Sloth Quest

Sloth Quest

Enjoyed this more than I expected. At first I thought it looked “kinda silly, kinda fun…” I wasn’t wrong but it’s more “lots of silly, lots of fun.” Give innovative “sloth-based” mechanics a go.

Kotaku summed my first impression up well when they said “Sloth Quest looks stupid, but I still wanna play it.” Took a bit to get into it at first (the controls take some getting used to) but it’s been a blast!

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Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

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One of the hardest games i have ever played but that is also because i suck at these types of games, but i absolutely love this game!!! you get to play as a sloth! that’s all you need to know. you are a sloth. if you like sloths, buy this game period.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Sloth Quest on Steam

Tribble Troubles

Tribble Troubles

A Tribble in Trouble

It’s tough being a Tribble! You get caught on a ship doing what a Tribble does… eating all of their Quadrotriticale. And the Captain, in a fit of rage, beams you into the center of a nearby planet whose molten lava core is rising! It’s up to you to jump, climb and squish your way to safety as you face off against countless obstacles and treacherous enemies.

The Underground

Watch out for streams and pools of red hot lava! But also keep your eye out for Glommers that are ready to pounce on you whenever you get near.

The Canyon

Climb your way out of the underground and you reach the canyon. Now you’ll go up against ferocious sandworms with spikes! The only time you can attack them is when they’re turning. But be quick!

The Jungle

Next, you’ll reach the jungle. Things get tougher as you’ll have to watch out for poisonous vines, sharp toothed plant traps and alien apes that love nothing more than chasing and squishing Tribbles! The only way to stop an ape is to land on him when he’s briefly trapped in the toothy plant trap!

The Spaceship

Clear the jungle and you’ll be accidentally beamed back up to the ship that you started on. There you’ll find a crew that’s completely ready to greet you… with deadly phaser blasts!

Gameplay Modes

  • Casual mode - For people that might be Tribble fans but aren’t hardcore gamers. Or just casual gamers in general, this mode is for you.

  • Arcade mode - Fewer resources and harder challenges mean that you’ll be put to the test as you guide your Tribble trough this mode.

  • Speedrun mode - A mode for the ultimate gamer! Here, you can prove that you are truly the best of the best. A fixed level selection ensures that all gamers will play on a level playing field. Perfect for game streamers and speed runners alike.

Gameplay Features

  • Collect cans of Quadrotriticale to replenish your health.

  • Collect gems which you can use to stock up on powerups

  • Shield power ups - Briefly protect you from traps and enemies.

  • Sonic attacks - Knock out pesky enemies with this weapon.

  • Sixteen levels - Battle through all sixteen levels across all four environments.

Gameplay Development

“Tribble Troubles” was developed with creative collaboration from:

  • David Gerrold (“The Trouble with Tribbles,” “More Tribbles, More Troubles”)

  • Doug Drexler (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Star Trek: Generations,” “Star Trek: First Contact,” “Star Trek: Insurrection,” “Star Trek: Enterprise”)

Comments from Nightdive Studio’s Independent Game Expose with Sir Larr

  • “my dream”

    • “hahahaha. this is so stupidly cool”

      • “quick where’s the preorder link”

        • “Very Cute!”


            • “that is amazing”

              • “Easy wishlist this is adorable”

                • “This tribble game is incredibly well done, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. Gonna check this out with my kids”

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Tribble Troubles on Steam



This product is in development and subject to change.

A 2.5D puzzle-platformer featuring a robust level editor, expansive character customization, an engaging story mode, and a charming crafty aesthetic. Restitched follows the story of a brave, adventurous teddy bear named Stuffy on a journey to find their roots. Along the way, Stuffy must ‘restitch’ a community unraveled by corporate greed and tyranny while discovering new friends, new foes, and new locations.

Construction Mode

With an in-game level editor called ‘Construction Mode’, you can build your own platforming adventures for Stuffy to take part in! Browse community creations via the Steam Workshop, or publish your own levels. Construction Mode is also a great sandbox playground!

Stuffy’s Wardrobe

Stuffy is not only cute but also stylish. With an assortment of in-game cosmetic items to collect and use, your very own Stuffy can be what you make them! Dress Stuffy from head-to-toe with a variety of cosmetic items across multiple categories.

The Adventure

Embark on an adventure with your new plush companion as you venture through new themes, meet new friends, and encounter new obstacles. This platforming adventure sees Stuffy searching for answers while reconnecting a torn community along the way. Could it all be connected? Will Stuffy find their owner?

Created by the Community, for the Community

Restitched is a labor of love from like-minded UGC enthusiasts, aspiring developers, creative students, and more. This game is a love letter to our own favorite UGC experiences from the past, and we hope to inspire future creatives in the same way we’ve been inspired to make Restitched!

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Restitched on Steam



Chetz is a great game that combines platform gameplay with Chess aesthetics. Don’t be fooled by the simple graphics, the game is indeed challenging and requires precision. Good exercise to train your reflexes.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Very original concept that leads to a ton of fun mix & match combos. Trying to figure out which pieces to use against which obstacles is changeling but executing those moves is harder still. Would recommend using a Xbox controller

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Chetz! on Steam

Head Bumper: Editcraft

Head Bumper: Editcraft

Platform Racing 2 but awesome

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Head Bumper: Editcraft on Steam



I have played this game back in 2006 and I had a blast, everything was new to me, the settings, the people running around and killing snails on maple island then slimes and mushrooms in henesys hunting ground. Took many years of breaks in between, back and forth, but when they revamped the game and released big bang is when they started to lose the vast majority of players (slowly).

I know that change is needed for games to progress, but so many changes killed the game.


  • if you’re a fan of mario style games or platformers and like to see big numbers when you hit monster, then try out this game

Real player with 928.0 hrs in game

I have around 400 hours on steam but I’ve spent more than 1k hours on the other version. I must say despite the amount of dedication I’ve put into this game, I cannot reccomend it to anyone. The servers are extremely inconsistent, they need maintenance at least every week and no new or interesting content get introduced for many MANY years. Even when they do (5th Job update and lucid), its very underwhelming and sad since I waited 4 years just to receive junk and the frustration of that is what caused me to put an end what was the most time I’ve spent on a game.

Real player with 485.5 hrs in game

MapleStory on Steam

Niko and the Cubic Curse

Niko and the Cubic Curse

A fun little platformer. Has some cool ideas, and some awesome music.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Niko and the Cubic Curse

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Niko and the Cubic Curse on Steam

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight is an action-packed 2D platformer that lovingly combines hand-drawn graphics with an epic soundtrack and a deep story.

  • Enjoy a captivating Gameplay experience that takes you through three acts with a total of 15 levels

  • Action-packed fights against challenging opponents

  • Face 15 Level-Bosses that pose unique and tactically demanding challenges.

  • Enhance your Abilities by finding hidden upgrades

  • A thrilling, dark story

  • Lovingly hand painted graphics

  • Breathtaking background music

Save your broken family in a war-torn world. A gaming experience that will put you and all your gaming skills to the test.

Pentaquin - a new world awaits you

Explore the world of Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight via an interactive world map and get to know different areas of the Pentaquin universe: a mystical world that suffers under the division of its Creator.

The planet Pentaquin, which is orbited by five moons, holds many secrets and dangerous enemies. From the mystical forest elementals, to the dragons guarding the Mana River, to the former guardians of creation, the mighty four-armed and five-headed “Tero’zar”, you will encounter ever new challenges.

Travel through areas and cities scarred by civil wars, such as the former world metropolis “Terovania”. Follow the traces, left behind by your missing sister, through devastated landscapes in order to at least restore the peace of your own family in a world sinking into chaos.

The world is coming apart at the seams

After the Shaper split his soul into five new “Aspect Gods” belonging to the elements of the Pentaquin moons, not much remains of the former creator. The result of a last desperate attempt to save the world of Pentaquin, from the own madness of his increasingly ambivalent soul, presents the inhabitants with new challenges.

His once faithful servants, the “Tero’zar” guardians, weakened without the energy of their Creator, are on the brink of a bloody civil war that is sprouting in the midst of the spiritual centre of the old world order. What role will the former world capital “Terovania” play from now on in the world of Pentaquin?

Meanwhile, all over the planet, completely new Mage circles are forming around the five Aspect Gods and are trying to seize the supremacy in a shattered world. With no other aim than to assert their own values and ideals. No matter what it takes.

As a convinced follower of the light-god-magic-circle your father already had to give his life. Will your sister continue his attempt to free the world from the supposed tyranny of the other circles - or can you bring her to her senses in time and save her from an early demise?

A captivating adventure between the abysses of light and shadow awaits you.

Master your skills

In the demoralised world of Pentaquin, you will discover new secrets and hidden places through the skilful use of five learnable abilities.

As the son of a light mage, you have inherited his talent for magic. With a light blade and magical light projectiles, you will defend yourself in exciting battles against numerous opponents in close and long-range combat.

The abilities are enhanced by finding collectable upgrades and can be configured to fit your playstyle. However, you will only be able to choose a maximum of two abilities for each level: So choose wisely and adjust your strategy!

Clever combinations of abilities and enhancements can give you a clear advantage in discovering secret areas and fighting against tactically challenging bosses.

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight on Steam

Adventure Llama

Adventure Llama


Real player with 4.8 hrs in game


Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Adventure Llama on Steam

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Good story

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

A game to congratulate. The main character pulls you into the game either by the playability or with the story. The scenarios are diverse and wake up your attention - the music also. You can “play” with the time of the game and stay by the small games and quests inside of it. It’s fun. I love it.

I miss the times when games were made to leave something to the player. I miss games like this.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless on Steam