the Streets 3

Revenge on the Streets 3

In this new and last continuation, the wife of the former crime boss assumes her role as boss and puts an end to the life of the game’s protagonist’s brother, helps Karina and her family get the last fight in “Revenge On The Streets” and overthrow each of the criminals involved.

● This game has big aspirations in the classic mega drive games like “street of rage”

● Super rigid control schemes designed for keyboards and controllers.

● compatibility with xbox 360 control for one or two players

● Art style, hand-drawn.

● Hardcore difficulty with over 49 different enemies

● has 5 playable characters plus 4 unlockable secret characters

Revenge on the Streets 3 on Steam

City of Rampage

City of Rampage

City of Rampage is a side-scrolling beat’em up game inspired by such SEGA Classics as “Streets of Rage” and “Comix Zone”, with advanced fighting mechanics, with challenging tough enemies and even tougher bosses.

This journey won’t be easy, but beautiful hand drawn visuals and dope soundtracks will make sure you will be coming back for more.

See you in City of Rampage!

City of Rampage on Steam

Lady in Mystery

Lady in Mystery

I enjoyed Lady in Mystery very much. I’m sad it’s over.

This is Yuri. You play a few characters in this VN. At first I was confused about who is who because the narration changes between them. I hadn’t realized that until I noticed that at the bottom right corner, the initials of the character’s name you are about to play as, shows up. Suddenly everything made sense. lol

The main character is Heesoo/Seol-Young and she is the one you play as most of the time. She is a woman pretending to be a man due to her tragic past. She lives and works with her servant Woosung and they pretend to be brothers. While working as private detectives they help people and also investigate the whereabouts of the person that

! killed Heesoo’s family and ruined their lives.

Real player with 63.9 hrs in game

After Black Closet (and it’s since 2016!), it was such a long time to find the next proper yuri game that suit my taste. I do enjoy those lighted-heart, heart-warming, gentle, simple plot yuri game like OshiRabu, Perfect Gold or Those without voice, but I WANT something more serious. And this is it! I’m glad Lady in Mystery got localization! Especially since it was such an old game (it was out in Korean since 2012). Oh how I wish LiM have voice acting while playing, it would be AMAZING. ILJIMAE BEST GIRL!

Real player with 60.2 hrs in game

Lady in Mystery on Steam