Kitty Rainbow

Kitty Rainbow

Kitty Rainbow is the 2D platformer where rainbows are your platforms, weapons and shields.

You play as a rainbow-wielding cat on a mission to spread brightly coloured joy by removing bumble bees, off-beat music, and other unpleasant things. Your rainbows protect you from the bad things that can kill you and also provide you with platforms to walk and jump on.

Cat on a rainbow

Chasing you is the misery ghost who lurks near you at the start of every level. Initially stunned for several seconds the misery ghost wants to keep everything dull, grey and joyless. Spend too long shooting rainbows and jumping on rainbows and the ghost hunts you with increasing ferocity.

Mysterache is your magical feline friend

At the top of every level the Persian cat Mysterache is there to greet you. In his palace he offers you a random choice of three powerful permanent rewards to aid you on your rainbow mission. Touching his face removes all remaining enemies in play with his magic words and vanquishes the misery ghost.

Gems and goodies

To help you there are items to collect that appear when an enemy dies. Collect 7 gems of each rainbow colour and Mysterache automatically grants you another run at a level if you die - very handy since you only start with one life! Collect a powerup and enjoy a temporary freeze of time or witness the power of giant rainbows!

Lots of Levels

  • Many game modes from casual to hardcore, structured to random.

  • Extra weird ??? levels every 7th level.

  • Procedurally generated - but it’s not a roguelike.

  • Levels can be very small to very large where your platforming skill is tested.

  • Can you reach the 49th level?


Enjoy a smooth 60fps game. Yes really.

Kitty Rainbow was built for super smooth platforming.

30fps platformers are the new retro!

Kitty Rainbow has controller support ready and waiting.

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Kitty Rainbow on Steam

Kakatte Koi Yo!

Kakatte Koi Yo!

Captures cute and fun, whimsy with a competitive spirit. It’s great as a party game, but with a slight learning curve.

I love the art and the music is great! And while it seems like a simple concept, some levels feature some creatively ingenious designs.

This is definitely staying in my party game rotation

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

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This game combines cute graphics with awesome fighting mechanics, Choose your catacter (pun intended) and get ready for battle. With the single player training and the ability to play with your friends on remote play makes it 100% better. If you have some money lying around and a friend, you can enjoy some good time with your friend.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Kakatte Koi Yo! on Steam

Crazy Critters - Combat Cats

Crazy Critters - Combat Cats

Haven’t played it much but so far its been a lot of fun! Its kinda like a very fast based platform arena type of game… Kinda reminds me of Teeworlds but without the hook!

The characters are unique and cute and every character has a unique passive! The guns are cool and the maps are fun!

Defenitely worth the price!

ps I love the grenades :D

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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Very cute platform-esque shooter. Simple concept, easy to grasp mechanics and fun to play. The cat sounds are a little annoying after a while, but that’s easily turned off in the options menu. The AI isn’t a bad opponent either

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Crazy Critters - Combat Cats on Steam

Le Frenchie

Le Frenchie

“Le Frenchie” is an action 2.5D Platformer where the player controls a French bulldog who battles cats in his neighborhood. The focus of the game is to make it through each block of the neighborhood by defeating enemies and a final boss. Some of the key elements of the game include, action-based platform design, unique weapons/abilities, strategic boss fights, and upgrade/customization. The setting of the world takes place is an urban city neighborhood based on the city of El Paso,

Texas. The player is tasked to make it through each block in a neighborhood, while overcoming obstacles and cats.

Le Frenchie on Steam

el puppster

el puppster

The goal to to simply survive and make progress to the next level. This game features more than 50 levels each with different themes like forests and rock quarries. Checkpoints are important to help El Puppster on his quest by saving your progress. Enemies and bosses require learning their attack patterns to defeat them.

● Game design inspired by 1990s 16-bit classics

● Unusual Clay sculpted pixel art graphics

● Side-scrolling gameplay enhanced with a unique vehicle power-up for Bonus Levels

● One player platforming action game

Full controller support. Automatically detects connected controllers.

● Earn an Extra Life every 1,000 points

● Look for Checkpoints

● Quit the game after saving

● Find the cartridge power-up to defeat strong enemies

● Select Load game to resume at last Checkpoint

el puppster on Steam

Shutter Nyang

Shutter Nyang

WOW this game is really awesome! Bought this game after watching the livestream yesterday, and I do not regret.

The art looks cute and that is definitely a plus for me, but don’t be deceived by the cute kitty and adorable comic book art. This game is HARD. Like, really hard. Might give Celeste a run for its money. But there is a “slow motion” mode that makes it much easier so don’t be scared lol.

It’s actually a pretty fun game. The unique ‘camera’ game mechanic challenges me to think outside the box. Don’t take yourself too seriously with this one, go into it preparing to mess up a lot, and enjoy :)

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Wow!!! Unique, refreshing and challenging! Seems a little difficult. But whenever clearing every stage, feel a sense of achievement. Cute characters. Creative objects! Likely to be a game changer itself ‘cause it features the very characteristics that most of other games do not have. No destructive. No men-killing. Never disastrous. Fun, Imaginative and Lovable. Are you a cat lover or a peace lover? Sure you’ll love this game.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Shutter Nyang on Steam

Alien Cat 8

Alien Cat 8

has 1 cheevo that doesn’t unlock

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Was looking for a 1€ game and this one was well worth it.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Alien Cat 8 on Steam

Cat Box Paradox

Cat Box Paradox

Dead? Alive? Both?

Help Einstein the cat restore reality before his owners come home to a dangerously unstable alternate dimension.

In this fast paced retro platform game, you must think fast as you run, jump and swap colour, making your way through 8 floors of challenging and amusing colour changing mayhem.



  • Unique colour changing gameplay

  • Fast, fun and challenging experience

  • Local 2 player co-op mode (Joypad required for player 2)

  • Assist mode

  • 8-Bit retro inspired graphics & sound

  • 8 floors of varied level design

  • Secret challenge levels to unlock

  • Hats for cats!

  • Cat puns galore!

Cat Box Paradox on Steam

Kitty Adventure

Kitty Adventure

Nice platformer for all cat-lovers.

Real player with 24.0 hrs in game

I liked this game, especially the ability to play it with a gamepad. This game is a game like mario, where a kitten (or squirrel) runs through the forest and the beach, jumps through the trees, at the same time killing evil creatures that will interfere with him in order to pass the level and move on to the next. The game deserves to be noticed. 10/10

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Kitty Adventure on Steam

Neko Ghost, Jump!

Neko Ghost, Jump!

Using the ability to switch between 2D & 3D camera perspectives will be critical to navigating these treacherous lands.

The ghostform with its spiritually-enhanced swordfish allows you take out any enemies in your way.

  • 100s of character customization options

  • 40 levels divided between 8 biomes

  • Leaderboards in each level to compete against others if you desire

  • Challenging boss fights in each biome

  • Accessibility and Assist options available

  • Razer Chroma RGB-enabled

Nekoworld is a peaceful, fun-loving world inhabited by the Neko people. One day, on Nekoman’s wedding day, Space Dog Pirates invade and abduct all of Nekoman’s friends and family. It’s up to you to help him rescue his bride-to-be and everyone else as well.

Neko Ghost, Jump! on Steam