O.M.S is a casual story-driven 2D Sci-Fi Platformer where you control L10 (Nicknamed Leo) as his world is threatened by SIMPHONY the very AI that powers his planet. L10 will be avoiding dangerous obstacles and enemies as he hopes to repair SIMPHONY and save his world.

  • Featuring Sci-Fi Visuals

  • A Fully Voiced Storyline

  • And Beautifully Drawn Dynamic Comic Style Cutscenes

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O.M.S on Steam

Wind from city

Wind from city

This is an anime visual novel that tells the story of human beings wandering to a survivable planet with 42% oxygen content after the destruction of the earth. Human beings cultivated through genes have developed 2800 years later. Because of the high oxygen content, various giant species live on this windy planet. Human beings have gradually evolved magic energy.


1. Tell the story in 2D comic style

2. Rich plot and story

3. What kind of society will a windy planet develop?

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Wind from city on Steam



Yako is a 2D story-driven hand-drawn platformer. Using your wind-powered abilities, explore a mystical underground world, solve the mystery plaguing the area surrounding Mount Inari, and earn a place among the deities of the Japanese pantheon.

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Yako on Steam

Panda Hero

Panda Hero

In this fun and thrilling jump-and-run game, you’ll keep pushing yourself to new heights! As a fearless panda hero, you’ll traverse four imaginatively designed worlds. Whether in an icy winter landscape, in airy heights above the clouds or in dark caves, on your journey you will overcome all abysses and other obstacles with skilfully executed running and jumping.

To get to your destination quickly, clear away all creatures and nasty enemies that get in your way. Use your indestructible bamboo stick or fire a limited number of stones to attack and defend yourself. Be nimble and quick to collect all bonus items and coins lying around to gain new powers and skills. Discover all hidden treasures! But don’t forget to strengthen yourself with enough food that you pick up in passing.

Experience over 50 funny, rousing and action-packed levels. In each world there is an exciting boss fight waiting for you at the end. Get carried away and enjoy hours of addictive gameplay!


  • Thrilling jump-and-run fun on over 50 levels

  • 4 different, imaginatively designed worlds

  • Overcome numerous dangers to reach your goal

  • Various challenging opponents stand in your way

  • Exciting boss fights in the last level of each world

  • Hours of gameplay with a high addictive factor!

Panda Hero on Steam

The OrangeRice

The OrangeRice

Amazing details on the artwork of the game, it has 4 parallax as its background and every character has its fun animation. The music is great and the gameplay is great also, its like having two games in one, i love it!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Just started playing the game and it’s fun and challenging. It has lots of potential and well worth the price. I highly recommend for all indie game fans out there and for those who love a challenge… can’t wait for part 2!

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

The OrangeRice on Steam

Bot Gaiden

Bot Gaiden

Not for the faint of heart, Bot Gaiden is all ACTION, EXECUTION, AND SPEED. Ninja robots Robyu and Bytron race to recover the power skulls that have been stolen by each of Giorqio’s 6 Hench-bots. Slicing everything in their path, they must reach their destination quickly. The Hench-bots grow stronger with time and exposure to the skulls.

The faster you go, the easier the fight. However, going faster means putting yourself in harm’s way. You’ll break out in a cold sweat trying to figure out the most efficient path through each stage.

Designed to be shared, no matter what the skill mismatch might be. Got a child that’s just learning? Team up. Got a buddy that just sucks at action games? Bring ‘em on! You can teleport to your partner at any time: lagging players can instantly catch up, and experienced players can lend a helping hand, instantly. Speaking of catching up, the trailing player is automatically equipped with additional recovery speed. No more bad old days. No fighting over skill gears either: when one player picks one up, both are equipped! Become a tag team terror with BotSwat, which sends your partner flying across the screen in an invincible fireball!

Momentum is key. Keeping skill gears leads to speed boosts (you lose skill gears when you take damage). Fast finishes enable upgrades. Upgrades enable faster finishes. Bronze and Silver rewards give you the edge to break through the Gold clear time and earn things like Triple Jump, Super Drill, Glider Bombs, and more! Plot your chain of attack accordingly.

  • Challenging gameplay

  • Casual, Normal, Hardcore, and Ludicrous difficulty settings

  • Single-hit kills

  • No hidden areas - concentrate on the action

  • Beat the bosses and earn their rewards in any order

  • Earn gold rewards to survive the endgame gauntlet

  • Unlockables!

Bot Gaiden on Steam

HuH?: and the Adventures of something

HuH?: and the Adventures of something

‎⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀T̯̟͎̰hi͓̻̣̟s̜̔ i͓͓̖̋ͥͤs̟ ͆ͥ̈̆ä̖̗̥̭̬̘̬ͧ̀͐ͪͪͩ ͍͍̙͂ͥ̀p͔̫̺̤͉̳̬̅̾ͮ̋̋̋̍r͛̇ͪ͋̅ͩ͒et̘̼̭͙ͭ̀̈́̚ty̬̲̆̇ ͕̜͑ͥa͔͙͙̮̯̯͒̂͑̽͒͑̍ͅwe̲͎̪͎̓ͫ̾ͬs̝o͚͎͊̽m̟͖̼̙̭̃̒́́͊ḛ̫̲͓̳͎̜ͤ̓̑̋ͫͬ͊ G͕̗a͐͂̌͆m̞̗͈̱͋̽̓͌e̺̲̙̮̪ ͕̯͓͎̘̻fŏ̾̉̏̌̿̑r͓ͬ ĵ̪̦̃us̤̳̲͕̦̝̣ͫ̉̉̋̍̓͑ṯ̞̹ͦ̀͛ ̖̣̪̮͖̬̤ͦ̒̄̽͒̈ͨ7̟͕̖̤ͬ̿ͪ̽9̠̎ ̲̈́c͇͔͍͊̔͛e̘nt̒s̱͐ ͓͈̝̟̝̖


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀-̈́̊̍ ͒ͫ͌ͧͦI͆̌ͣt̯͓͉̓͌̄ ̭̹̺̔͋̅h̦̜ͣ̍a̝͙ͭ́s ̜̲̭͕̯̠a̾̄͗ͦ̿̌c̩ͬh̺̱̖̥͎͐̋ͫ̊̎̓ͅī͕̮ͤeṽĕ̐̇̔̀̍̋m̰͖͉̗̂̏̂̐e̩̬n̯ͩts ̓͋̀̾̑

Real player with 39.4 hrs in game

Short version:

Huh? This game is stupid, but so are you so you should get it!

This is literally the best game in the world right now no jokes.

Long version:

This game is really silly, but loads of fun and has loads of Easter eggs, You play as you, a loser, you are the wrong guy for the job but a giant squid God has forced you onto an adventure which will leave you going ‘Huh?’ the whole way through! Throw rocks. blow stuff up with grenades! even shoot lasers and lock on plasma bolts as you gain abilities the further on you play. Each zone has a end boss waiting for you too!

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

HuH?: and the Adventures of something on Steam

Lila’s Tale and the Hidden Forest

Lila’s Tale and the Hidden Forest

Lila’s Tale and the Hidden Forest adds a new story chapter for Lila, from the same developers of the award-winning game, Lila’s Tale. In this adventure, Lila will discover the secrets of the Hidden Forest of Solaria, its woods, desert and frozen mountains.

In this classical inspired 2D game, the players will cross challenging sceneries with magical themes, join forces with the forest animal and defeat the enemies that are ruining the forest. Lila and Flee are quite the duo and their friendship power is shown by cooperating to use magical power and gliding together!

In the full game version, there will be a two-players gameplay, where Lucas, Lila’s brother, will be a playable character and help save the forest. And more, Lila and Flee are having different clothes for each scenario!

Some features!

  • Explore the scenery looking for the magical Owl Eggs!

  • Defeat various enemies!

  • Glide and attack with the help of your friend, Flee!

  • Collect feathers to gain more score!

  • Find hidden passages!

  • Join forces with magical animals that will help you through the journey!

Lila's Tale and the Hidden Forest on Steam

SciGirl: The Internship

SciGirl: The Internship

SciGirl: The internship is a 2D action-adventure platformer game about a Science Girl, who goes by the name Sonia, who started an internship in a laboratory where she and her professor are working on stabilizing a chemical that was invented by the professor with which you can shrink or enlarge objects and living matter. Sonia will be looking for the professor, who disappeared because of a mistake he made while working with the chemical. During her adventure, she will face different enemies, will have to collect items and solve puzzles.

SciGirl: The Internship on Steam



Welcome to the world of Witchfall, a land filled with wizards, witches and just about every magical creature you can think of. Legend has it that there is an all powerful object known as the Hawk’s Legacy. To protect this legacy from falling into the wrong hands, it must be kept moving, and thousands of delivery mages traverse the land each day with the assumption they may be carrying said object.

Meanwhile in Ludwick Town, five hopeful little wizards and witches in training are hoping to take on this task one day, and are about to start their final exams. Under the wing of the Great Master Divarnas, they’re sure to have quite the adventure..

- Koemi -

Koemi’s an energetic kitten who dreams of becoming the world’s most powerful sorceress! She’s a bit overconfident and quick tempered, but she has no tolerance for evil and is always willing to help anyone in trouble.

- Rez and Orbessa -

Rez and Orbessa are two inseparable best friends who work wonderfully as a team. Rez can come across as air headed and not always aware of dangers around him… but he’s brave and always ready to protect his friends. Orbessa, however, tends to worry a little too much - but everyone knows that comes from her loving little heart.

- Sloberg -

Sloberg is surprisingly a speedy turtle who wants to pass his exam first-try on principle, and to prove to everyone he’s not a boy to make fun of… Sloberg can come across as sassy and sarcastic, never really seeing the bright side of things. However, deep down he knows who his friends are… and they might even get a smile out of him one day!

- Maya -

Maya is a shy and timid raccoon who works very hard to show people she can be helpful, and hopes to do something everyone will remember! She is always very polite… even to her enemies… and she absolutely loves Strawbs.

- Envel -

Envel.. well, just. Envel. A lovable little sheep who loves to partake in her hobby… flying? She’s a very happy girl as she mostly has her head in the clouds, but very rarely, she’ll come out factual outbursts that can silence a whole village..

Witchfall is filled with many collectibles and other wonderful things to find, many secrets to discover, and a whole bunch of mini games to enjoy! There are also an abundance of Side Quests to take! Those who seek a completionist run can expect a whole bunch to do!

If you’re a fan of trading cards and such… Witchfall is the game for you! Collect over 100 different cards spread around the world, trade them with NPCs to get even better cards, and why not see if you can collect them all? And watch out… some of these cards might just add special bonuses/abilities, and they don’t always carry just benefits with them…

Witchfall on Steam