Crazy Critters - Combat Cats

Crazy Critters - Combat Cats

Haven’t played it much but so far its been a lot of fun! Its kinda like a very fast based platform arena type of game… Kinda reminds me of Teeworlds but without the hook!

The characters are unique and cute and every character has a unique passive! The guns are cool and the maps are fun!

Defenitely worth the price!

ps I love the grenades :D

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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Very cute platform-esque shooter. Simple concept, easy to grasp mechanics and fun to play. The cat sounds are a little annoying after a while, but that’s easily turned off in the options menu. The AI isn’t a bad opponent either

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Crazy Critters - Combat Cats on Steam

Ultimate Bomb Squad

Ultimate Bomb Squad

Ultimate Bomb Squad is a challenging fast-paced 2D platformer, with precision insta death combat and stealth elements with a ‘sound’ mechanics that takes you in missions across time and space!

Every shoot you take makes sounds, every sound attract enemies and activate the environment, from traps and doors to missiles and lasers.

Styles Challenges

Every level has 2 challenges that test your abilities to play in a specific playstile, ranging from pacifist and ninja, to fast and cyborg.

Level Editor

Create and share your own custom missions!


Far into the future, time travel is not only possible but it is also a pain in the ass.

Evil doers and rampaging megalomaniacs are trying to break time and space, by blowing up important pieces of time and reality and the only thing in their way is the F.L.U.S.H organization!

Operating in the margin of the continuum and with a very low budget and no active agents, F.L.U.S.H tries to hold time and space together. Suddenly a delivery guy shows up, can he be the hero we need? And more importantly : Is he ok with 10 bucks an hour?

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Ultimate Bomb Squad on Steam

Archer’s Adventure

Archer’s Adventure

This is a 2D cartoon style shooting game!

The protagonist is a young tribal archer

Use bows and arrows in the game to fight evil foreign enemies

The difficulty of the game will increase over time

Attacking different body parts of the enemy will have different effects

Take care of the world , and you will see it return to its original glory.

Game operation: hold down the left mouse button to control the shooting of the bow and arrow

The dropped gold coins can be purchased in the shop

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Archer's Adventure on Steam

Okinawa Rush

Okinawa Rush

Yeah, sure, whatever.

Patch 1.3 Please, pick it up on patch 3.1, however right now it’s a great game to gift to someone you wanna piss off;)

1. When building your dojo Items will disappear, only to never again reappear. This will also happen outside of the dojo building BS like when running thru level’s.

2. Requesting special items from the vendor, forget about it those get stuck somewhere between Okinawa & the North Pole.

3. Sometimes you jump thru walls like about 9&3/4 of the time, which would be great if this was a Harry Potter game, however not trying to get to Hogwarts here.

Real player with 61.5 hrs in game

If you like Metal Slug & Martial Arts this game is a ton of fun, beautiful and varied levels, awesome music, cheesy voice acting and impactful combat that lets you do piledrivers on samurai into announcer tables and giant swings on ogres, as well as use your accumulated score to buy alternate colors from the shop, decorations for your dojo shelf and stat boosting amulets.

Tons of difficulty range for both accessibility (it uses a traditional belt system, going from white belt to black belt, then 1-8th dan, then Grandmaster and one special difficulty beyond that) and replayability through the higher difficulties that add more and more enemies. as well as 3 endings for all 3 characters, two brothers who are quite similar but have different key moves, and one girl who has a cool kung fu moveset that’s entirely different from the other two (you can do wing chun chain punch in this game).

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Okinawa Rush on Steam

Partless Ron

Partless Ron

Information / Review English

Partless Ron is a 2D Side scrolling / Adventure developed by ImperiumGame.

Gameplay / Story

The Story briefly told:

An Accident that changed Ron’s life. He can no longer Run or Jump and is in a wheelchair from one Day to the next. But Ron doesn’t give up, because his desire to make the impossible come true is so great that he suddenly woke up in a new World. A World where there are no limits and everything seems possible. Your Task is to kill Monsters and thereby improve / manufacture your Body with your Goal in mind to finally be able to Run / Jump again. There are different Places to discover and if you get stuck, it makes sense to first go somewhere else and later when you have made the appropriate improvement to return to remove the Obstacle. You also have to solve Puzzles in order to get ahead, to take your Goal one step further.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Fun little game, wish it was fleshed out a little more, because I really enjoy what’s here.

There’s a spot at the end of my video here I got stuck in and couldn’t get out, and there was no escape menu to restart or a suicide button or anything.

Also it would be helpful to explain the controls somewhere as well.

But, I like what’s here, please keep making stuff.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Partless Ron on Steam

Pilfered Liberty

Pilfered Liberty

Fun short game that’s worth giving a shot.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Pilfered Liberty on Steam

Royal Commando

Royal Commando

Chromis the day Isla fell. A day that the King knew about for years, yet was still so unprepared. He has always been about science, why didn’t he listen to science this time. Their invasion was quick and precise. They study Taiwan, our tactics, our weapons… they were ready. The people of Isla are forced to leave everything behind to flee. Well, now it’s time to turn the tables. Toma is a great island but Isla is our home. After years of preparation, it’s time we go on the offensive. We have studied and noted their movements and tactics, they are unique indeed, but nothing we can’t handle. They have very special weapons, equipped with never before seen technology, that we still do not know everything about. However, we were able to use technology to make the fight more equal. The Royal Command is ready…RA…RA…Isla!

Key Features:

The Island of Isla: Return to the island. Play as the commander of the Royal Command, make your way through the island clearing it of all the horrid creatures. During your 2D journey, you will encounter many items to help or harm your adventure. Be sure to be careful for you are the last remaining hope for Isla. You will need to use multiple maneuvers to get to the castle such as climbing, jumping off walls, etc.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger Many, many bosses to fight throughout the journey. Each different than the last, different skills and attacks. Hopefully, you are prepared.

Heartfelt storytelling Enter a world where things are not always as they seem. Due to how unprepared the King seemed, did he want the island to be taken? Are the creatures really from a different planet or were they created from Isla enemies?

Possibly More

Royal Commando on Steam



“Skelost” tells the tale of a valiant hero determined to find his long lost family. Explore a vast kingdom where you’ll encounter treacherous creatures and even meet a friend or two, all in a unique art style!

Game Features:

  • Classic side-scrolling action

  • Horrifying Bosses

  • Retro Visuals

  • Tightly tuned 2D controls

  • Captivating Soundtrack

More details and trailer coming soon!

Skelost on Steam

Stick Knight Takes Over the Universe

Stick Knight Takes Over the Universe

A fun game with some real challenge to it! It truly feels like an arcade classic, always making you want to try again, just get a little farther than last time. With fun and varied weapons, unique enemies, and zany levels, I’d say almost anyone would love this game to bits! Controls feel great, and like a well designed game should feel, no death feels like it was out of your hands, if you take damage or lose a run, it’s your own fault.

Real player with 31.0 hrs in game

this game really makes you feel like stick knight


in short it has a little something for everyone

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Stick Knight Takes Over the Universe on Steam

The Mighty Quest

The Mighty Quest

The Mighty Quest is combining elements of platformer and 2D RPG.

Explore faraway lands and stop The Great Ring from waking up the ancient evil. On your way you will visit The Lava City, mountains, The Lost City, wasteland, The Blacksand land, dark woods, mines, swamps and many other places.

This way is hard and there are a lot of checkpoints to try your best more and more. During your journey you can equip different weapons and shields but your main power is your fire attacks.

The Mighty Quest on Steam