King’n Knight

King’n Knight

King’n Knight is an arcade platform game that takes place in a medival fantasy world. Play solo or coop in this game inspired by Ghosts’n Goblins and Megaman!

In King’n Knight, you will travel alone or with your friends for an adventure in a medival fantasy world filled with demons. You have to fight against the demons to restore peace and free the realm from evil.


  • Solo / Coop up to 4 players online or on the same screen.

  • Collect gold and reach higher levels, stuff your hero buying weapons and equipment.

  • You can at any time change your play style by selling your equipment.

  • Play in coop and chose your roles : The bow will help you attack the enemies from a distance, the sword is the perfect play style to defeat small monsters, whereas the axe will help you kill the stronger one. The torch which is one of the hardest to master, will help you guide your friend!

  • You will play against 50 differents type of mobs and tenish boss on the 10 levels.

  • Use the workshop to chose, create and share your hero style.

  • Controller support.

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King'n Knight on Steam

Leif’s Adventure: Netherworld Hero

Leif’s Adventure: Netherworld Hero

Play Leif’s Adventure, a story-driven cooperative 2d action-adventure about friendship and teamwork. A boy never meant to be a hero, learns that pure strength is not always the answer! Guide two completely different characters through the adventure of their lifetime. Combine the unique strengths of both characters to overcome the evil sources of the Netherworld.

Play Leifs Adventure with a friend in coop mode or play alone in single-player mode. Swap between the modes at will and customize the way you play.

Play with two characters simultaneously. Swap between characters in tandem and utilize different abilities and skills. Leif for fighting, jumping, running. Ghost for exploring areas, activating ghost objects, platforms, and collectibles.

Progression skill-based gameplay, Leif can upgrade various skills including Powerbomb, Airattack, and Throwing weapons as well as upgrade combat weapons such as his signature weapon and available health.

Equip Leif with a huge selection of weapons from long weapons, short swords, and spears, utilize armor sets and ranged weapons to protect Leif and deal critical damage to enemies. Carry up to 10 weapons, each with different abilities to diversify attack strategies and lethality.

Navigate a hugely diverse world filled with adventure and explore six different levels. Battle against huge secret monsters and a variety of creatures, golems, and other deadly adversaries. Combine Ghost’s supernatural talents and Leif’s ability to jump, run, slide, crouch and climb up ropes to explore the deepest reaches of each level.

A huge thanks to these games that inspired Leif’s Adventure :

  • Guacamelee

  • Hollow Knight

  • Dead Cells

  • Legend of Zelda

  • Metroid

  • Ori and the blind forest

  • Cave Story

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Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero on Steam

Bloody Trapland

Bloody Trapland

Briefly: Bloody Trapland is a precision platformer of distinct levels. Alright game, yet some game design choices are rage-inducing in a mixed way.

I bought this to a group of friends a couple of years ago to play together. We played it a couple of times (a few hours) and had fun trying to beat “the story missions”. I forgot about it for a long time before coming back on a couple of occasions to beat the rest of the levels by myself. I consider it one of the hardest platformers I’ve played.

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

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Bloody Trapland is a platformer, where you need to reach the end of the levels, avoiding dying in brutal ways.

The game graphically is well made, it contains gore which is looks decent. Also, the different enviroments looks good in the game too. I didn’t saw any visual bug throughout my playtime.

Controlls are really easy. You need 5 buttons to play the game and you can play with controller too, but I recommend playing with a keyboard. Works like a charm!

Music and sounds are okay at first, however for me, later become bit repetitive, because of the few different sound effect and just a few music per world. However, it’s still okay.

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

Bloody Trapland on Steam

Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity

Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity

The “Don’t Escape Trilogy” is a collection of three short first-person point-and-click adventures with static screens (no camera movement, no scrolling). The games share a creepy atmosphere and a few gameplay mechanics, but are otherwise unrelated. In the first game, you play a werewolf trying to lock himself away before a full-moon night, so that he won’t kill anyone when he turns. In the second game, you’re trying to barricade a house and protect yourself from a zombie horde. In the third game, you’re the only surviving crew member on a spaceship and need to stop “something” from getting out.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Even though the entire trilogy is available for free on Armor Games, I chose to purchase this game series on Steam because that’s how amazing ScriptWelder really is. The Deep Sleep and Don’t Escape series were some of the first PC games I ever played, and I have ScriptWelder to thank for making my early experiences so magical. I have followed each and every game you have published on AG, hunted down every achievement, set of choices, and walkthrough I could find… simply, because every single second I spent in any of your games was one of either awe, wonder, fear, or curiosity.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity on Steam

Gravity Heroes

Gravity Heroes

Excellent game. Lots of variety of character and scenarios. It brings an innovative gameplay. congratulations, I indicated to all my friends.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Target Audience: Those looking for a unique shooter with friends to play with


Gravity Heroes is one of those games that has an interesting concept on the surface that actually does live up to how you’d want it to play out in terms of gameplay. The ability to move gravity does help a lot here without being overly powerful….as long as you use it correctly and skillfully. You’ll struggle a tiny bit at first as your brain needs a period of time to sorta “reset” how it thinks, but if you adapt, you’ll be matrix dodging and zooming across the map and dealing with the interesting problems put before you in level design and enemy placement. The game is easy to follow and look at for the most part and enemies have clear attack animations and readable tells, even if you end up running into them with the chaos of everything around you.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Gravity Heroes on Steam

Gelly Break Deluxe

Gelly Break Deluxe

I was sponsored to play this for a few hours with a friend, we really enjoyed it and will likely stream it some more. It’s got a clever co-op mechanic and the map design was fun and the soundtrack was also great, though sadly I couldn’t even find it on YouTube. We had a few issues with remote play but it did work and presumably that isn’t an issue on Switch either. Good fun :)

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

My Review:

I’m already a big fan of 3D Platformers, but one that adds in a twin stick shooting mechanic is not only unique but proves to be a ton of fun! As of writing this, I’m less than halfway through the game, but as a big fan of the genre, this one is doing a lot of things I like already.

There’s beautiful and vibrant graphics, fun boss battles, interesting platforming challenges and of course, a little bit of bullet hell shooting thrown in to mix it all up. The switching mechanic (switching between the 2 main characters) is very interesting as well. While this has been done before, the developer has gone out of their way to implement it so that it pulls double duty being able to break glass, shields and other assorted things.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Gelly Break Deluxe on Steam

SUPER Cute Alien

SUPER Cute Alien

Follow Fito across multiple worlds, in a action packed search for justice. Run, think, shoot and feel. Rescue your love, save your friends and make new ones.

Can you save Cydonia from a rougue AI and its questionable decisions?

Gather your friends and enjoy a campaign in coop mode or fight each other in a fully fleshed out arena combat.

Currently featuring multiple game modes, 1-4 players:

  • PVE: Story Mode. Coop Is Supported!

  • PVP: Versus (rounds)

  • PVP: Last One standing

  • PVE: Survival


  • Beautiful platforming and advanced movement: double jump, wall jump, dodge, edge grab. Get in top of creatures and ride them.

  • A complex platformer AI system, supporting stealth, squad formation, communication, life preservation, pathfinding and different attacking methods.

  • Unlockable content and abilities.

  • Voice acting featured by Alexandria Johns, Francine Padilla and Richard Mendez.

  • Special guest appareances from the indie world, such as Issac and Dr. Fetus!

  • Multiplayer bots.

  • Dynamic day/night system.

  • Bosses and mini-bosses.

  • Player customization.

  • Hand crafted levels.

  • Toggleable gore system.

SUPER Cute Alien on Steam

Okinawa Rush

Okinawa Rush

Yeah, sure, whatever.

Patch 1.3 Please, pick it up on patch 3.1, however right now it’s a great game to gift to someone you wanna piss off;)

1. When building your dojo Items will disappear, only to never again reappear. This will also happen outside of the dojo building BS like when running thru level’s.

2. Requesting special items from the vendor, forget about it those get stuck somewhere between Okinawa & the North Pole.

3. Sometimes you jump thru walls like about 9&3/4 of the time, which would be great if this was a Harry Potter game, however not trying to get to Hogwarts here.

Real player with 61.5 hrs in game

If you like Metal Slug & Martial Arts this game is a ton of fun, beautiful and varied levels, awesome music, cheesy voice acting and impactful combat that lets you do piledrivers on samurai into announcer tables and giant swings on ogres, as well as use your accumulated score to buy alternate colors from the shop, decorations for your dojo shelf and stat boosting amulets.

Tons of difficulty range for both accessibility (it uses a traditional belt system, going from white belt to black belt, then 1-8th dan, then Grandmaster and one special difficulty beyond that) and replayability through the higher difficulties that add more and more enemies. as well as 3 endings for all 3 characters, two brothers who are quite similar but have different key moves, and one girl who has a cool kung fu moveset that’s entirely different from the other two (you can do wing chun chain punch in this game).

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Okinawa Rush on Steam





Legions of hostile space creatures are chomping at the bit to break through Earth’s atmosphere and make our planet their own. You have been enlisted to join the Hoovernauts - an elite team of combat specialists operating in space and led by a military general known only by his code name: Hoover. It’s your job to protect the planet, invade hostile space bases, and train against other Hoovernauts. The universe will never be the same.

What to expect in the game:

Hoovernauts on Steam

Round 99

Round 99

very good very good 5 star

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

overall a great game, but sometimes buggy and broken, love the art style. edit for game awards lol

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Round 99 on Steam