The Perfect Shape

The Perfect Shape

Highly recommend this game to those who love a good challenge!

I played for a couple of hours, It really has a lot of funny moments and very intense challenges.

Definitely not a game for the faint-hearted.

It´s nice that you don´t have to kill all enemies to complete the level.

A unique approach of the fast paced action mixed with subtle puzzles to find your own way to the end of the journey.

Can’t wait to finish it!

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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It is a very challenging and fun game, I highly recommend it!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

The Perfect Shape on Steam

Fall of Porcupine

Fall of Porcupine

FALL OF PORCUPINE is a unique story adventure. The collision of work and daily life – an exciting reflection of an unhealthy system.

In the supplemental LAST DAYS OF SUMMER we guide young Finley through his first weeks at a provincial hospital. He is on fire for his apprenticeship as an internist. But a lot of pressure makes Finley’s life difficult and our gameplay challenging.

Explore A Beautiful, Diverse World

Not only is there a lot to discover in the old hospital, but also in the small town itself. There you can meet the villagers and have a beer with them in the pub. Or you can take a trip to the nearby forest, where mysterious castle ruins are hidden.

Get to Know Exciting Characters

The blunt head doctor, the selfless nurse or Finley’s smart friend, they all and many other residents populate the small town of Porcupine. Have funny, profound and serious dialogues with them, in which you’ll be able to choose answers and influence your relationship with them.

Demonstrate Your Skills and Empathy

You don’t even have time to look at the clock because your patients are waiting! Find out what’s wrong with them through conversations and treat them in different minigames that challenge you in logic, speed and skill. And most importantly, withstand the stress when the strict head doctor asks about your knowledge again.

Uncover Dark Secrets

At first glance, the small town is a warm, friendly place where everyone knows and greets each other. But if you live there for any length of time, you’ll suspect that shadows lurk and that not everyone is as honest as they pretend to be. Be on guard!

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Fall of Porcupine on Steam

Dodge If you Can!

Dodge If you Can!

The pros:

this game is definitely challenging, feels nice to pass through a few hard ones like level 17

pretty fun and engaging along with the music (would be better if the music was slightly quieter)

overall design of the game is nice

The cons:

would be better if there was a pause button or a save button but it’s alright since I get used to passing through the easy levels

that’s honestly it

if you guys enjoy a challenge this is definitely the one. it could be considered to be one of the hardest games I’ve played so far

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

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Got to level 15. Just a statistic… maybe one day I will be a legend!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Dodge If you Can! on Steam



Doesn’t load youtube vid; Doesn’t load local mp3; Just doesn’t work.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Musicle on Steam

Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

| Byte sized review | Lost and found |

| Graphics | 3/5 - I am generally not a huge fan of anime, especially when it’s hypersexualized as most often than not seems to be the case to the uneducated (in the art form) like myself. As a kid growing up I always thought of it as too raw and too ugly for my tastes much preferring the style of western cartoons, but over the years I have gradually come to enjoy some of Studio Ghibli’s output (that is about as far as my anime adventurousness extends as I have never had any desire to seek out other studios output). Forgotton Anne visually reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s output and that is the highest praise I could possibly reap upon it. While I would have much preferred a more traditional western cartoon animation style, and that is just my personal taste, it works here and continues to help me broaden my horizons which is only a good thing. |

Real player with 21.1 hrs in game

So that’s where my socks go. Well, I hope they had a nice life.

We all lost something. Whether it be that jacket that you forgot to take with you or an important paper that you misplaced. Or perhaps you forgot you had something as years pass. If you’re lucky, you would be able to find it again, if not, it’s a mystery where it ended up. However, what if a whole other universe houses these items and gives them life?

Anne lives in such a world, along with another human named Bonku. Anne is the Enforcer, which requires her to keep the order and make sure those not following the rules gets repercussions. But why should Forgotlings (lost and forgotten things) listen? Well, Anne and Bonku both wield the Arca which can give or take away Anima, their power source and their life energy. If a Forgotling’s Anima is taken, or distilled, they will just be a regular old item again. However, rebels have risen up despite the threat of being distilled and has threatened the near completion of the Ether Bridge as well as everyone to go back to their owner. Things have gotten too far out of hand, it’s time for the Enforcer to step in.

Real player with 16.7 hrs in game

Forgotton Anne on Steam

Tower of Samsara - Hidden Treasures

Tower of Samsara - Hidden Treasures

WARNING: The demo is actually a work in progress in many ways. So if you are willing to give it a try, be mindful that we are still working out some quircks in the gameplay.

Saṃsāra is the repeating cycle of birth, life, death, and reincarnation. During the course of each life, the quality of the actions (karma) performed determine the future of each person. There is no beginning to this cycle but that it can be ended through perceiving reality which is nirvana (liberation).

After incalculable aeons, all civilizations possible have rise and fall on all the planets of our Solar System. Tower of Samsara tells the story of our Sun and its struggle to survive. From this urge, the sun creates itself in the form of our hero, the hermetic champion, to save the solar system from the cold void and to allow the sun to shine back on the ruin of all civilizations and rebuild everything.

Tower of Samsara: Hidden Treasures is the first of a series of games where you are born as the Hermetic Champion to defeat your enemies, learn new abilities and control the elements in both, the physical and the astral plane.

Tower of Samsara - Hidden Treasures on Steam

Clash Memory Game

Clash Memory Game

thumbs down, as for me, game with a different interface - remains same game.

I know similar Game to this is :

Juicy Memory Card

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Easy Achievements, 100% / 1min.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Clash Memory Game on Steam

Destinata RED

Destinata RED

Destinata FULL RED Edition is the finally long waited version of Destinata Red, implosioning from “colors”!

Destinata is a pixel art platformer (in case the imagery didn’t tell) with branches dividing the game in a dynamic and mysterious fast-paced platformer, you meet Ladia, a young girl with special encounters and terrible experiences over and over again which suddenly makes her more colorful than ever before.

Destinata Full Red edition contains:

  • cute Pixel Art and Characters!

  • Hand made animations and unique 2d indie pixel art metroidvania art stlye!

  • Different branches and elections throughout the game!

  • Hand drew HD full 4k images (sometimes pixeled due to system necessities)!

  • A false and grotesque sensation of thinking about a future with happiness that will never be reached not matter any decision, constrained by destiny we will not escape.

  • weird People!

And Most Importantly……….

Destinata RED on Steam

Rift Adventure

Rift Adventure

Interesting mechanics and challenging stages

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Totally addictive in the best possible way! Lovely art and animation. Great controls and mechanics. Got myself stuck exploring the world and talking to NPCs, also died many times? Perhaps… But just made me wanna play More! Have to stop for now, ‘cause it’s already too late and I should be sleeping… But tomorrow…. OH BOY! There’s gonna be MORE Rift Adventure! Already in love with characters and their personalities, I feel there’s some secrets I still need to unravel, and for sure I’m gonna take my time to find’em.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Rift Adventure on Steam

Witchcrafter: Empire Legends

Witchcrafter: Empire Legends

In Witchcrafter: Empire Legends you play with elemental magic in a systemic playground.

You will be able to master a total of 8 elements: 4 main and 4 derivative.

Fire propagation, water simulation, air flow and terraforming - use 4 elements magic spells to your advantage.

Interact with both enemies and environment!

The war-torn empire contrasts with the young witchcrafter’s peaceful home.

Estel will get mature along his journey for a stone desired by everyone.

You will face both kind and deceptive folks, each with diverse beliefs, past, motives, relationships and worldview.

Shape the story with your decisions!

Emporia is a beautiful and diverse, yet dangerous and monster infested land.

There are places of old rituals and mysterious remnants of forgotten civilisations, waiting to be discovered.

It’s full of references to slavic, ugarit and nordic mythology and best fantasy books.

Immerse yourself into this world!

You experience the story full of legends, myths and epic moments, as well as earthbound, folk tales. Embark on a journey and meet variety of enemies and friends with division not always as clear as black and white.

You are Estel, a young, orphaned adept of witchcrafting, who rises far to the west in an isolation with his patron, Trismegistos, who is learning you witchcrafting.

Meanwhile, Mordon, a necromancer and an emperor of the southern Navia is invading your lands - Emporia with an army of mutated, undead monsters. He is desiring a mythical stone called Xerion, that could allow to control the matter freely with a hope to revive his loved ones, that were killed because of his decisions.

Trismegistos, your step-father is the only withcrafter able to stop him and thus Mordon kidnapps him.

You need to find your father and stop the mad necromancer from obtaining an unpredictable source of power!

Witchcrafter: Empire Legends on Steam