O.M.S is a casual story-driven 2D Sci-Fi Platformer where you control L10 (Nicknamed Leo) as his world is threatened by SIMPHONY the very AI that powers his planet. L10 will be avoiding dangerous obstacles and enemies as he hopes to repair SIMPHONY and save his world.

  • Featuring Sci-Fi Visuals

  • A Fully Voiced Storyline

  • And Beautifully Drawn Dynamic Comic Style Cutscenes

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The Fall of Eskaria

The Fall of Eskaria

Nice little game for one evening. First part is a little boring, but after 20 minutes you’ll have fun

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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Very cool but short

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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The Legend of Tianding

The Legend of Tianding

As a Taiwanese, I can’t recommend The Legend of Tianding enough.

A 2D platformer beat’em up game, the platform stages & the combat system are the core aspect of the game. The combat system is responsive & flows very well, with a weapon-stealing mechanic that allows you to steal the weapon of virtually every normal enemy unit (tho the weapons are of limited use.) As you progress through the stage, you also learn special kung fu moves that complement your arsenal of skills. These special moves are not only useful in combat, but are often essential in traversing the platform stages as well, especially for the optional treasure part of the game. The grappling mechanic (using the same waist scarf you use to steal weapons) takes a bit of getting use to, but once perfected it is a lot of fun to play with as well.

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

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Played on the harder difficulty. A very solid 2D sidescrolling beatemup with a unique cultural presentation (Taiwanese folklore), superb art-style, great music/sound design and voiceover. The story while pretty straightforward overall, it does have a couple really nice twists, and I especially love the narrator’s style.

Overall The levels are edging on dragging over a bit longer than they should be (IMHO), but the jumping puzzles are good and varied enough to keep it flowing.

Combat-wise it feels really good to use the combos, just-dodges and projectile-deflections - the iconic weapon stealing move can be chained together with almost every move you make (and the enemy weapons are really useful at times) thus making this combat experience somewhat different from other great 2D side-beat’mups that came before it.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

The Legend of Tianding on Steam

Carpathian Night

Carpathian Night

The plague of Dracula’s army continues to spread across the Carpathians, growing stronger with each victim it claims. Those who attempt to resist are met with a fate worse than death. If Dracula is not stopped, he will bring everlasting night to the world.

Only two champions have answered the call to bring divine justice to Dracula and his minions. Abbot Dorin, warrior monk and leader of the Kelemen Church, and Irina Dracul, vampire, pyromancer, and ancestor of Prince Dracula, have joined together to drive back the army of the dead and hunt down the legendary vampire himself. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and demonic beings of every kind await all who dare trespass into their master’s domain! Those who survive the horrors of the Borgo Pass will reach the gates of the ancient Castle Dracula, where the real nightmare begins!

Carpathian Night is a tribute to retro horror side-scrollers and the classic monster films that inspired them. Battle your way through legions of iconic monsters, avoid deadly traps, uncover the secret history of your monstrous foes, and face the legendary Lord of the Vampires within his own ancestral home! Answer the call, mighty hunter, and drive the wickedness back from whence it came!

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Okay, Catmaze, Catmaze. Pretty hard to write about the game. It is a Metroidvania by all means. However, there are really two distinct types of Metroidvanias out there and this is pretty important. Long story short:

  • If you like exploring and finding secrets then by all means give the game a go. It took me 11 hours to 100% it but I am a pretty seasoned player and I bet it will be like 13-15 for an usual player. The secrets were not something to write home about but the overall exploration and level layout are pretty solid. The movement is very enjoyable although most of the jumps are very precise (and that comes, again, from a seasoned player)

Real player with 25.5 hrs in game

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Catmaze is a very true and accurately labeled metroidvania-style platformer that simply fits the genre much better than many I have seen with the same label. I like a lot about it after playing through my single bad ending, which I will get into in a bit, but without any spoilage, as far as I can say from what I have played, it is really a great game. There are some flaws, and some things I dislike about it as well. I’ll get into both momentarily, but I do wish to mention once more that this was a really nice, almost reminiscent experience. I cannot really say why, but it reminded me a bit of something from another time, in a nice sort of way.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

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Review for English Speakers

To begin with I would like to mention that the previous game from this developer was a real revelation for me. I didn’t expect anything special, and yet Catmaze sunk into my soul and was beaten several times. Therefore, when Redblack Spade announced the beginning of the development of a new game and said that it would be a Metroidvania again, I followed the news and expected something unusual and interesting. And when I was finally lucky enough to play it, I wasn’t disappointed.

Real player with 78.9 hrs in game

Teenager Max isn’t having a very good life right now. He’s facing bullies at school, his grandfather recently passed away, and this brings his mother and the abusive step-father back into his life. That’s enough to leave anyone unstable already, but Max also happens to visit a fair, and have an unpleasant encounter with a clown. The memory of this encounter lands in his unconscious mind, and sets off to become more than just a memory- to become a phobia.

“Fearmonium” is a pretty typical Metroidvania: explore the beautifully hand-drawn interconnected levels, bash enemies with your clown hammer, defeat various bosses to gain extra traversal abilities, go to places you couldn’t before. All of these core elements are done well-enough, so what makes the game stand out and be worth the attention?

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

Fearmonium on Steam

SciGirl: The Internship

SciGirl: The Internship

SciGirl: The internship is a 2D action-adventure platformer game about a Science Girl, who goes by the name Sonia, who started an internship in a laboratory where she and her professor are working on stabilizing a chemical that was invented by the professor with which you can shrink or enlarge objects and living matter. Sonia will be looking for the professor, who disappeared because of a mistake he made while working with the chemical. During her adventure, she will face different enemies, will have to collect items and solve puzzles.

SciGirl: The Internship on Steam

Blue fencer Resurrection

Blue fencer Resurrection

A 2D action game featuring the Action editor hero “Yashiyu”.

The castle of Demon King Santa has 8 stages full of powerful enemies.

Invincible dash slash, powerful slash, 6 types of sub weapons.

Make full use of various techniques to overcome the magic castle.

== STORY ==

The mysterious Demon King descended from the other world and led a powerful army to conquer the earth. Many races surrendered to the Demon King and those that resisted were mercilessly exterminated. When everyone was about to give up hope…….without any warning, a brave man appeared.

‘My name is Yasiyu……..’

The blue-haired man left that alone and set out.

The Demon King, who was about to unite the earth, was praying in the temple.

‘Come or Yasiyu let’s settle this.’

Putting an end to the repeated fate, that was also the purpose of the Demon King.

He is the star of hope, the one who saves the earth, the one who is destined to be a brave man. In the eyes of the demons he is a hardcore executioner.

== Game systems ==

The hero consumes SP when he uses the technique.

SP will recover over time.

The main character’s HP decreases when it is attacked by an enemy.

If HP becomes 0, it will be a mistake.

If the hero makes a mistake, HP and SP will increase.

Even people who are not good at action can clear it if they try without giving up.

If you make a mistake, the score you get will decrease, and the score will decrease over time.

Action gamers who are confident in their arms should aim for no mistakes and speed clearing.

== Controls ==

It supports Xinput and DirectInput gamepads, but menu display and shutdown can only be operated with the keyboard.

Please delete the recorded replay from Explorer.

Please select joystick movement in the controller settings.

Blue fencer Resurrection on Steam

Dad Quest

Dad Quest

Welcome to an experience that will incite laughter, joy, and relatable drama. I played this game twice through in order to create its first “Dadthrough”. I love its humor, I love its gameplay/mechanics, and its story is filled with detailed anecdoates that capture my imagination.

Dad Quest is a triumph that seeks to demonstrate the power of conviction. We might not be impervious, but we can be resilient! Our will can persevere!

I have shared this game with my friends, family, and social mediums. I hope that our entire world experiences this epic quest that involves nightmares, credit, and a thief.

Real player with 42.5 hrs in game

Context: Was gifted from a friend to commemorate(?) becoming a real-life dad for the first time a few months back.

Control Method: Xbox 360 controller

‘Thoroughness of playthrough’ - completed 80% of achievements within first playthrough, remaining bonuses completed in 2-3 hours afterwards, though some collectibles left undiscovered,

Plot: The storyline concept was pretty unique and a lovely way to learn about the ‘dad universe’ without over-explaining aspects of the world & lore; Greatly appreciated the variety of dads in the game, and definitely had a few moments that hit close to home!

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Dad Quest on Steam

Guardian of Lore

Guardian of Lore

there are voices in the world today which preach for us to forget our history… to be ignorant of the past and the stories with which our ancestors passed down to us… This is a game that works to keep the cultures of the old american civilizations alive. Its wonderfully animated and there is this having to learn the story element in order to get things to work out correctly every time… its inspiring in both how it was executed as well as the message of keeping the memories of the past alive and acting especially when those histories are threatened. plays well a;though i admit using the ctrl and alt keys are different

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

This is an action platformer with some puzzle elements. It’s not a traditional metroidvania, because you don’t have a contiguous map; however, there are progression elements, and certain items are impossible to reach without revisiting old areas with new abilities.

The game is primarily level-based. Each level is a story book that takes place over several screens. Depending on your actions, you can be going through different screens, in a unique take on a choose-your-own -adventure books. Each book contains a story from a different Native culture of Latin America, and your objective is to read the legend ahead of time, and then go through the book, making sure the story does not get re-written and forgotten. Just beating each book’s boss does not guarantee a happy ending, but the game does provide hints, and you can run through each book multiple times.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Guardian of Lore on Steam