Pyramid Plunge

Pyramid Plunge

Pyramid Plunge is a game inspired from the classic spelunking platformers, adding a lot of humour for all ages bringing back the handcrafted pixel-art platforming of the 90s. You’ll explore creature-infested, ever-changing pyramids. Will you be able to dodge the devious traps & get past evil creatures lurking around every corner? Oh! And don’t leave your terrified partner behind!!

  • Play with lovable characters of Giorgio and Felicie, an unlikely couple each with their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Navigate your way through hordes of ancient evil creatures while exploring procedurally generated pyramids.


  • Craft weapons by decoding blueprints from murals and collecting scraps.

  • Collect lost treasures, and buy powerful upgrades and hilarious weapons from the friendly merchant Naeem (who is lost as much as you are!)


  • Explore alone or Co-op with a friend. Or battle it out in a VS match where you – create exquisite chaos with bananas, frying pans, landmines, boomerangs and anything that comes under your hand to steal your opponent’s loot. Just remember to protect your partner at all times!

  • Cross four ancient kingdoms with their own distinct environments and secrets to be uncovered as you make your way down to the exit.


  • Streamer Mode allows Twitch Streamers to let their audience to interact and cause even more havoc. Streamers can let them vote for level modifiers, events, and other surprises. They can ALSO control the Streamer’s partner or even the Bosses!

  • Rewind anytime during the game, and play it in slow-mo replicating those awesome VCRs of the 90s. Re-see the spontaneous hilarious moments that you create.


  • Compete in the daily Pyramid of the Day, where a randomly generated pyramid is kept for 24 hours, together with its leaderboard. Battle it out on the leaderboard, and if you are in the top-spot, you can claim your Pharaoh of the Day title on the game’s Discord !

  • The time is always ticking… if you lurk around for too long, the pyramid will start flooding. Who knew pyramids could flood!? Take what you can, and go go go!

Pyramid Plunge is currently scheduled for an Early Access release later this year, with a full release to follow 3-4 months after.

“What would you call a Pharaoh who farted infrequently?

You can call him toot-uncommon!”

That’s the best joke Giorgio came up with, to try calm Felicie down when they got lost in the Great Pyramid. Meet Giorgio and Felicie. She likes reading and visiting museums and old temples. He likes beer and farting! Their visit to the Great Pyramid was a DISASTER! They got separated from their group. And entered a cursed chamber by mistake where they woke up the Great Pharaoh! The pyramid suddenly became alive with crawling mummies and other creatures. Will they put their differences aside and find their way out?

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Pyramid Plunge on Steam

Demolition Game

Demolition Game

This is an interesting puzzle leisure game. You need to control the springboard and use it to bounce the ball.

When the ball touches the yellow box, the yellow box can be eliminated.You need to remove all the yellow boxes.

The operation is very simple. Click the left side of the screen to move to the left, and click the right side of the screen to move to the right.

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Demolition Game on Steam

Eager For Den

Eager For Den

Eager for then is the metroidvania cooperative survival game in which each character has his or her own pros and cons, try to choose your best team depending on the strengths or weaknesses and gameplay style.

At the moment you are trying to survive you should be preparing for the next catastrophic events, there is no time for rest, explore the world and find and craft the best tools to survive the next event, predict events its not possible, then you and your friends should be prepare for anything or maybe some magic can help with predictions.

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Eager For Den on Steam



Good good

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Polyslime on Steam

The lost artifacts

The lost artifacts

In the lost artifacts you visit many locations in the hunt of the 4 lost artifacts! On your journey you can collect crafting materials and make your own potions or gear at the crafting shop! Battle many different kinds of monsters and fight bosses in dungeons! Find your way through 4 different worlds and enjoy beautiful fantasy orchestral music!

Key Features:

  • unlock new locations as you level up

  • 2 more players will join your party along the way!

  • collect crafting materials and craft rare potions and gear at the crafting shop

  • visit the rare vendor for special items

  • enjoy beautiful fantasy orchestral music

Can you discover all the locations to find the lost artifacts?

The lost artifacts on Steam

Blacksmith Village

Blacksmith Village

Let’s pay off the debt by running the smithy left behind by my grandfather.

Healing game to grow a small forge.

  • Collect recipes and make various equipment. Equipment can be crafted without a recipe.

  • Let’s accept requests from customers visiting the forge and receive rewards. If intimacy increases, may something good happen?

  • Send your pet to the dungeon to get the materials you need to make equipment. If you’re lucky, you might find a hidden treasure?

  • Let’s enjoy a healing life while feeling the little happiness of decorating the smithy.

  • When you pay off your grandfather’s debt, various events occur.

Blacksmith Village on Steam

Earth Elements

Earth Elements

The game is great, definitely worth the buy. I love the game-play, and the overall freedom that the game offers without overwhelming me. There is a lot of in-game content and new things I can explore with each time playing, so it seems like ill never get bored of it. I am super excited to see where the game goes as it continues development.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Earth Elements on Steam

Trolley Simulator

Trolley Simulator

Let’s craft a new car!

And make a hole-in-one in the black hole!

Here is a new 2D car crafting physics game!

What kind of game is it?

  • A game that will make you laugh with its physics!

  • A game that you love your cute assistant and put him/her in a black hole.

  • A score attack game where you try to beat the world’s fastest score.

  • A creative game that you create a new stage

    A super brushed up version of the work that won first place in the “fun” category of the Unity 1 week game jam!

Trolley Simulator on Steam



fun little time killer needs a tweak on how many red jems you get as i have to decide what i am going to buy in the store and there is no way to make more than the insufficient amount the game gives. overall worth the money spent

Real player with 196.5 hrs in game

farm lover… super easy and relax, but boring

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

ZenFarm on Steam

Himno - The Silent Melody

Himno - The Silent Melody

TL;DR: Unique experience with plenty of depth and replayability, but not necessarily what everyone is looking for.

If you’re not sure whether or not to buy it, do try the demo – it’s got plenty of playtime, and all of your progress will transfer over into the main game.


  • Procedural generation. (Much of the game is generated somewhat randomly, yet flows together.)

  • Moderately high replayability. It’s not Factorio or Minecraft, but it can definitely draw you in.

  • Relaxed yet engaging combat.

Real player with 69.2 hrs in game

TL;DR: Very nice little hidden gem! NEEDS more attention. Absolutely worth the price, sunk 33 hours so far at time of review. Odd little mix of roguelike and persistent progression. Exploration focused, somewhat challenging platforming, very punishing bullet-spam combat. So far I’ve enjoyed it, though I wouldn’t classify it as the pinnacle of gaming yet. Depends on what other content is added.

It’s odd because it has a persistent base world you can store equipment in and customize, but the rest is very roguelike - you take whatever you decide to bring with you to these realms; you have limited ways to return to the home-area with all your stuff intact, the only guaranteed one being beating a boss. Death returns you to base with no stuff except yellow gems - aka money; which are only used at occasional vendors in you find exploring. So essentially you can choose to stow your stuff and come back kitted out after farming a bit which I’d say is required to beat the extremely punishing bosses. Otherwise, it’s a mostly chill - occasionally incredibly stressful - little exploration platformer. Can’t wait for more

Real player with 38.6 hrs in game

Himno - The Silent Melody on Steam